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pitillogood morning01:27
RyoStilman: worked it out already, thanks though ;)01:34
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: libusb: update to 1.0.403:38
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: openssl: update to 0.9.8l03:38
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fakerootHi there.04:24
fakerootDoes anyone use CRUX as a server with grsecurity patches?04:24
fakerootOr which flags is base system compiled with? I mean iso packages, installed into chroot.04:32
fakerootWere the packages compiled with CLFAGS="-fPIE -fstack-protector-all" and LDFLAGS="-Wl,-z,now -Wl, -z,relro"?04:37
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jaegerfakeroot: the packages on the ISO are compiled with the default flags, "-O2 -march=i686 -pipe"07:47
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fakerootjaeger: So, if I would like to make an iso, which may install full-functional and stable kernel patched with grsecurity, I have to build it with changed flags and gcc, right?07:54
jaegerI would think so, yes. I've never used grsecurity myself but that sounds reasonable07:55
fakerootAnd one more question: if there is no CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS in Makefile, does this mean, that building iso uses global variables from working system? I have never build an iso image...07:57
jaegerIt does, yes. /etc/pkgmk.conf07:57
jaegerHave a look at, some good info there as well07:58
fakerootYes, I'm reading it right now.07:58
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jaegerThere are a couple things I can think of that that doc doesn't mention: you need elinks installed to download the wiki and release notes, and you need squashfs-tools installed to build the ISO08:01
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fakerootHmm, does CRUX export variables from pkgmk.conf automatically?09:59
fakerootWell, this is embarassing, export shows it doesnt, this file must be sourced to export them...10:00
fakerootOr I f.. up something?10:00
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jaegerfakeroot: when pkgmk is run10:05
fakerootSo, if I like to rebuild iso with my own flags, such as CFLAGS="-fPIE", should I put it into pkgmk.conf for a while of building, or locally with make command?10:09
fakerootAhh, damn, my bad. Will just edit Makefile, sorry for dumb question.10:10
jaegerYou would put it in /etc/pkgmk.conf and bootstrap, after installing your updated gcc or whatever is needed on the host system10:10
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treachnew virtualbox \o/16:25
jkramerDoes it have direct USB?16:29
treachthe ose doesn't support usb afaik, the one you download from does.16:29
jkramerThey both support USB, but not direct USB16:30
dru1d_Anyone have problems with FF?16:33
dru1d_(firefox:24978): Pango-WARNING **: failed to choose a font, expect ugly output. engine-type='PangoRenderFc', script='common'16:33
dru1d_Segmentation fault16:33
jkramerStill, no direct TCP16:34
jkramererr, USB16:34
treachno, doesn't look like it.16:34
treachgood enough(tm) for me anyway. :>16:34
jkramerNot for me :(16:35
treachout of pure damned curiosity, why would you *need* direct usb?16:35
jkramerThe only reason I need Windows in a VM is for updating the firmware of my BlackBerry, and that only works with direct USB16:35
jkramerVMWare Player works fine for that, but in everything else vbox is much better16:36
treachcell phones are annoying crap. :/16:39
treachI really hate that you need those proprietrary crap applications to sync the calendar etc. :/16:39
jkramerExcept the firmware updates everything works just fine16:41
jkramerSyncing is done over the air, mass storage USB works fine with Linux16:41
treachmeh, it's hit and miss depending on what model you have.16:42
* treach missed16:42
jkramerI guess with smart phones you have much better chances than with normal cells16:42
treachdepends. I have a N82, no dice so far.16:43
jkramerIt's a Nokia, what did you expect :)16:43
treachsome models work. just like the competion.16:43
jkramerThe only cool Nokia device I've seen so far is the N{770,800,810} series16:43
treachrather ironic though that you seem to have bigger chances with a winmobile than anything else. :|16:44
jkramerBut they're no phones :)16:44
jkramerI quite happy with my BlackBerry, really16:44
treachblackberry, crackberry16:45
jkramerThe firmware updates are annoying, but you don't do that too often usually16:45
jkramerAnd you don't have to sync manually16:45
treachother than not being able to sync the calendar, I'm extremely happy with the one I've got, so I'm not going to change it. :>16:46
jkramerContacts and calendars are synced to my GMail/Google Calendar account OTA as soon as anything changes, tasks are synced OTA to rememberthemilk16:46
jkramerIsn't there a google sync client for symbian too?16:47
thrice`which calender software?16:47
treachI really don't like the idea of letting google know about my calendar...16:47
jkramerthrice`: The BlackBerry calendar :)16:47
jkramertreach: There are many other free and commercial services that can do that16:48
jkramerYou can even setup your own sync server16:48
jkramerI just forgot the name of the protocol16:48
jkramerAh, SyncML16:48
jkramerI bet there are clients for symbian too16:48
treachyeah, I've tried with that before, no dice so far.16:49
treachit was a few months ago though, so maybe...16:49
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jkramerGood night17:35
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dru1d_Anyone have this problem? -> Pango-WARNING **: failed to choose a font, expect ugly output. engine-type='PangoRenderFc', script='common'18:31
dru1d_I'm stuck ;|18:31
treachdru1d_: try tomorrow, most people are probably sleeping now.18:34
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* rehabdoll just booted with grub2 \o/18:45
thrice`mmm, nice :)   might have to try19:21
rehabdollquick & dirty port:
thrice`and it builds on pure64 ?19:23
thrice`ah, neat :)  just saw all of the i386 crap19:25
rehabdollyeah. but the userspace binaries are 64bit19:26
rehabdoll/sbin/grub-setup: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.27, stripped19:27
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