IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2009-11-22

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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gcc-fortran: 4.3.3 -> 4.4.202:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: tor: ->
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: autoconf: updated to 2.65.05:37
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tadzik-rw-r--r-- root/root     15578 2009-11-22 14:56 usr/share/autoconf/INSTALL07:57
tadzikwhy do we need this?07:57
jkramertadzik: Trying to build your webkit port07:57
jkramerDo you know what's wrong with libsoup? :)07:57
jkramerIt says it needs glib >= 2.21.3, but 2.22.2 is installed07:58
tadzikhmm, but can rebuild it if you like08:00
tadziklibsoup, eh?08:00
tadzikThat's not the webkit issue then :) But can help you, have time08:01
tadzikit's compiling, configure has gone without erros08:01
tadzikchecking for GLIB - version >= 2.21.3... yes (version 2.22.2)08:01
jkramerI'll rebuild glib, maybe that helps08:01
jkramerI'm still using the binary build from the ISO I guess08:01
tilmangrep -i version /usr/lib/pkgconfig/glib-2.0.pc08:01
jkramerVersion: 2.20.508:02
jkramerOh, stupid me08:02
tadzikpkginfo -o /usr/lib/pkgconfig/glib-2.0.pc ?08:02
jkramerprt-get info glibb returns the version of the available port, not the installed one :)08:03
tadzikjkramer: for what do you need webkit for?08:05
jkramerI'd like to try that uzbl browser08:06
tadzikTry surf if you are lazy08:07
jkramerAh, nice08:07
jkramerI like suckless software08:08
tadzikalso webkit based, but it just works, you don't need external scripts to fill forms or change url08:08
jkramer"It is able to display websites and follow links"08:08
tadzikit can do more than that :)08:08
jkramerSounds good, will try it08:08
tadzikyour own js's, css's, remote url setting, few more08:09
jkramerHrm, no port08:09
tadzikand a number of patches08:09
tadzikwhy would you want port for suckless software?08:09
jkramerSo I don't have to compile it myself :)08:09
tadzikand how are you gonna patch it? :)08:09
jkramerThe Pkgfile should contain some patch -p... lines of course :)08:10
tadzikhow are you gonna apply my glamorous toggleflash and bookmark patches? :>08:10
jkramerYou could provide a port including them :)08:10
tadzikthen it would be forcing to patching. It's better to let everyone use the patches they want08:10
tadzikand just keep their own surf/dwm/tabbed/dmenu in they private ~/bin08:10
jkramerYou could define USE-flags for your port :D08:11
jkramerUSE="+bookmark -toggleflash" :D08:11
tadzikbut changing the keybindings happens by modyfying the source code, compiling sth like this once for every user is stupid08:12
jkramerBut I guess building webkit will take a week or so anyway08:12
tadzikimagine dwm like this, brr08:12
tadzikwell, webkit is kind of a cow08:12
tadzikI remember compiling it on my prescott… after an hour power went down. It got back, so I started builind again. After an hour, power went down08:12
tadzikI postponed update for the day afer08:13
jkramerStill updating glib...08:14
fakerootHi there :)08:21
tadzikoh, I have a python script08:22
jkramerWhat? Why?!08:30
tadzikthere was an app, rss2mbox. And it was so retarded, that I thought even me, who can't code in python, can write a better one08:31
tadzikand so I did08:31
jkramerWhy would you want RSS feeds in your mbox?08:32
tadzikit probably sucks like a vacuum cleaner, but it does not have any dumb unnecessary deps, and does not keep huge database of 'known' entries08:32
jkramerHmm, not a bad idea actually08:32
jkramerThen you can apply your spam filter and remove boring news :)08:33
tadzikso I can read it with e.g. mutt, and won't need any other app for that08:33
jkramerI love my Google Reader :)08:33
jkramerThere's even a nice vim plugin for GR :)08:34
tadzikoh, another app from google?08:34
jkramerBest reader ever, IMO08:35
tadzikuh, in-browser?08:36
jkramerYup, but it has a semi-public API08:36
jkramerAs I said, there's a vim plugin for reading feeds from your GR account08:36
tadzikso it should be possible to get them from this api and put into mbox…08:36
jkramerAnd I wrote a client for my BlackBerry :)08:36
tadzikvim is an editor damnit! with plugins like this, we will end up with another emacs08:37
jkramerYup, and mutt is for mails!08:37
tadzikfuck, I stumbled upon my own trap08:37
tadzikuhm, well, mutt is for reading mailboxes! :P08:38
jkramerVim is for viewing/editing text :)08:38
tadzikanyway, I'd like newsletters instead of rss's, if they won't force putting my email address on every single site I want to check08:38
tadzikvim is for editing, less is for viewing :P08:38
jkramerYou can run vim in read-only mode ;)08:39
jkramerBtw, there are services that fetch feeds for you and send you mails for each item08:39
jkramerNo need for newsletters08:39
tadziklike google reader? :)08:39
tadzikI was thinking about something like this08:40
tadzikoh, we started talking like plan9 guys08:40
tadzikWell folks, after quite a long run we have decided to shut down RSSFWD08:42
jkramerThat's because everyone is using Google Reader now ;)08:43
tadzikI'm trying to avoid this google addiction08:43
tadzikeven tried to use cuil some time ago08:43
jkramerwebkit building now...08:44
tadzikwhat a funny file name: .,08:50
joacimcuil failed my first search test08:51
joacim"wikipedia <the topic I'm interested in>"08:51
joacimclusty passed =)08:51
joacimbing passed too08:51
tadziksometimes entering just the topic, the first page is wikipedia08:51
joacimI got some unrelated hits from lifehacker08:52
tadzikcuil is sometimes good, if you have many keywords on topic. _sometimes_08:52
tadzikhmm, clusty seems interesting08:55
aonanyone here know if there's a swedish telephone number search on the web?08:59
aonnevermind, eniro.se09:02
tadzikhmm, anyone using this python?09:06
jkramerI hate python - but that's not what you asked for :)09:08
tadzikAttributeError: object has no attribute 'summary', While using print entry.summary. Is it possible to check if it exists by just if(entry.summary)?09:08
tadzik…nope. So, any good idea?09:09
tilmanif entry.hasattr('summary'):09:09
tilmani think09:09
tilmanor maybe has_attr09:09
jkramer$entry->can('summary') :)09:09
jkramerStill writing that rss2mbox script?09:10
tadzikfixing it09:11
tadzikor rather checking if it works well, and looks like it has some bugs09:11
tadzikobject has no attribute 'has_attr' :D09:12
tilmanhasattr then09:13
aondamn, no hits09:13
tadzikAttributeError: object has no attribute 'hasattr'09:13
aonsomeone from stockholm called me :O09:13
tilmangetattr then09:13
jkrameraon: Looking for the piratebay hotline? :)09:13
tilmanx = object.getattr('summary')09:13
tilmanif x:09:13
tilman   print('hooray')09:14
tadzikah, this way09:14
tilman   print('no tengo summary ;('')09:14
aonno, i'd like to know who this was09:14
tilmanhey aon09:14
aondidn't answer, obviously09:14
jkramerDid you just google the number?09:14
tadzikaon: I yesterday found some phone number in my phone book, I had only a name and obviously the sex09:14
tadzikso I just googled the number and looks like it's some really young actress, and the number was in some house-selling advertisment ;)09:15
aonapparently it's not a mobile phone09:16
tadziktilman: getattr does not work either :/
tilmangoddamnit, let me look up it up09:17
jkramerCome on, use Perl already :)09:17
tilmanx = getattr(object, 'summary')09:17
tadzikah, this way09:17
tadzikjkramer: seed perl's XML::Feed dependencies?09:17
tadzikDatetime::Format::Mail, oh come on09:18
tadzikI hate this module mess09:18
jkramerBut it has 5 stars!09:18
tadzikbut it has dozens of deps!09:19
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jkramerPython just hides their lib mess by packing everything into core python09:19
tadzikmaybe. But it saves me from porting all those modules09:20
tadzikmaking ports09:20
tadzikfor cpan sucks09:20
jkramerOk, making ports for all the cpan modules can be messy, agreed09:20
tadzikafter removing module with deps last time I promised myself never to use cpan again09:20
jkramerBut CPAN just works fine09:20
tadzikunless you want to remove something09:21
jkramerHmm, the XML::Feed deps seem sane to me09:21
tadzikthe thing is, there is no sane way of handling all those09:21
jkramerJust type "cpan XML::Feed"09:21
tilmanow do you say 'pest oder cholera' in english? :>09:21
tadzikit's either make distro packages for everything, or say 'okay, I'll keep this module for all my life from now' and install from cpan09:22
jkramer"to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea"09:22
jkramertadzik: You can uninstall CPAN modules, you know?09:22
tadziktilman: sorry to piss you off again, but getattr() trows error too :/09:23
tadzikjkramer: yeah, `cd .cpan/Build/module && make uninstall`09:23
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thrice`stop pising off tilman09:24
tadzikjust to see the message "uninstalling is not safe and deprecated, goan fuck yourself^W^W remove the files yourself"09:24
tadzikI'll just google it maybe09:25
tadziklooks like 'try'ing is even more pythonish09:26
jkramertadzik: Use cpanplus, "u MODULE" uninstalls MODULE09:27
jkramerHowever, I never had a reason to remove CPAN modules09:27
jkramerIt's not like they're big and bloated09:27
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thrice`anyone on my system not from the ports tree makes me sad09:30
tilmantadzik: you're not pissing me off... i don't really care about your problem ;D09:34
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tadzik;) quite good09:38
tadzikgoogled it myself anyway. The script works now09:38
tadzik…I think09:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: webkit: new port10:01
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jkramerI'm just compiling tadziks one :)10:03
tadzikjkramer: sad suprise: contrib is newer ;)10:04
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Rotwangboring lab on my uni -__-10:27
Rotwanggod damn calc and writer10:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: midori: new port10:54
Rotwangmidori, nice10:54
tadzikoh, midori10:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: midori: oops remove locale and doc files10:57
Rotwanghowe do i unprotect protected calc odt file11:02
tadzikaren't they xml's or something?11:03
tadzikhey, what on earth is that source in midori?11:03
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Rotwangive got md5 hash11:18
Rotwangcan i recover password with it?11:18
tadzikjack the ripper11:18
Rotwangcould someone do it for me11:19
tadzikoh no, it's john11:19
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Rotwang1rotwang cracked odt calc sheet ;D12:45
thrice`how did you do it, out of curiosity ? :)12:46
* Rotwang1 iz pr0 haX0r12:47
Rotwang1thrice`: *office docs can be easily unpacked with unzip12:48
Rotwang1youll get some xml files12:48
Rotwang1inside one of them there is pasword hash, just change it for your own12:48
Rotwang1pack it up, and youre set12:48
Rotwang1homework done ;D12:48
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thrice`grub2 \o/18:05
treachgrub, second serving? :>18:08
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