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fakerootHi there :)01:23
pitiIIogood morning01:24
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tadzikhow does one use those _64 port tree?02:46
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tadzik…did I miss anything? :)03:07
tadziknothing helpful on wiki03:09
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* cjg ehi ehie hie03:36
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teK_yeah, any Haskell-coders present?05:22
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strawHmm, integral calculus. Explain this one to me ;]06:41
Rotwangstraw: this integral is equal to 6906:43
strawAh, hahaha :]06:46
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: libev: version bump07:18
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: exim: update to 4.7111:05
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: awesome: new version11:24
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Rotwangsage_fortran  -o testlsame lsame.o lsametst.o11:34
Rotwangld: crt1.o: No such file: No such file or directory11:34
Rotwangcrt1.o sits in /usr/lib11:34
tilmanit's not that easy ;)11:36
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Rotwangtilman: any idea, where should i look?11:46
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-xf86-input-evdev: updated to
tilmanRotwang: linker script... something... *mumble*11:48
Rotwangsage is retarded11:51
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Rotwanggod damn sage is bigger than crux.iso!12:02
tadzikstill better than texlive12:05
Rotwangbut texlive isn't as much retarded as sage12:06
Rotwangbelieve me12:06
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rehabdoll"openOCD" funny name :12:12
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rehabdollnobody here happens to remember the url to sepens arm-port of crux?12:20
tilmanjkramer: can i put this a nicer way using some crazy ass monad functions?12:27
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jkramertilman: Try something like this: getDictionary = fmap DictValue (getWord32 >>= flip replicateM myGetDictTuple . fromIntegral)12:58
jkramerNot tested as I don't have the type definitions and other functions etc, but somehow like this...12:58
jkramerUhm, probably better use liftM instead of fmap12:59
tilmanyeah, i was messing with liftM but couldn't make it work ;>12:59
strawhah, I still work at understanding monads myself :P13:00
* jkramer too :)13:00
tilmanholy shit that code just works13:00
tilmanwith s/fmap/liftM/13:00
strawThere are 2 opinions on what to learn first for understanding it.. most will say >>=, others will say 'join'13:01
jkramerNever seen join in Hs :)13:01
strawDoh, no example though :]13:02
jkramerInput: - Output: -13:02
jkramerAh, there's supposed to be an example, ok13:02
strawyea, maybe it was too hard for the author ;P13:03
strawbut I like this site for a quick reference13:03
jkramerstraw: Probably the author doesn't fully understand Monads too :D13:03
* straw nods :]13:03
tilmanjkramer: what does the flip do in this case?13:03
strawwell, I won't use too much time on this topic, although monads a quite interesting13:04
tilmanand wtf  is the . doing there?13:04
strawit gives teh return from fromIntegral to myGetDictTuple13:04
jkramertilman: flip allows you to switch arguments, so you can chain functions up nicely13:04
jkramerreplicateM would expect MyGetDictTuple as second argument, but with flip you can give it as first argument und append the (fromIntegral length) as second using .13:05
jkramerIt's really just: flip :: (a -> b -> c) -> b -> a -> c13:05
* tilman rolls eyes13:06
strawHugs> flip (-) 5 213:06
strawso, 2-5 instead of 5-2 :P13:06
tilmanstraw: ah, i was looking for an easy example ;)13:06
strawI know how to break things down! :P13:07
jkramers/down// :)13:07
strawtoo ;)13:07
jkramerIsn't Haskell just beautiful? :)13:07
tilmanheh, i forgot that . is the function composition operator13:08
strawHugs> ((+) 5 . sum) [1,2,3]13:08
jkramer. = essential part of pointfree syntax13:08
jkramertilman: What are you writing?13:09
tilmanxmms2 client library13:10
tilmanis there a function foo :: a -> b -> (a, b)   ?13:13
tilmanmh wait, hoogle.13:14
teK_the haskellation of #crux continues13:14
jkramerOh wait13:14
jkramer(,) of course :)13:14
jkramer(,) a b13:14
tilmanhoogle failed me13:14
treachteK_: the situation  is apparently haskellating :P13:14
jkramerPrelude> (,) 1 213:15
strawjkramer: you're right.. I thought of "uncurry" first13:15
teK_tilman: why are you bothering with haskell?13:15
jkramerI think (un)curry is for functions13:15
strawyup, seems so13:15
jkramerAnd (&&&) is for applying functions to fst and snd at once :)13:15
tilmanteK_: because there's some pretty cool shit in that language13:15
strawjkramer: oh, cool.. I try that13:15
tilmani for one welcome our new type inferring overlords13:16
teK_that's true. So it's academic ambition? ;)13:16
strawjkramer: uhm, do you have an example for (&&&)?13:19
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teK_I'm learning Haskell myself currently so I do understand your excitement about it :)13:20
teK_In parallel I gotta do Java, too. It stinks compared to Haskell.13:20
tilmannot sure they are comparable ;)13:26
* treach wonders if there actually is any eiffel implementation available for linux13:26
Rotwangnothings comparable to haskell13:26
jkramerstraw: This is something I use often: countmap xs = map (id &&& length . flip filter xs . (==)) $ nub xs13:26
tilmanRotwang: ocaml? f#?13:27
treachRotwang: no, since apparently haskell isn't really used by anyone for anything, and still manages to gather a lot of fans. :p13:27
jkramerTakes a list of stuff and returns a list of tuples where fst = one stuff and snd = number of occurances of that stuff in the stuff list13:27
jkramerE.g.:  countmap [1,1,2,4,1,2,51,51,5] -> [(1,3),(2,2),(4,1),(51,2),(5,1)]13:27
jkramer...just as an example :)13:28
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jkramerOut of spiral noodles :(13:29
strawAh, thanks jkramer!13:29
jkramerIt basically takes two functions and a value, applies both functions to that values and returns the two results as tuple13:30
tilmanwhat's the name of the function that takes an expression x and evaluates to [x] ?13:33
Rotwangok, haskell looks crazy indeed13:33
Rotwangbut is it practically usefull 8D ?13:33
Rotwangi've never seen anything coded in haskell13:33
treachRotwang: apparently it's used to implement a window manager13:33
treachnever seen anything else13:34
Rotwangyes, ive heard about this one13:34
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tilmantreach: darcs13:34
jkramertilmans xmms2 bindings :)13:34
jkramerI also see a lot of games written in Haskell lately13:35
tilmanone guy reimplemented quake3 in haskell13:35
jkramerI think several people did that several times :)13:35
jueRotwang: there's a open ticket from you, FS#367, ok to close?13:36
teK_I've seen an ASM XML-parser :)13:36
tilmanteK_: let me guess: some russian wrote that/13:36
Rotwangjue: yep13:37
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strawhahaha, nice13:39
Rotwangi still didnt change my mind about #367 but if noone else sees is as particulary useful then it is ok to close13:39
tilmanIt is difficult to do a fair benchmark because these parsers don't do the same job:13:39
tilmanworthless comparison13:39
jueRotwang: you've read my comment?13:40
Rotwangbut its plain ugly13:41
Rotwangif [ -z $(grep blah blah) ] then13:41
jkramerHas anyone built the new webkit port from contrib yet?13:42
tilmanRotwang: i agree with cptn and jue. reporting failure if no dependents are found i swrong =)13:42
teK_jkramer: giving installation a shot right now13:43
jkramerteK_: I'm compiling since ~3.5h now :)13:43
tilmanwhy is it an error if there's no dependents?13:43
Rotwangwhy is it an error if grep finds no matches?13:44
Rotwangit is just fery helpuf for scripting13:44
Rotwangis it pirate laugh or chokeing? ;D13:44
Rotwang^ ninja version13:45
teK_omg :P13:45
tilmansilent ninja chokes silently?13:45
teK_of course!13:46
jueRotwang: well, it's definitely not a bug and a test for the empty string is quite easy13:46
Rotwangits not a bug but feature request13:47
RotwangTask Type   Improvement ^__^13:48
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teK_my X repeats the last pressed key if my system is under high load (~5.00) "randomly" ...13:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: getmail: 4.13.0 -> 4.14.013:51
jueRotwang: feel free to reopen the ticket13:54
tilmanjkramer: so how i un-do-ify this?
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Rotwangjue: it was opened for some time, if noone else thinks this feature might be useful, closing this ticket is ok for me13:55
jkramertilman: Try this: messageReadHeader handle = liftM (\ msg -> decode (BL.fromChunks [msg])) (recv handle 16)13:58
thrice`what about the bug for "warn on new footprint?"  poke poke13:58
teK_-- Packages installed13:58
jkramerI guess you could write the lambda with \ msg -> ... in pointfree style instead, but I don't know how to do it right know13:58
teK_sudo prt-cache depinst webkit  1820.65s user 167.39s system 356% cpu 9:17.46 total13:58
tilmanoh boy13:59
teK_with one restart of compilation because X hung...13:59
tilmanmaybe i should stick to do notation for now13:59
jkramerteK_: What kind of machine can do that? :)13:59
jkramerIt's compiling for almost 4 hours now :(14:00
jkramertilman: It'll look more clear when you turn it into pointfree syntax :)14:01
tilmani'm factoring out that lambda first14:01
teK_jkramer: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad  CPU   Q9450  @ 2.66GHz + compilation in RAM14:01
teK_so nothing special really14:01
jkramertilman: Also, try hlint - it points out ugly code and suggests shorter non-do versions sometimes14:01
tilmandon't have hlint14:02
jkramerteK_: I'm compiling on an Atom 1.3Ghz...14:02
jkramerteK_: cabal install hlint14:02
jkramerYou you'll also want the pointfree tool for code-rewrite14:02
tilmanpointful is okay for now14:04
jkramerIt also makes other suggestions - pointfree is just a smarter coder than we are :)14:05
jkramerTurns long ugly things into short and clear functions14:05
jkramer...most of the time14:05
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jkramerYay, webkit finished14:20
jkramerAfter only ~4:15h14:21
jkramertadzik: Where can I get your surf patches? :)14:27
tadzikjkramer: wandering around ml14:27
tadzikor I can give you my current tarball14:27
tadzikit's about current hg, but patched14:27
tadzikI promised to submit a new bookmarks patch like…14:29
tadzikon November the second :P14:29
jkramerHow do I download files with surf? :)14:30
tadzikit's like there is my bookmark patch, my toggleflash patch, my sth patch, and I'll have to pull new tree and write it once again14:30
tadzikjkramer: the best way is to copy link and dl with wget :)14:31
tadzikbut r-click on link and 'download' is usually fine14:31
jkramerI tried that, got a big white page with the text "Download $FOO..." but nothing happened14:31
tadzikdownloading sucks I must say14:32
tadzikon this white page, it _should_ be downloading all these, and showing the progress via the percents in the title14:35
jkramerBut's supposed to :D14:35
jkramerJust a really bad joke14:36
tadzikI didn't really understand your sentence :)14:36
jkramerNevermind :)14:36
tadzikwant this tarball?14:40
tadzikor I'll write this bookmarks maybe…14:40
jkramerI think I'll give uzbl a try first14:41
jkramerBut the tarball would be great14:42
tadzikjkramer:, works?14:43
tadzik(the link)14:43
tadzikoh, there is also a history patch there :)14:44
jkramerDoesn't seem to connect14:44
tadzikyeah, one moment…14:44
jkramerYup, thanks14:45
tadziksurf seems undeveloped for some time now, not sure if it's lack of Gottox's time or is he not aware of the bugs ;)14:47
tadzikoh anyway, why is cotrib/midori source so weird?14:48
tilmanmaybe he already hit the 10000 lines limit and cannot continue developing it :P14:48
jseHaha. Sorry, my hands are tied because the sloc has already exceeded our limits. :>15:00
treachwrong approach, he should have done some bizarre wget stuff and piped the graphics to feh, or something. :p15:02
treach(along the line of that weird suckless irc "client" :> )15:03
tadzikyou mean sic? :)15:03
tadzikit looks nice, as a codebase for something ncurses15:04
tadzikjkramer: just downloaded a pic from 4chan, it was working :P15:13
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thrice`rehabdoll, considered an {updated,grub2-induced} iso? :)20:12
rehabdollnot at the moment, i lost all x86_64-iso stuff when my hd died20:15
rehabdollnot very dificult to recreate though, but not right now :)20:15
thrice`oh no!20:17
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jaegerrehabdoll: did you have to change much for x86_64? {,/usr}/lib64, etc.20:22
jaegerbesides all the obvious recompilation and kernel20:23
thrice`core.git has a few, but pretty slim20:24
thrice`er, core-x86_64.git *20:24
rehabdollnot really, just renamed the kernel i386 stuff to x8620:26
rehabdollyou could do that to the i686-tree too btw20:27
rehabdollarch/x86/ etc20:28
jaegerbeen using that for a long time20:28
rehabdolland then just overwrote the 64bit specific ports in core/opt20:29
jaegerfair enough20:29
rehabdollhmmm, yeah i must be thinking of 2.5 :)20:29
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