IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2009-11-21

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tadzikhey, anoyone any problems with route to
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tadzikworks now, nevermind03:46
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jkramerjaeger: Which processor family did you select in your kernel on your EeePC?09:57
jkramerFor the Atom CPU?09:58
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jaegerjkramer: I think I picked core 2, not sure10:20
jkramerJust seen that in 2.6.32 there an own family for Atom, will build that one now10:39
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jkramerYay, successfully patched that stupid psb kmod to work with 2.6.32 :)11:47
jkramerI should become a kernel developer11:48
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Rotwangjkramer: go for it11:50
jkramerI'm not sure if the other kernel developers would appreciate it :)11:51
jkramerProbably they don't see the use of removing random macros and error messages ;)11:51
jkramerIs ~130 a good value for FPS?11:54
tadzikhmm, FPS's are not MBytes. 130 where? What do you need performance for?11:57
jkramer130 frames per second in glxgears11:58
jkramerJust testing that stupid poulsbo driver11:58
tadzikit also depends on the resolution, etc11:58
tadzikimho glxgears is not the benchmark of any kind11:59
Rotwangi has 2885.703 of those FPS's12:00
Rotwangglxgears is crappy benchmark12:02
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jkramerDoes anyone have or know a binary port of qt4?16:05
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jkramerOr even better, a statically linked opera?16:05
jkramerOk, found one16:06
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jkramerOr not16:14
jkramerDoes anyone know where to get libaudio from?16:19
jkramerCan't find a port with that file16:19
tadziknot even arch PKGBUILD I can find16:21
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Rotwangjkramer: what do you need it for?16:22
jkramerThe static build of opera 10.01 is linked against it, but it isn't included with the package16:22
jkramerqt4 is included though16:22
Rotwangopera is evil16:23
jkramerBut it's fast and stable :)16:24
jkramerFirefox/GTK really is not fun on my lame EeePC16:24
* Rotwang is off to sleep16:25
tadzikfirefox is bloat16:25
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tadzikjkramer: tried chromium?16:25
jkramerWell, I tried to install it at least :)16:25
jkramerEpic fail16:26
tadzikoh come on16:26
jkramerDo you have a good port/build? I'd really like to give it another try16:26
tadzikwell, I had one once16:27
tadzikit's on my PC i guess16:27
tadzikit was stolen from AUR I'd say16:27
tadzikI'll look it up on PC tomorrow If you like?16:28
jkramerI'm just googling, maybe I find something myself16:29
tadzikI had it on my ports tree, maybe it's still there but I doubt it16:29
jkramerOh well, lib-linking again16:33
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jkramerNice, it's kind of running16:36
jkramerAnd pretty fast16:36
tadzikyeah, it's quite nice16:36
tadzikhas some unnecessary deps though16:37
tadzikbut from this modern browsers stuff this is my favourite16:37
tadzikanyway, time for me16:37
jkramerDoes it have something like preferences? :)16:37
tadzikyeah, has16:38
tadzikright from url bar16:38
tadzikoh, and fetch some new build16:38
jkramerAh16:38, get the highest number16:38
jkramerI have the latest I guess16:38
tadzikhave fun, I'm going to sleep16:38
jkramerBut why is it german?! :D16:38
tadziksee you16:38
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rehabdollroot@zoidberg:/home/fredrik$ /etc/rc.d/lighttpd restart17:04
rehabdollkill: usage: kill [-s sigspec | -n signum | -sigspec] pid | jobspec ... or kill -l [sigspec]17:04
jkramerYeah :D17:06
jkramerI think it's been this way for years17:06
jkramerI remember writing my own rc.d script when I set up my old server about 2 years ago17:07
rehabdolldovecot also wont shutdown17:09
rehabdolli should check what else is up17:09
jkramerHrhr, I remember that too - always killed it withj pkill -917:09
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filibertoi've been using arch so far and been meaning to switch to something more stable. Is crux as vanilla as arch with its packages?18:05
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