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Rotwangim utterly speech;ess05:38
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gnufsis crux a rolling release distro?10:31
gnufsor does the user needs to "dist-upgrade" between point releases?10:31
jaegerIt's a mix of the two10:32
jaegerports are updated constantly but there are also point releases10:32
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gnufswell, archlinux (which i'm using now along with some other sitros) also has point releases, but there's no big upgrade for the already systems10:33
gnufsis crux like that too?10:33
jaegerYou can upgrade between CRUX releases without reinstalling if that's what you mean. Some users do that.10:34
gnufsjaeger: but is there an upgrade process?10:34
thrice`yes, the toolchain stuff is only updated at release time10:35
gnufsbasically, i'm trying to understand if it's debian-like or archlinux-like when it comes to updates10:35
gnufsoh, okay10:35
jaegersomewhere between :)10:35
gnufsthanks for the info10:35
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gnufsI remember reading that there is a way to automatically convert archlinux PKGBUILDs to crux pkgfiles.11:40
gnufsis that right?11:40
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gnufsoh, found it myself11:43
gnufsapparently i read about it on :)11:44
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tilmangnufs: i think that's the only blog that contains crux-related articles on the planet13:24
thrice`articles smarticles13:29
tilmanyou don't like articles?13:30
jkramer_Pff, articles - you know one of them, you know all of them13:31
sinistretilman: he's the guy responsible for feeding all the articles into the catalogue at work. ;)13:35
* sinistre tries to find the us equivalent of ELFA.13:35
tilmansinistre: are you on the run or something?13:36
sinistreno, not really :p13:36
jkramer_sinistre: On there's a link to labeled USA :)13:38
sinistrejkramer_: not the same elfa13:38
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rehabdollthat elfa is based in my home town13:52
rehabdollthe shelf-manufacturer that is13:52
rehabdollinformative, no?13:52
tilmani'll memmorize that and impress you with it one day13:53
jkramer_I wonder if Rotwang is MrBOOOM13:53
jkramer_Sorry, The Only MrBOOOM13:53
sinistreMr Car-bonmonoixide, more likely. :>13:55
jkramer_What? :)13:56
sinistrejkramer_: did you miss the "suicidmobile"? =)13:56
jkramer_Seems so :)13:56
sinistrehah, he was worried about the car leaking exhaust fumes into the car a few weeks ago.13:57
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jkramer_Hope he's ok, he didn't write anything since 12:38 :)13:58
sinistreapparently it wasn't exhaust fumes in the end but something else. anyway, it was enough to dub his car "the suicidemobile" :P13:58
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sinistrespeak of the devil. :p14:03
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jkramer_Rotwang: I just wondered if you are MrBOOOM and if so, why you had to sub that video :)14:04
Rotwangjkramer_: it is not me ;D14:05
Rotwangbut thanks to him i was able to last throgh whole 7 minutes [;14:05
jkramer_So, did you like it? :)14:06
jkramer_The translation is completely accurate sometimes14:07
Rotwangi liked it [;14:07
Rotwangtripmeister und tutenchamun rules!14:08
jkramer_I still don't get why someone felt the need for a translation of that crap :)14:09
Rotwangits true art14:11
Rotwangour grand childs will learn tripmeisters biography at schools14:12
Rotwangi tell you [;14:12
joacimin a thousand years archeologists will wonder over its splendor14:13
jkramer_Great, now people will remember Germany for Hitler _and_ Tripmeister Eder :)14:13
Rotwangand Tutenchamun!14:14
jkramer_I think Tripmeister Eder and Tutenchamun and Garfield are the same person :)14:14
Rotwangi somehow thought that tripmeister was that policeman with elf ears14:15
Rotwangdamn [;14:16
tadzikamazing what one can find in linux14:19
tadzikSay Y here if you want to connect a USB Lego Infrared Tower14:19
jkramer_I think there are some more Lego drivers in there14:20
joacimthey use those to teach kids programming in java14:21
jkramer_Noooo! Why Java?!14:21
jkramer_Poor kids :)14:21
Rotwangjava :O14:21
* sinistre doesn't get what's so bad with java really14:23
aonit's fashionable to hate it14:25
sinistrethe only thing I can think of is that it's big, have lots of parts that are oldish and partly superceeded by other things so it's hard to know what to use.14:26
jkramer_It's not bad unless you have to use it14:26
jkramer_If you _want_ to use it it's probably ok14:26
sinistrealso, it kind of sucks that each java app starts up a *new* vm.14:26
jkramer_And desktpop applications in Java are painfully slow, eat memory like hell and don't integrate with your desktop/wm14:27
sinistrejkramer_: most things you *have* to do is unpleasant, right?14:27
jkramer_Can't tell about java in web development though, maybe it's good in that area14:27
joacimjkramer_: What I am thinking. That college force everyone to learn java, and they have no real courses for kids who want to learn C or some scripting language (not php)14:27
sinistrecan't say I suffer from that.14:27
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tilmanjkramer_: yeah, it's popular at least ;)14:29
sinistreime, eclipse and azureus work pretty well, the oracle management tools are horrible, but I think that's more an oracle effect than a consequence of them being done in java. :p14:29
tilmaneclipse is horribly slow iirc14:30
sinistreI would say that depends.14:30
Rotwangi always hated java apps14:30
jkramer_eclipse is the worst software that I have ever used and that I can remember :)14:30
Rotwanglike azureus14:30
sinistretilman:  if you use the gjc built version shipped in debian etc, it's terrible.14:30
tilmancoincidentally, i'm just downloading the jre (jdk) and i'm hyttering med naven14:31
tilmansinistre: i used it on windows once14:31
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sinistreif you use the stuff you download the package from eclipse directly and use the sun jre/jdk it's ok14:31
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sinistresigh, grammar/edit fail again.  :/14:33
jkramer_The worst thing about eclipse are eclipse users that make fun of vim users :)14:34
jkramer_It's just so plain wrong14:34
sinistreI use both, they both have strenghts and weaknesses.14:34
tilmaneclipse probably has better code completion than vim/omnicomplete(?)14:35
sinistreyeah, and it also is a bit more informative when you do stupid things. :p14:35
jkramer_Only for Java, I guess14:35
jkramer_sinistre: Vim is NOT for stupid people ;)14:36
sinistreanyone can make a typo14:36
sinistreor a thinko.14:36
jkramer_The only advantage of eclipse over vim that I can think of is when you have to code in Java, but then you're lost anyway ;)14:37
jkramer_For Java the completion and syntax check etc is really great14:37
* Rotwang makes a lot of them14:38
sinistreI like that I don't have to speak directly with gdb, that I get little helpful hints in the margin where I might have screwed up etc. :>14:40
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jkramer_I like wombats14:48
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sinistreNice self-portrait ;>14:52
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rehabdolli like turtles15:05
jkramer_Because they make so funny sounds?15:06
sinistrebecause they eat pizza and fight, no doubt.15:06
rehabdoll <- thats me15:07
aonreminded me of this:15:08
aon"my favourite animal is bunny" "have you petted it?" "no" "have you seen it?" "no" "are you going to?" "no"15:09
jkramer_Hrhr, that again reminds me of Moss who's never been to the theater15:09
thrice`rehabdoll, how many items are in your /boot/grub/ ?  over a hundred?15:24
Rotwangover nine thousand!!!!115:25
joacimat least as large as texlives footprint15:26
jkramer_If you think that's much you should see my /dev!15:26
jkramer_That's me being forced to use eclipse:
tilmancool, but fuck it's ugly15:33
jkramer_Windows only?15:42
tilmandoubt it15:45
jkramer_But it says so15:46
jkramer_Trying to compile anyway15:47
tilmani still doubt it ;)15:47
jkramer_We'll see :)15:47
jkramer_Nice, cabal install monadius seems to work :)15:48
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RotwangYou need Windows with OpenGL installed to play Monadius. Or you may need to compile it.15:49
Rotwangit doesnt state "windows only" [;15:49
jkramer_It states "You need Windows", but maybe I got that wrong :)15:49
jkramer_Seems to compile15:49
RotwangYou need Windows with OpenGL installed to play Monadius. *Or* you may need to compile it.15:50
jkramer_Yeah, got it now :)15:50
jkramer_Why do all new chips flavors have stupid names and taste all the same?15:52
tilmanyou mean crisps?15:54
jkramer_Potato chips15:55
Rotwangthey all taste potato15:56
jkramer_Nah, not at all15:56
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nogagplzI'm attempting to start cruxppc 2.5a on a powerbook G3 (the brozne key variant) but it doesn't boot with unable to mount root fs. to be safe I tried a debian disk and it was able to load fine and it was from hdc (which is the expected outcome), any ideas why this might be happening?23:14

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