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jaegerstupid bot10:39
jaegernot smart enough to get its own nick back10:39
jaegerwon't join its channels with the wrong nick10:39
thrice`aah, I see :)10:40
jaegerI should switch it back to eggdrop or find another one10:40
jaegersupybot hasn't even been updated in ages, I bet10:41
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tadzikRotwang: heard of TeXlive 2009?11:53
Rotwangjust now11:53
tadzikfine then11:53
* Rotwang had job interview11:55
tadzikwhat job?11:55
Rotwangfor a "help desk"11:55
tadziksome funny company?11:55
Rotwangbut i think it was not the best job interview i had11:55
Rotwangtadzik: inter galactica call center11:55
Rotwangor sth similar11:56
tadziksounds interesting11:56
fakerootLike hell -.-12:04
strawfakeroot: Go on with your hardened CRUX work, we might use it for some CTF challenge in some weeks.12:09
Rotwangand call it crax!12:09
Rotwanga for asbestos12:09
Rotwangno one will touch asbestos12:10
Rotwangexcept drunk construction workers12:10
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Rotwang$ ps -eo pcpu,comm | grep xmms213:25
Rotwang24.6 xmms2d13:25
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thrice`blame tilman :)13:50
tilmanRotwang: i think there's an article in the wiki about high cpu usage14:03
thrice`does it say "use mpd instead?"14:04
thrice`mm, poor joke, I guess14:05
tilmando what you feel14:06
Rotwangno results for cpu on xmms2 wiki :c14:06
Rotwangthrice`: xmms2 is very nice14:06
tilmanweird, i don't find the page when searching for ALSA14:07
tilmanand i know alsa was mentioned there14:07
Rotwangjust found it ;D14:09
tilmanmaybe has some more bits of information14:10
thrice`Rotwang, yes, I've been using it for the past couple weeks too :)14:10
tilman(18:34) <      mama> is shuffling playlist only way to 'next' behave like  random?14:11
tilman(19:53) <      mama> wonder if I could make that a synchronous client.14:11
tilman(19:54) <    tilman> i know at least one user who'd appreciate it :p14:11
tilmanthrice`: i was referring to you there ;)14:12
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thrice`I like to load all of my music, sort it by Artist [a-z], and play at random while keeping playlist sorted14:19
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thrice`though, since switching to xmms2, I've just started adding a few albums at a time, and pushing play14:20
Rotwang$ ps -eo pcpu,comm | grep xmms214:20
Rotwang 1.4 xmms2d14:20
Rotwangmuch better14:21
tadzikI use almost the same thing in ncmpcpp. Should I rather have it dance polka or something?14:21
thrice`Rotwang, nice, what was it?14:21
Rotwangteh dmix resampling14:21
tilmanRotwang: you should check whether contrib/xmms2 honours CFLAGS14:25
Rotwangsure, ill check14:26
Rotwangtilman: thanks for pointing this out14:43
joacim"And you did not loose sound quality this time."14:43
joacimI can not take him seriously14:43
Rotwangso its better if xmms2 uses user specified cflags ie -os in favour of -o0?14:43
tilman-O0 means 'don't optimize'14:44
Rotwangi know]14:45
tilmanxmms2 defaults to O0 because it's still in development14:45
Rotwangsrsly ;D14:45
tilmandoesn't make much sense for joe crux user14:45
Rotwangtilman: ok, im asking if its wise to override -os with user specified cflags14:45
tilmanbecause he's not going to debug anything anyway14:45
tilmanyou'd override -O014:45
tilmanyes it's wise14:46
Rotwangok ill look into it in detail tomorrow14:46
Rotwangnow i have to learn some math :c14:46
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dru1dAbout problem i was pasting yesterday, problem is with fontconfig, does'nt update correctly /etc/fonts/fonts.conf.17:27
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nipuLdid you run rejmerge?17:47
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dinxhey all, whats the X program that generates a xorg.conf for you based on a few questions ?19:01
dinxi thought that was xorgconf but thats missing from 2.6..19:01
nipuLyou shouldn't need it any more19:03
nipuLmodern xorgs can run without an xorg.conf19:04
treachif you want one, you can do X -configure and then edit the result if you don't like it.19:04
dinxnipuL, treach thanks :)19:05
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jaegernipuL: you've probably said this already but I've forgotten- are you still maintaining your multilib stuff or did you say you didn't have time for it?23:12
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