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pitillogood morning01:02
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fakerootHi there.09:37
fakerootIs repo contrib online or is there some problem?09:37
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fakerootHmm, I have prtdir /usr/ports/contrib added in prt-get.conf, contrib.sync is in /etc/ports, so why ports -u doesn't work?09:39
fakerootxorg, core and opt are being updated correctly.09:39
thrice`try "contrib.rsync"  :)09:40
fakerootNo output when ports -u contrib.09:40
fakerootAnother failday for me... o_009:40
thrice`nah, easy mistake :)09:40
fakerootThanks and sorry. 9 hours of hard work with networks make a man very tired.09:41
fakerootBy the way.09:43
fakerootAs I look at other distros and ports/packages, shouldn't we make some cleanup in ports?09:43
thrice`you mean to core or something?09:44
fakerootF.e. x11-fonts-dejavu -> xorg-font-dejavu with /usr/lib/X11/fonts/something fontpath...09:44
fakerootAnd moving it into xorg repository from contrib.09:44
thrice`actually, I think tilman was planning on it :)09:44
fakerootAnd f.e. if there is bash-completion, to make subversion-bashcompletion -> bash-completion-subversion (or -svn), crux-bashcompletion -> bash-completion-crux or something.09:45
fakerootThis might be useful for users when making new ports and thinking of name (f.e. myself, when creating bash-completion-git).09:46
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pitilloatm x11-fonts-dejavu it's in opt (I talked with tilman to move it) and about the name, he reasoned why, it isn't a xorg project by itself (he tries to maintain xorg repository grouping ports, imho hard to do in a big repo like that, but for me seems quite good)10:18
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tilmananother reason is that port renames make users sad11:20
tilmanbecause they have to uninstall/reinstall $port, or fiddle with /var/lib/pkg/db themselves11:20
sinistrepre/post install could fix that presumably. Surely some would protest at that though. ;)11:23
sinistre<- some sneaky guy.11:23
tilmanworst idea ever (today)11:23
sinistreit was a joke. :P11:24
tilmanoh, it's treach11:24
tilmani /whois'd to see who the fuck makes suggestions like that11:24
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jseRenaming ports just might get a couple of blips on the mailing list and around here.12:50
jseIt would mean lacking even more BASICS.12:50
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-server: updated to
sinistrenothing compared to if post/pre installscripts started "fixing" it :D13:02
* sinistre pictures good 'ol han's reaction. :D13:02
jseA couple of sed commands here and there, just the usual fiddling with some files.13:05
sinistrenothing major. :p13:06
jseSomething which is a major risk from past accounts seems to be yhafri's massive repository. :p13:09
sinistreas I've said before, that repo should carry a "Achtung, Meinen!" sign, or something similar. Happily it's been a while since I last saw a victim for that trap.13:11
jseiconv probably was the single greatest problem but who knows. There's plenty of potential in that powder keg. :p13:15
tilmansinistre: he's french.13:32
sinistreok, does that mean it explains the unreliability? ;)13:39
tilmanit means he wouldn't have a Achtung, Meinen! sign13:39
thrice`"if you have any problems, simply surrender"13:40
sinistrehah, figured. :p Otoh, that is probably more internationally recognised than the french equivalent. :>13:40
jseRetreat and wave a white flag? :>13:53
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* Rotwang help desk technician14:55
Rotwangmy first "nice" job14:55
jkramer_Nice? What have you done before? :)14:58
Rotwangi was working in a real estate valuation office15:01
Rotwangas an assistant15:01
Rotwangbut it was boring :c15:02
jkramer_Doesn't sound very l33t :)15:02
jkramer_Is it CRUX support at least? :)15:04
Rotwangno :c15:04
Rotwangmost machines are running ubuntu15:04
Rotwangcrux would be awesome though15:05
jkramer_Well, Linux at least :)15:05
jkramer_You should add the number to the topic, so when people here have questions that noone wants to answer they can call you :)15:06
* sinistre waits for Rotwang to start complaining about "helldesk" :P15:18
Rotwanghehe [;15:19
jseIt's not a proper help desk job unless you have those frequent hell desk moments. ;)15:19
sinistreRotwang: you could kind of warm up here. ->
sinistreRotwang: sounds like it would definitely be a long distance call to get help from you. :D15:21
Rotwangyou cant call me, im help desk technician in internal company it structure15:23
jkramer_Hehe, even better15:23
jkramer_So you have physical access to the machines :)15:23
sinistreI was refering to the "Intergalactical" part :D15:24
jkramer_Many of the best bofh stories require physical access :)15:25
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j^2finally got it right :)23:01
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