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pitillogood morning01:07
fakerootHi there.01:16
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mernilhello fellow lajnux friends!06:15
merniland btw.. i want to be op here!06:16
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thrice`guys, someone consider that.  I think he's a good candidate!07:09
tadzikyeah, this channel activity…07:09
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mernilBehold! Thy god! Emperor and master of the universe has arrived! Bow your sorry heads for mernil!08:01
thrice`are you drunk?08:02
mernilnot yet..08:02
sepenit should be solved now, try with eight beers at time08:02
pitilloinstead of mernil you should use he-man08:04
mernilnevertheless.. my local pizza baker <-- a regular guy .. it has come to my knowledge, that he think i have fooled him.. i dont know why.. i borrowed him money some time ago, but he got it back. Im really in a bind right now. Should i go back.. because i was stunned when they said i was a trickster.. but.. on the other hand.. they make good pizzas..08:06
sepen*err: $ man -k he-man08:06
sepenhe-man: nothing appropriat08:06
mernilactually, he loaned _me_ money.. but i gave it back.. but, somehow.. some fucking asshole took it.. and it never was .. yeah..08:07
sepenhow many?08:08
mernilno.. i loaned him 100 SEK, and gave it back, but some little fucking guy put it in his own pocket, and there i am. Like i have never gave it back.08:08
mernilsorry.. i cant put it right.. :-/08:09
mernili loaned 100 SEK from HIM, and gave it back to a guy, working in the pizzeria. <-- that's the deal. No bills. But now i'm .. i dont know.. bad seed?08:10
mernilirritating.. because i ate a lot of pizza, and while they didnt say anything.. suddenly.. i owe someone there money????08:12
mernilmoney i paid back!08:13
thrice`are you serious?08:13
thrice`how dare they ask for money!08:13
mernilthrice`: im dead serious!08:13
mernilthat lil' cocksucker i gave the money to.. has prolly forgot it. But yeah.. i ought to burn the place down..08:15
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mernilbut this is a happy channel.. i'm glad i found a bootable hardisc, while i'm waiting on my "new" graphic card! :-) .. slow as hell but.. it works08:17
mernil8 Mbit memory .. Matrox G200 :-P .. strange it owned everything 10 years ago :-)08:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: openvpn: 2.1_rc20 -> 2.1_rc2110:16
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mernilBehold! The biggest penis on earth has arrived! All around nice guy, fantastic programmer and the next-to-be champion in UFC. Bow your heads in awe!11:54
mernilwhat the hell.. i'm banned from suse :-O12:00
mernilmy "favorite" distro...12:00
mernilnext to crux of course..12:00
thrice`have you even used crux before?12:01
thrice`mernil, I remember you said slackware was your favorite, until they banned you too :>12:01
mernilwell, since it's slackware based.. i feel somewhat of a bond.12:01
mernilthrice`: mm ^^12:01
mernili dont really like suse, but the upgrading is much easier than with slackware. I love slackware nevertheless!12:03
merniland.. i love bsd-init compared with system V12:04
mernilAnd i also understand that people, starting with distros like slack, crux, and other "primitive" OS:s .. is more likely to become good att operating systems, such as linux and so forth.12:06
mernilno fucking stupid binary cocksucking registry .. like in windows12:08
mernilbtw.. i'm thingking of going to afganistan.. i have an urge to support freedom in the arab world!12:08
jseThe concept of 'freedom' does not hold universal meaning.12:09
merniljse: true12:09
jseForcing one's own view at gun point is hardly that anyway. Unless there is a grassroots level demand for it, that's fine, otherwise it's pointless meddling.12:10
mernilthe war in afganistan was a misstake i think. _But_ the taliban regime there was also hellish, for most everyone.12:12
mernilSometimes i think israel should nuke everyfucking bit of the middle east.12:13
mernilYou cant talk straigh with the mullas12:13
merniland.. this might be old news.. but iran means "aryan" in persian. A strong connection with nazi germany that is.12:15
mernilit was called persia before 1923 i think.12:16
mernilspeaking of.. what's wrong with africa?12:16
mernilSouth Africa was the most blooming country in africa, now when anc runs it, it's mayhem and bloodshed! Same with zimbabwe!12:17
mernilWe need more white supremacy there! And i'm not joking! Blacks can't run a country. Maybe someday, but for now, they are like muslims, living in year 60012:19
mernilsorry for the rant. I'm not really a racist.. :-)12:19
jseNot really = kind of. :>12:20
mernilmm.. sort of.. ;-)12:21
jseHere's a novel idea: leave them be.12:22
mernilyou wish.. myself im prospecting there for diamonds..12:24
mernilno im not.. but if i had money,i might be doing so12:25
mernilnorth africa could be nuked. most of the arab penecuala, and .. btw: why the hell do they give birth to so many children? 7-8-9 .. unbelivable!12:26
mernili know12:26
mernilonly 30 years ago, the lions ate them, so they had to have some for spare12:27
mernilAnd now they come to sweden. Where the hell should we put a family with 12 people?12:28
jseMalmö apparently. :>12:30
mernilmm :-)12:31
Zabamalmo? Small town, a twisted skyscraper and pretty much nothing else? Or is that somewhere else?12:45
mernila socialist regime ^12:46
mernilThat's why i'm not taking a flu shot against the pig flu. The state is not your friend! And if it would cause  you impotens later on, you wount get a singel dime for the damage!12:52
sepenmernil, IMHO you should talk about this shits on another channel, personally I don't like to be spammed12:52
mernilsepen: sorry mate12:52
mernilput me on igore then!12:52
thrice`I think there are more that are just as annoyed12:53
sepenno, I like to read the backlog, and it's dificult to read crux related lines with lot of spam12:53
mernilfucking asshole12:53
jseSwine flu, what an overblown hysteria over nothing.12:53
merniljse: agreed!12:53
sepenmernil, this conversations are logged to provide another way to people to be informed about crux daily stuff12:53
mernilsepen: how intressting, tell me more!12:54
mernilI'm sure the god ol' crux people will appreciate my stuff!12:55
sepennot this one, sure12:55
mernilsepen: except the fools12:56
sepenracism is not good stuff12:56
thrice`sepen is a crux developer, btw :D12:56
mernili'm also a developer12:56
mernili develop lots of semen for example!12:57
* thrice` pokes tilman 12:57
sepenneat, but this is a comunity and people should be polite and correct with others12:57
mernilok, i'll shut up for a minute!12:57
mernilsepen: but i was correct, until you came in!12:58
sepenyou're spamming our backlog12:58
sepenplease talk about crux related stuff12:58
sepenjust that's all, please12:59
mernilok, i do have an linux related question. How do you know when your pc-battery is low?12:59
sependo you have acpi or apm?13:00
sepenjust read /proc/apci13:00
mernilcat ?13:00
sepencat /proc/apci/....something similar to battery13:00
mernilaha .. oki13:01
sepenbut you'll need to calculate the percentage your own if you use this method13:01
sepenwell bbl13:02
mernilsepen: cya later13:03
mernilthank god, he's gone.. now we can start with the adult talk finally!13:03
mernilbtw: do any of you feel offended by my everyday stuff i write?13:06
mernilBecause i have a lot of skirts.. and the prettiest ones, i don't wear. Because they are to nice to wear. It's stupid, but i dont feel they sould be worn in everyday life.13:08
mernilThe people around me ain't good enuff' ;-)13:08
mernilno.. they are good13:09
mernil*kisses and hugs* :-)13:10
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mernilThe difficult thing is to come up with a question you cant google..13:21
mernilbtw: i did a good thing with wikipedia13:22
mernilyou know.. that guy who played theo huxtable in the cosby show. I alerted, because it said he was a crack addict and a child molester. I'm not joking. It was really mean, but i got some recognition and because of that, i'm 0.00001 percent better man i think! :-)13:24
mernilwikipedia is good, as long you don't missuse it.13:25
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mernilwb RyoS13:26
mernildeuchland uber alles?13:27
mernilno fucking way13:27
mernilhow do you do them german u:s ?13:27
mernilthe ascci code13:28
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mernilBehold! Rotwang is in tha house!13:28
Rotwangmernil: etf are you doing here13:29
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treachRotwang: the usual, apparently.  :>13:29
treachRotwang: educating people about /ignore by pissing them off, that is. ;)13:30
mernilRotwang: i dont know.. crux people seems more tolerant than the idiots in suse, debian, slackware etc. etc. ;-)13:30
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mernilMaybe i feel a small connection .. since crux and slack has a certain bond.13:32
mernilIt connect me to you .. i reach a hand of glory and freedom .. and you do it also!13:33
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mernilfreedom as in FREEDOM. Has always been important to me. That's why i'm not going to get me a tamiflu shot. The state is your enemy! They proved it by the so-called FRA-law.13:36
mernilGiuseppe_: molto bene Giuseppe_13:38
merniltaken from "hannibal" ^^ i dont know italian :-)13:39
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tilmanthrice`: did you poke me so i kickban mernil? :)13:44
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jsetilman: bingo.13:48
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jaegerAh, another successful RAID1 configuration and resize test14:09
jaegerYay for VMs14:11
thrice`tilman, yep :)14:14
jaegerhe actually was already banned but from another host14:18
thrice`I can tolerate stupidity, but the racism shit is kind of annoying14:23
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tilmani think 2 of the 3 bans in here are for mernil :D14:24
*** tilman sets mode: +b *!*mernil@*14:25
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treach :p14:43
tilmanwell done14:44
treachnot really, but the point is clear anyway, I guess. ;)14:44
treach..Krita is not photoshop, and I've never used it before. :p14:45
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Rotwangjkramer: hi15:07
jkramerDoes anyone know a good console based time tracking tool=15:08
jkramerFor tracking time spent on something, like work15:09
thrice`"time" :D15:09
jkramerMY work :D15:09
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jkramerOk, I give up :)15:10
treachjkramer: are you refering to something like "remind"?15:15
treachah, no, apparently not, I guess.15:15
Rotwangok, i need to ask this15:15
Rotwangwhat on earth is "Hrhr" ?15:15
Rotwangits been bugging me for some time now15:16
jkramerIt's like "Hehe" or "Haha", but more like a pirate15:16
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thrice`for i in {1..10000}; do echo ${i} && sleep 1; done15:16
thrice`then just ctl+c when you're done :)15:17
jkramerI just wanted to ask if you have a version of sleep that doesn't work with big numbers and thi is your workaround :)15:17
thrice`sorry, that's about all i'm capable of :)15:18
Rotwangjkramer: aha!15:18
Rotwangso how does ninja laugh?15:18
jkramerBut it's not so bad for starters, if it could store start and end time and a short log text it would be perfect :)15:18
jkramerRotwang: They don't laugh, they have to be silent15:19
Rotwangthey laugh silently15:19
thrice`ha ha15:19
thrice`I mean15:19
jkramerOr they just smile friendly15:19
jkramerBut you can't see it because of their masks15:20
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thrice`16:34 mernil was kicked from ##slackware by slackboy ; Banned: Too cocky for our sensitive minds15:35
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thrice`seems like he is making his rounds15:35
jaegerearning himself the spaz stamp everywhere15:35
sepenjkramer, something like this?
sepenI wrote it in the past to be motivated at office ;D15:37
aoni once had a page like that :)15:37
aoni think with the exact same image, too :D15:38
sepenyep, but maybe on a win host?15:38
aonnope, i think it was javascript15:38
aonor php15:38
sepenI wrote that to practice python-datetime15:39
Rotwang10 euro per hour ;D15:39
sepenRotwang, see the config file15:39
sepens/10/1000 and you'll be rich!15:39
Rotwangif it was that easy [;15:39
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