IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2009-11-20

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pitillogood morning01:03
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fakerootHi there.03:04
fakerootYaaay, I've posted a bug.03:04
fakerootA buggggg :)03:08
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pitillofakeroot: which one?03:27
fakerootFS#520 - opt/bash-completion: broken link03:28
fakerootOK, I have a dumb question, but I cannot understand it.03:28
fakerootI want to make a .diff file with diff command.03:29
fakerootIs there any CLEAR and UNDERSTANDABLE known to you FAQ?03:29
fakerootPatch command patches, yes, but not that file, which it should, but the original one.03:30
fakerootToo complicated.03:30
fakerootEven crazy.03:30
pitillodiff -uN x.orig x then patch with -p003:31
pitilloI think you can take a look to other Pkgfiles which have patches, and look for the patches and see how them are applied03:31
fakerootI'm looking right now.03:32
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pitillothat's a good way to see how are they used by other maintainers, of course you can check man for both, diff and patch, or make a search to see howtos03:32
pitillomorrining sepen03:32
fakerootpitillo: So, if I have a patch for sources, whitch patches f.e. docs/someting/blablabla/Makefile, I should diff -uN docs/something/blablabla/Makefile Makefile?03:33
fakerootpitillo: I am searching. Even making researches :)03:33
pitillofakeroot: I would use diff -uN path/Makefile.orig path/Makefile03:33
pitilloboth files in the same path, but I'm not sure if this is the best way to do it03:33
fakerootpitillo: OK, will try, thank you.03:34
sepenfakeroot, even you can obtain a clean checkout of git sources and then $ git diff foo > myfoo.diff03:34
pitillofakeroot: you are welcome03:34
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fakerootAha! cedega hasn't .md5sum file. Damn, I guess I have a great talent for searching problems in repositories :)03:47
sepenfakeroot, imho is not a problem03:50
sepenI don't think that the maintainer should purchase and pay for a license to obtain a md5sum03:50
sepenalso note that pkgmk doesn't fail when md5sum is missing, just continues fine03:51
fakerootsepen: OK :)03:56
fakerootpitillo: Thanks once again. It works. Hell yeah! \o/03:57
sepenanyways you can contact with the maintainer ;d03:57
sepenfakeroot, do you have a valid md5sum?03:57
pitillofakeroot: nice. You are welcome :)03:57
sepenfakeroot, if you have the right md5sum file I could update it ;D03:58
fakerootsepen: Don't have it. Was just searching for ports with patches to train diff skills and noticed that there are no .md5sum.03:59
fakerootBut I can make it for you :)03:59
sepenso do you have a cedega's license?03:59
fakerootAhhh, this is cedega... Sorry, I forgot.04:00
fakerootDamn, failday for me I guess.04:01
fakerootDoh, without coffe I cannot think.04:02
fakerootAnd it is too early.04:04
sependon't worry, just try it again ;D04:05
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nipuLwee, deployment starts on monday04:14
nipuLfollowed by 4 weeks of hell04:14
pitillojarl 120KB/s en el pere.... eso es ke el rober sa despertao i ha subio la persiana04:15
nipuLwe're replacing the _entire_ network infrastructure at my university04:17
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pitillowhich are the new devices nipuL ?04:17
nipuLinstalling 440 10GB fibre edge switches04:18
pitillointeresting, and which manufacturer?04:18
pitillono idea about them, I will take a look04:19
nipuLold hard hardware is a bunch of cisco 1900's04:19
teK_3.5 million dollars networking equipment. Nice.  How many students does your university have?04:20
nipuLabout 5000 i think04:21
nipuLthat's what's going in04:21
teK_wtf. That's a lot of money for switches..04:21
pitillohere we are working with cisco catalyst 3750, good toys too, and this morning we must deploy a fortigate (any opinion about it?)04:22
nipuL8000 is the replacement cost, the uni bought them for 2500 ;)04:23
nipuLlots of purchasing power when you buy half a thousand of them04:23
nipuLbasically, 8000 is how much one costs if we drop it04:25
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fakerootHmm, would it be coorect if I put --prefix=$PKG/usr to Pkgbuild? Only with this package is being built.05:19
sepenjust read how the configure script is using the --prefix option05:20
fakerootYes, but there is a problem with, it seems not to accept prefix from ./configure and wants to make changes into /usr/bin.05:21
sepento create a Pkgfile you should inspect the source files and decide the best way to configure/compile/package it05:21
fakeroot(--prefix=$PKG/usr doesnt work as well)05:21
fakerootI'm doing it right now.05:21
sepenso you could make a patch for it05:21
sepenjust see some examples in collections05:21
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nipuLlol, oops. just casually looking through the code in my public git repos06:16
nipuLthere's a password06:17
nipuLonly for my flyspray account, but still06:18
nipuLi just hope google or archives haven't cached it06:18
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sepenls -la07:51
sepenoops, bbl07:52
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Rotwanggive root password:07:55
Rotwangsome day it will work [;07:55
treachI get the feeling typing ls -la should give /who :P07:56
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jkramerI know I'm asking this after every CRUX install, but what is a good IP for sourceforge?08:38
jkramerThe one in the wiki gives me timeouts08:38
jaegerI use
jkramerWorks, thanks :)09:07
teK_jkramer: you can add a hin in the wiki, iirc it does not require registration anymore. But I may be wrong..09:12
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fakerootHmm, another question. What is better: make f.e. 5 diffs for each file or, like in kernel, 1 patch for all?10:27
Rotwangfakeroot: its good practice to separate patches10:30
Rotwangie patch that adds neede header files in one patch10:30
Rotwangso just one task per patch id say10:31
Rotwangkerenl uses one patch to increment whole minor version10:32
Rotwangthats something different10:32
teK_one can always cat *.diff to get one file10:32
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: tig: 0.14.1 -> 0.1511:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: openvpn: 2.1_rc21 -> 2.1_rc2211:07
* Rotwang is going to a new job!11:08
* Rotwang is uber happy11:08
thrice`nice :>11:08
Rotwanghelp desk person11:09
Rotwang"hello IT!11:10
RotwangHave you tried to turn it off and on again?"11:10
Rotwangthats the job [;11:10
thrice`hey, if you can get paid for it, awesome :>11:16
tilmanRotwang: congrats11:18
Rotwangthanks [;11:20
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Rotwangsomeone would like to buy milk goat?11:41
Rotwangim serious [;11:43
Rotwangvery friendly milk goat11:43
Rotwangavailable 100 km to german border from poland11:44
teK_congrats Rotwang. What were you doing until now?11:52
tilmandrinking, obviously11:52
RotwangteK_: i was working in real estate evaluation office11:52
Rotwangas an assistant11:52
teK_hehe tilman, cliches aside11:53
teK_Rotwang: yay, * -> IT usually rocks11:53
teK_wild guess: you told them you were a CRUX contrib (opt?) maintainer so you got the job :>11:54
tilmanteK_: i wasn't playing with any clichee, but the goat story got me wondering ;)11:55
RotwangteK_: sure, ive got CRUX contrib maintainership in my CV 8D11:55
teK_drinking... milk?!11:55
RotwangteK_: but it wasnt key element11:55
Rotwangrecruitment was a 2 step process11:55
tilmananyone who is trying to sell goats in #crux must have a drinking problem11:55
Rotwangfirst consisted of 40 question quiz11:56
tilmanfirst question:11:56
tilmanhow much wood would a woodchunk chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?11:56
tilmanfuck, typo11:56
Rotwangtilman: I've had hoped some german would buy it :c11:56
tilmanRotwang: try #german ;)11:57
teK_25 years earlier and you could have traded it for two bananas and a madonna LP11:57
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fakerootHoly shit, another broken link.12:18
fakerootI'm telling you, I have been created to look for broken links... :(12:18
fakerootLibnet this time (as a dep for libnids).12:18
fakerootDamn, libnids depends on fail. Libpcap.12:19
Rotwangfakeroot: flyspray12:20
* fakeroot aka f1y is going to be a star of flyspray though.12:21
Rotwangfakeroot: do you want to buy a milk goat, though? [;12:22
fakerootkill -9 `pidof Rotwang` -.-12:24
teK_fakeroot: I'm going to fix this asap..12:25
fakerootteK_: No problem, bug posted :)12:26
fakerootThat's the second today and the day is not at the end :)12:26
fakeroot=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/packages/libnids#1.23-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.12:29
fakerootI give up... :(12:29
thrice`any error ?12:29
Rotwangit's fail day ;D12:30
Rotwangfor fakeroot12:30
fakeroot11:01 < fakeroot> Damn, failday for me I guess.12:31
fakerootLike I said...12:31
fakerootAha, fail is caused by libnids-1.23/src/killtcp.c.13:03
fakerootUnbelievable, I've fixed it...13:03
fakerootSo, guys, flyspray again? :D13:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: libnids: add libpcap dependency13:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: libnet: fix download URL again13:12
thrice`apparently someone is able to build it :>13:12
teK_libnet suddenly was broken because of #elif .. holy. It built for me *some* time ago.13:18
teK_err libpcap13:18
teK_forget it.13:19
fakerootteK_: Two last lines before #endif have to be deleted, then libnids builds.13:21
tilmanteK_: cpp 4.4 is more picky13:25
teK_tilman: think so, too.13:27
fakerootchecking for nids_init in -lnids... no13:34
fakerootconfigure: error: libnids missing.13:34
fakerootThat's it -.-13:34
teK_building what?13:34
fakerootHave all deps installed.13:35
teK_getting dsniff to work with libpcap and libnids was quite a hassle, too13:36
thrice`it looks like libnids has a "static shared" for make13:37
fakerootWill check.13:37
thrice`eg, "make static shared"13:37
fakerootThe same.13:42
fakerootI'm too tired.13:43
fakerootGoing home.13:43
fakerootCya, friends, and thanks for help.13:43
fakerootHave a nice weekend :)13:43
Rotwangweekond spent on uni is not so nice :c13:44
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jkramerWhat's the opposite of "firewalled" (single word)?17:08
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* jaeger kicks gconf in the nuts17:37
jaegerit can't find glib.h, dbus-glib.h, etc.17:39
thrice`building related, or operation ?17:39
jaegerso annoying17:39
jaegerI wonder if it's not looking in both /usr/share/pkgconfig and /usr/lib/pkgconfig17:41
teK_there's nothing that patch(1) can't fix :|17:43
jaegerhrmm, that's not it17:43
jaegertime to make some dinner and worry about it later17:47
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