IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2009-11-30

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fakerootHi there.01:09
pitillogood morning01:12
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duckhomekgdoes prt-get read the commented line in a pkgfile to determine a port's dependencies?01:31
duckhomekgfrom what I've seen on the wiki, an example pkgfile has an uncommented array that lists dependencies.01:32
pitilloduckhomekg: it does, do you have a link to the wiki?01:33
duckhomekgsection 2.301:34
pitilloduckhomekg: that seems to be an idea, check the first sentence.01:40
pitilloduckhomekg: you can verify it in the handbook, section or checking prt-get sources01:41
duckhomekgpitillo: thanks for the help. things make a little more sense01:49
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dru1dHey. ;]03:17
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jkramer_Does anyone know what I have to do to get straight ticks with the terminus font again?05:24
jkramer_Ah, looks like jaegers port applies patches for those diagonal ticks05:30
jkramer_tadziks port works05:36
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fakerootdru1d: :D07:37
fakerootjkramer_: You might try mine with some patches. http://github/fakeroot/ports/07:38
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jkramer_fakeroot: Looks like you're applying the same patch as jaeger, replacing the straight ticks with diagonal ones07:52
jkramer_The version without any patches from tadzik is ok, I'll stick with that07:52
jkramer_The gq2 patch is the problem I think07:53
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thrice`I think I just apply cm2 and kx3 in my port08:01
thrice`   is what I use, fwiw :)08:05
fakerootthrice`: There is 4.30 now.08:07
thrice`eek, ok :>08:08
jkramer_Mjam, cappuccino & Milchschnitte \o/08:09
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SiFuhalways cracks me up10:05
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jkramer_What's a good channel for serious system issues, probably even kernel bugs?14:40
thrice`possibly #crux ? ;)14:45
tilmanthrice debugs kernel bugs in his sleep14:46
jkramer_I might have found a solution, but I'm still reading14:46
jkramer_The problem is that the system freezes when I unplug AC14:46
jkramer_Found this:
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jkramer_lol, they really found that Flick body again :D15:08
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sirmacikHi there \o16:06
sirmacikI have big problem with new firefox from opt16:07
sirmacikthis is error log:
sirmacikI've built xullrunner just before firefox16:08
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