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tilmanis mpg123 broken for anyone else?00:35
tilmanapparently it cannot load its output plugins00:35
joacimworks for me00:56
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tilmanit's trying to open /lib/, which of course doesn't exist00:58
tilmanoh well00:59
rehabdollwee, my sheevaplug is in sweden atleast01:06
rehabdollhere's hoping for a swift delivery01:06
tilmanhere's leaving for work01:10
fakerootHi there.01:10
pitillogood morning01:11
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joacimoh... i have mpg321, not mpg123 :S01:29
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RyoSthrice`: using grub2 too :) works pretty fine here04:46
RyoS if somebody wants to test04:47
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jaegerrehabdoll: what are you planning to do with your sheevaplug? those are pretty cool08:35
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thrice`hi jue10:35
thrice`RyoS, looks good, I used the port from rehabdoll's repo, I think :)10:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: hpijs: update to 3.9.1010:40
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: imagemagick: update to 6.5.7-10, new maintainer10:40
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: libusb: update to 1.0.610:42
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: smartmontools: new maintainer10:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: bash-completion: update to 1.110:53
thrice`poor jue :>10:59
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tilmanjue: mpg123 seems to be broken for me:
tilmanjue: any idea?12:18
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juetilman: yeah, it's currently broken, new libtool is the evil12:31
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juetilman: my bug report is here ->
tilmandoes 'rm .../*.la' in Pkgfile fix the problem?12:33
juehmm, will test12:35
juebut don't think so, mpg123 uses libltdl to load/find the modules12:37
tilmanyou're right12:41
tilmani thought libltdl would fall back to loading if wasn't found12:42
treach :D12:49
tilman"if the pig sneezes, he's fucken dead" ;)12:51
Rotwangnot funny :c12:51
Rotwangpoor piggie12:51
treachin dire times you find out who your real friends are. Or something like that. :>12:52
fakerootIs there any way to put some console command into keymap? I want to run script with one key in console...12:58
fakerootNo no, I have keys, which aren't being used on multimedia keyboard.13:00
fakerootIs there a way to make it run a script?13:00
fakerootF.e. I put Vol- and I run f.e. ports -u.13:01
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rehabdolljaeger: i have no idea :D13:04
rehabdolljust play around for now i guess13:04
rehabdollsince the dollar is worthless i figured id get one :)13:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mpg123: update to 1.9.2, modules diabled because loading is broken13:10
juefakeroot: maybe xbindkeys can do what you want13:12
fakerootjue: Yes, for xorg ofc, but I want to bind it sctrictly in console...13:13
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RyoSthrice`: when i checked i didnt see a port13:17
RyoSbut i am not in portdb :)13:17
joacimrehabdoll: do you fix ports from contrib for 64-bit, or do you just manage 64-bit ports for core and opt?13:17
joacimboost requires a slight nudge to build cleanly on 64-bit systems13:18
rehabdollcore and opt only13:18
Rotwangif there were contrib-x86_64 i could maintain some ports there13:19
Rotwangi love this cartoon13:20
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jkramerI don't get it13:32
jkramerIs the dog the guy?13:32
Rotwangehh :c13:32
rehabdollthe guy is just like a dog13:32
jkramer Ah, there's an explanation below :)13:33
teK_well I'm like the car. The girls are the dog.13:33
rehabdollyou slow-witted asses :)13:33
rehabdollim gonna play some more modern warfare 213:33
rehabdollfuck its addictive13:33
RyoSrehabdoll: great game imo, even if the critics are hard but oh well..13:40
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Rotwangmay i ask noobish math question?14:37
thrice`yes :)14:38
treachas long as you accept that the answer is 42. :>14:38
jkramerWasn't that a noobish question already? :)14:38
teK_don't ask to ask.14:38
Rotwang lim arcctg(n)14:38
Rotwangis it 0 or pi or 2 * pi?14:39
Rotwangir -pi?14:39
RotwangArcus Cotangent14:40
teK_ok, don't ask stuff like this.14:40
Rotwangwhy? :c14:40
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teK_I dislike angle functions. a) and b) I (should) do 20 hours /week math and dont know the answer :>14:41
Rotwangmath sucks14:42
teK_it's used to single 'weak' students out, I guess14:43
thrice`Rotwang, what's "n" ?14:44
Rotwangthats what I came up with14:44
Rotwangthrice`: n is a natural number14:44
thrice` limit as n -> inf. ?  or -inf. ?  or 0 ?14:44
Rotwangand bounds to infinite14:44
thrice`wasn't calculus invented to get rid of crappy limits? :D14:45
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thrice`hello :)15:02
Man0lic0nice to see somebody alive and kicking :)15:03
* treach watches thrice` doing the can-can.15:05
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Rotwangi need working sage port :c15:10
Rotwangironically i have no time to make it myself because i have to learn math15:11
tadziklookup arch or aur15:11
Rotwangthats time consuming too15:12
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* straw wonders why he parted15:19
strawHey :]15:19
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jkramerIs there a common practice on how to build ports for packages that don't respect the DESTDIR param?17:01
thrice`i usually hunt for patches :(  which port ?17:04
jkramerBut I found an old port that has a patch, trying that one now17:05
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jkramerDamn, doesn't work17:11
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jkramerOr maybe it does17:13
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jkramerNo, it doesn't17:16
thrice`jkramer, not tried, but nipuL uses haskell stuff, I think.  try:
thrice`though, you might need to tweak the build for i686 instead of x86_64 (at least for the ghc-binary port)17:19
jkramerthrice`: That's for an old version of ghc, with the new one it doesn't work anymore17:20
jkramerAnd I doubt that that port even worked for the old version17:20
jkramer - for the same version, but with patches for the Makefile to support DESTDIR17:20
jkramerDoesn't work with the new version of ghc though17:20
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thrice`6.10.1 vs. 6.10.4 ?17:22
thrice`looking at the arch linux PKGBUILD, it suggests that it supports destdir pretty nicely17:23
thrice`anyway, I'll shut up, as I'm clueless about haskell :D17:23
jkramerThey probably didn't even notice that the Makefile is writing to /usr/lib/ghc-$version directly :)17:24
jkramerAnyone tried subtle yet?17:33
jkramerJust make a ports driver for git repos :)17:47
jkramerNow I can pull from with ports -u :)17:47
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NomiusA haskell fan...18:27
treachapparently there are some. :>18:32
treachpersonally I find a programming language that doesn't get its install scripts correct slightly suspicious. :>18:33
strawactually I'm sitting at a Haskell task ATM :|18:36
* treach tries to figure out what's so great about it.18:38
strawHmm, I bet most people working with it actually had to do it at college.18:39
strawOr one of those functional programming hardliners.18:39
treachnever heard of anyone having to use it in college. it's all c, c++ or java here.18:40
strawUhm, almost everyone I know has a module with a func prog language here.18:41
treachoh, right, I forgot. Some unfortunate people have to learn prolog18:41
strawHaskell, Lisp or Opal mostly18:41
strawIs Prolog functional?18:41
* straw nods18:41
strawtreach: If you want to learn it.. this book seems to be awesome:
treachno, no, I have enough on my plate as is. But I was kind of curious what it's claim to fame was.18:43
strawWell, I don't really know either :]18:44
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NomiusI had to learn haskell at college and I saw at it as: "Ok, this is good for educational purpose to know what functional languages are all about and how can their ideas improve procedural languages, but that's it, when you have to get your hands dirty you better choose a real job language"18:55
strawI fully agree with that.18:55
strawIt's still a scientific language. Of course there is a web browser and similar stuff written in Haskell, but mostly as proof-of-concept. Only fanboys use them (and there's nothing wrong about that).18:57
NomiusAnd the fact that functional languages compilers/interpreters will never be as mature as a common C (or anything C like) compiler (let's say acc, xlc, gcc, etc) will make application slowish compared its counterpart written in another language... So beyond academic purposes I really don't see functional languages going farder other than their ideas applied to procedural languages19:00
rehabdollLinux kif 2.6.30-2-kirkwood #1 Sun Sep 27 22:57:55 UTC 2009 armv5tel GNU/Linux19:06
rehabdolldebian.. i feel dirty :/19:06
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SunlightRiderHello, I'm trying to create my first port, but I'm having some trouble. I'm trying to make a port for mutagen which is a python program, and I'm having trouble at the build() function. by running the setup script like this ./setup bdist, it automatically creates a binary package.19:51
SunlightRiderHere's the unfinished Pkgfile -
SunlightRiderhope, somebody's in a good mood19:51
thrice`sure :)19:52
thrice`I would try:19:52
thrice`python build19:52
thrice`python install --root $PKG19:52
SunlightRiderwhat does the last line do?19:53
thrice`one builds, one installs :>19:53
SunlightRiderlet me try if --root is valid19:54
thrice`this is the typical method for python-based setup programs19:55
SunlightRiderthere we go, flawlessly19:56
SunlightRiderthank you thrice`19:56
thrice`does the package look OK ?  you might need to tweak stuff like man pages afterwards, since those don't play nicely19:57
SunlightRiderthe package looks ok, name is how it should be, and it's correctly built19:58
thrice`can you paste the resulting .footprint ?  if you are interested, of course19:59
SunlightRiderdid manpages got installed in the correct directory?20:00
thrice` man pages should go to /usr/man , instead of /usr/share/man20:01
thrice`I would do mv $PKG/usr/share/man $PKG/usr/man20:01
thrice`and, since the usr/share is now empty, "rm -rf $PKG/usr/share/"20:01
SunlightRiderlet me try20:02
SunlightRiderman pages are working20:06
thrice`looks perfect :)  you can delete that $PKG/usr/share if you want too,  but looks great otherwise ;)20:07
SunlightRiderthank you thrice`20:08
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thrice`sure thing20:09
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rehabdollSunlightRider: 'prtverify' is a nifty tool20:30
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SunlightRiderrehabdoll: ok, I'll check it20:47
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