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pitillogood morning01:08
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nipuLfirst orientation day for my job was today, ever seen $3.5m worth of network gear before?04:31
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: coreutils: update to 8.104:42
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: flex: fix for ticket #51904:42
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: libtool: update to 2.2.6b04:42
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: ppp: update to 2.4.504:42
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: vim: update to 2.3.30004:42
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gvim: update to 7.2.30004:57
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mysql: update to 5.1.4104:57
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: vsftpd: update to 2.2.204:57
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libexif: update to 0.6.1904:59
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thrice`hurray, clb lives :D07:45
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tilmanwithout the x11:48
tilmani know you know who i'm thinking about when i'm reading that11:51
thrice`I love people who don't understand or use punctuation just keep going11:54
tilmani dont get your point what are you talking about please enlightenmen11:56
joacimwho were you thinking about?11:56
tilmandamn newbies :]11:56
thrice`romster? :)11:57
Rotwanggood ol' Romster, how is he doing?11:58
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thrice`rehabdoll, I was able to compile grub2 perfectly on 64-bit last night, but was too chicken to actually try it :>12:36
rehabdollbah :)12:37
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thrice`I haven't configured grub in years :|  did you follow any guide in particular for setting stuff up?12:38
tilmanyes, the grub hint from LFS12:40
tilman(that was in 2001 :D)12:40
thrice`grub2 has changed things slightly, I think12:43
jkramerYay, mostly done setting everything up12:45
jkramerjaeger: Got the GMA 950 driver working, if you're interested12:46
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rehabdolli just googled a bit12:55
rehabdolliirc, the man explained things quite well12:55
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jkramerHrm, CRUX needs a binary package repository :)13:40
thrice`too much bloat13:41
jkramerMostly agreed, but sometimes I just don't want to compile "big" software13:42
treachwell, most "big" software has binary ports afaik.13:44
treach(is there anything truly big, besides oo.o, and possibly ff?)13:44
jkramermplayer :)13:45
jkramerI wouldn't care usually, but my notebook is broken and now I'm on a EeekPC with an Atom 1,3Ghz13:45
treachif your computer is too weak to build mplayer, it probably can't handle the movies either. :P13:45
jkramerTakes forever13:45
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jkramerOh, I hope you're wrong :(13:45
jkramerHas been a rough week for me anyway13:46
jkramerNeed some stupid TV shows now :)13:46
* treach watches jkramer's shaking hands.13:46
treachseems like a bad case13:46
jkramerHrm, what's the difference between the jre and jdk port? Both download the full jdk package13:48
treachbut the jre port only installs the jre, afaik13:48
thrice`webkit is the worst build I have13:48
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thrice`that took about 40 minutes on my core2duo @ 2.0 ghz, with -j4 :|13:49
jkramerYup, tried webkit a few times too, but gave up in the end :)13:49
treachthrice`: was that against a tmpfs?13:49
thrice`no, I just compile within /usr/ports13:50
treachyou might not have enough ram for that anyway. :P13:50
thrice`actually, I don't think it took up *that* much disk space13:50
thrice`I might be wrong, but it seemed to only be a couple hundred megs.  very strange13:50
treachI have no idea, I was just comparing to ff13:51
thrice`completely rough guess, but seemed to be about 2x as bad13:51
treachI was refering to diskspace.13:52
jaegerjkramer: generic drivers or specific to that poulsbo chipset or whatever it was called?13:52
treachff doesn't take that long, 20 something minutes last time I checked iirc.13:52
jkramerpoulsbo specific13:53
jaegerWouldn't do me much good, then :)13:54
jkramerOh right, got a good chipset :)13:54
jaegerwell-supported, at least13:54
jkramerBuilding that stuff was a pain13:54
jaegerwhy was it?13:55
jkramerThere's only a rpm as reference13:55
jkramerFor the kernel module I just took the arch port and converted it, remove some patches that didn't work for my kernel13:55
jkramerFor the rest I just unpacked all the rpms, shoved their contents in a directory, tarballed it and named it poulsbo#1.0.pkg.tar.gz :)13:56
jkramerHad to re-compile my kernel about 10 times because there's no documentation about what the driver needs13:58
treachand the great Intella!13:58
tilmanpoulsbo is a synonym for fail13:59
jaegerseems appropriate13:59
tilmanidon't think that's an english word though13:59
jkramerI just joined the "Poulsbo dissatisfaction group" on facebook :)13:59
jaegerit's not13:59
tilmanah, it is13:59
jaegerIt is? hrmm14:00
jaegerwell, there's a city named that14:00
treachrofl, apparently Poulsbo was named by it's first Post Master General, "I. B. Moe" ;D14:01
treachtilman: it's a city, originally apparently a common destination for scandinavian immigrants.14:02
treachI guess Mr Moe was a norwegian, but it's still fun. :p14:02
tilman(introducing) "hi, I. B. Moe"14:03
tilman-" hi, i'm tilman"14:03
treachtilman: you do know about moe manga characters?14:04
tilmani know about moe the bartender though14:04
treachok. that explains why you missed the joke I guess. :p14:04
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jkramerjaeger: Are you using the elantech driver for your eeepc touchpad?14:32
jkramerOr just synaptics?14:32
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jaegerneither, actually, just using it as a simple pointer14:36
jkramerI'm having problems with xfontsel. It first says that it's processing fonts, that it freezes (more or less) and all the dropdowns are broken14:46
jkramerI get a warning in the console: Warning: Missing charsets in String to FontSet conversion14:47
jkramerHmm, kind of works anyway, nevermind14:48
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jkramerStupid poulsbo drivers16:32
jkramerHas anyone ever seen an error like this from xorg: failed locking memory manager: device or resource busy16:33
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jkramerNow Firefox is broken :(16:56
jkramerCouldn't load XPCOM16:56
thrice`I have had that one before, but can't recall how I fixed it16:59
jkramerIt just appeared out of nowhere, a few minutes ago it worked17:01
jkramerDoes firefox depend on hald?17:02
jkramerBut on dbus17:02
thrice`did you update xulrunner, but not FF ?17:02
thrice`yep, it does on dbus17:02
jkramerNo, I uninstalled hal & dbus17:03
Rotwangis it failday already? ;D17:03
jkramerFor me it is :)17:03
jkramerI can't even make synaptics work :(17:03
thrice`the arch wiki has a decent synaptics article17:04
jkramerNothing new there17:11
jkramerxorg keeps claiming that I don't have a synaptics touchpad at all17:11
thrice`well, the obvious questions :)  is xorg-xf86-input-synaptics installed ?17:12
jkramerYes, and it loads the synaptics module, and the synaptics module says that I don't have a synaptics touchpad :)17:13
jkramerI have a 'Load "synaptics"' line and line 'Driver "synaptics"' in the mouse section17:14
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jkramerIt's not only failday for me, it's a complete failweek18:16
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jkramerForgot to add evdev to the kernel18:16
jkramerStupid me18:16
jkramerGood night18:16
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