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pitillogood morning01:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: xterm: updated to 25105:27
nipuLjaeger: yeah, i'm still keeping it up to date, but i don't think i've pushed to mu public repos in a while05:36
nipuLi've got exams at the moment, but i can fix it all up on the weekend05:37
nipuLi should be last minute cramming, but instead playing with haskell05:39
nipuLfp is so much more fun than database theory05:39
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thrice`nice :)07:01
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jaegernipuL: ok, thanks :)08:36
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straw1239          nipuL | fp is so much more fun than database theory08:50
strawindeed :]08:50
teK_[tek@basra][~]% thunderbird08:54
teK_/usr/lib/thunderbird- line 131: 15764 Segmentation fault      "$prog" ${1+"$@"}08:54
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teK_-O3 was guilty.09:09
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thrice`bad teK_ !09:21
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teK_yeah, some girls present to punish me haaaard?09:25
sepenafter my last sysup I experienced some random app errors refering to BadPixmap error :|09:27
thrice`experienced is right :D09:29
sepenah, ok09:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: xmms2: fixed c{,xx}flags, updated README12:33
Rotwangtilman: i hope this quick hack to be satisfactory, at least for now [;12:34
Rotwangnot much time for crux :c12:34
treachfor now[tm] :>12:34
Rotwang"for now" up to next xmms2 release ;D12:36
treachat least. "For now[TM]" solutions tend to be permanent, IME. :/12:39
thrice`wow, nice sed work :>12:43
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jaegeruploaded a new updated 2.6 iso today15:21
thrice`nice :)15:24
thrice`do those take awhile to build?15:24
thrice`just out of curiosity, i'm pretty clueless about the process :)15:25
jaegerbit less than 18 hours in the VM I use15:26
jaegerwould go faster if I built it on the native host15:26
jaegerI do a full bootstrap for each ISO just to be sure there are no linking issues15:26
Rotwanggood news, it is not exhaust15:38
Rotwangbut cooling system, something is chocked15:38
Rotwangso what i get is steam15:38
thrice`less lethal :D15:38
Rotwangyeah [;15:38
Rotwangi also covered ventilation with old rag, so i get less steam inside15:40
Rotwangjaeger: good work, btw15:41
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jaegerRotwang: thanks :)15:56
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maro_has anybody worked on getting 2.6 onto a usb stick?15:59
jaegerit's easy now16:00
maro_usually it's enough to copy the files and install extlinux/syslinux but crux's initramfs does something weird16:00
jaegeryou can use sepen's script or use unetbootin with the updated ISO16:01
maro_cool :)16:01
jaegerthe initramfs has had some updates16:01
maro_sweet, and thanks16:01
jaegerIt wasn't being general enough before, but if it's still missing support for something feel free to suggest16:01
jaeger2.6-newmedia is the git branch with the updates if you want to see them16:02
maro_I'll try it out, now I just have to find my penguin usb stick (probably somewhere in the kid's room)16:02
maro_unresistable for a 3 y/o :)16:04
maro_jaeger: where's the updated iso?16:08
maro_or do I have to build it from git?16:08
jaegerthat's a pretty awesome flash drive16:09
maro_heh, yeah, bought a 16 GiB with ubuntu pre-installed on it16:10
maro_only meant for recovery obviously, but I'll upgrade it to a real distro now16:11
jaegergood to have options16:12
maro_useful for resizing the root partition and doing backups though16:12
maro_would be nicer with a blue penguin ;)16:13
rehabdollit also needs to be cross-eyed16:29
Rotwangand drunk16:29
maro_those go hand in hand16:29
Rotwangsleep, bye16:30
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mernilgreetings! Now, i'm really onto some slim distro!17:26
joacimslim is in opt17:33
joacimyou can find themes for it in contrib17:33
mernili dont want any themes.. that's for sissys.. i want the real deal.. bare metal! capish?17:34
mernili'm running on old hardware now.. my graphic card is broken.. and i'm waiting for my brother to send me a spare one..17:35
mernilbut it came to my mind.. YOU really want a spare pc.. in case of malfunction on your main frame!17:35
mernilsorry to say.. i threw away 5 monitors, and 7 fully fuctionally pc:s some months ago.. with the notion .. "i dont' need them.. they take so much room.. "17:37
mernilfuck me :-P17:37
joacimI buy new computers when the old one breaks17:37
joacimdont happen often17:37
joacimhad an old computer from 1996 until 200417:38
mernilbut.. okay.. i found a bootable h-disk anyways.. i'm happy with that! :-)17:38
merniljoacim: oki17:39
mernilyou feel so disconnected with the world without having a net-connected pc17:39
joacima NIC is cheap =)17:40
merniljoacim: maybe so.. but the error in my case might be in the graphics card or the motherbord :-P17:41
mernili dont know.. i do however feel good, i had fluxbox installed on this old h-disc. It almost feels doable.. beinge here .. irc:in.. surfing the net.. and so forth.17:43
maro_the question is...17:44
maro_can it do porn in full hd?17:44
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mernilspeaking of pro0n.. how can people still buy it thro magazines? I cant belive it! (and) I dont watch it so much.. but i have heard there are much porn on the internet17:46
maro_I also "have a friend" who told me there was porn on the internet17:46
maro_my gf works in a tank station17:47
maro_magazines is usually bought by old men17:47
mernilmaro_: mm.. i cant belive some of them.. going into a shop and .. bah.. so .. gah..17:48
maro_anyways, it's much harder to hide vhs'es and magazines than a thumb drive17:48
maro_... my friend says17:48
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mernilbuy a fucking computer and jerk off without me knowing ur a pornaddict ffs :-P17:48
maro_mernil: some of them make creepy comments17:48
maro_like "then there's something for the evening coffee"17:49
mernilmaro_: maybe so17:49
joacimpeople used to go to the theaters to watch such movies17:49
maro_last time I accept coffee from old people17:49
maro_joacim: hm, social creeps17:50
mernilwell, the difference is.. to be honest.. we <-- look at porn in the confort of our own home, they have previews in the stores.. without shame.. that's waht's bothering me!17:51
mernilmaybe i'm old facioned ;-)17:51
maro_hopefully in 10 years it's gone17:53
maro_with touchscreens (eww) in public toilets17:54
mernilI think so too. I just cant belive them porn addicts buying magazines, when interet is filled with filth. a.k.a. great porn!!!17:54
* maro_ recalls ascii porn17:55
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maro_sweet stuff for /etc/issue or motd :)17:57
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mernilhi all!18:32
mernilbtw: if your bios-batteri is low.. how does it show?18:33
mernilyou know.. the battery18:33
mernildoes it ever run dry? .. i dont know but it's a good question.. ackroding to me <- who just said it!18:34
mernilbtw.. i want to be op.. here! or somewere else! :P18:36
mernilohh. should i rang the police.. them fuckers left a thingie i thougt i was going to steal.. but now.. it feels like i should rang to the officer in charge to complain they havent withdraw the stuff they took to the scene.18:38
mernilsorry for my bad english.. normally it's fucking okay! :-P18:38
mernilbut yeah.. they left a thingie there.. and i was eager to steal it.. but i couldnt never in my mind place it in a situation where it could be funny.18:40
mernilso.. i stole some police-tape.. you know.. "keep-away" tape .. 40 metres..18:41
mernili cant be convicted for that.. :-P18:41
mernilfuck debian.. i cant even send to th at fucking chanell!18:45
mernilfucking fuckdistro as well!18:45
mernili dont recomend that shit to anyone as well. apt sucks!!!18:45
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thrice`um, wtf?  :)20:30
nipuLsweet, just scored a job up at the uni20:39
nipuLhaven't even graduated yet20:39
nipuLjust a network grunt for now, but it's a good place to start20:41
nipuLespecially if i want to keep away from the web developers20:43
nipuLno offence to any web developers :)20:44
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