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fakerootHi there.01:11
pitillogood morning01:11
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rehabdollfinally TRIM firmware from intel06:42
rehabdolland it didnt brick my drive \o/06:42
jkramer_Got my notebook back \o/06:50
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thrice`hi sepen08:20
thrice`jaeger, finally converting to just a WM or so? ;)08:21
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jaegerthrice`: still using gnome on ubuntu but I'm tired of maintaining all that stuff in crux =/08:57
sepenjaeger, and what about to have contributors for D.E repositories?09:02
jaegersounds like a good idea09:02
jaegernobody ever asked to contribute to the gnome repo that I can recall09:02
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thrice`I must admit, that if I need gnome on something, I usually just use ubuntu or something anyway09:04
sepenhmm, I prefer compilated and optimized packages and more with big desktop environment09:14
sepenbut I'm trying to find a solution for our d.e. based collections09:14
sepenimho it's not good to have only one person auditing the collection, and help is always welcome09:15
tadzikthat's why git/hg repos would be nice, pull requests and stuff09:16
sepenthat's only a method, not the problem09:19
sepenthe problem is that we don't have enough contributors imho09:19
tadzikthat's bad too09:19
jaegerI wouldn't mind the gnome repo being in the git collections on but I don't think enough people want to mess with it to make it work, like you say09:22
sepenjaeger, not for now, but it could be a matter of time09:23
tadzikthe lack of contributors comes from lack of users09:23
tadzikis there anyone who's using CRUX while not having his own ports tree?09:24
tadzikeven local one09:24
mike_khardly anyone09:26
pitilloown ports, local repositories and not much people move to contrib with some ports to maintain them there, lack of contributors ant that level too09:27
sepenalso more often people forks a new port duplicate, so I hate duplicates and more when the only difference is the version number, just contact with the Maintainer before duplicate a new one09:27
tadziksometimes it's just a waste of time, contacting someone who e.g. does not use CRUX anymore09:28
sepenperhaps people don't think in others and don't want to colaborate09:29
sepenif you want to take part of the comunity you sould be colaborative09:30
sepencrux seems a diy distro, but do it yourself is not the opossite share your knowledgements, or at least I think so09:37
thrice`sure :>09:37
thrice`we'll take over gentoo some day :D09:37
sepenI'm happy with crux, like when I go back to home09:38
thrice`I've never thought of myself as good enough with autotools, etc. to contribute too much09:39
pitillothrice`: a bit can be a good start point, instead of too much09:41
sepenhelp is always welcome09:42
pitillothrice`: do you have a personal repo?09:42
sepenwell at least thrice` helps to improve the quality of collections, but I'm sure that there are more people to collaborate09:43
thrice`pitillo, sure, but some stuff is 64-bit only09:46
pitillosepen: sure, I want to put an example about personal repositories and knowledge. If someone have a repo, may be can be a good start point to add 1 or 2 ports to contrib repo, and get replies/request/problems and improve them (and at the same time knowledge will arrive)09:46
pitillothrice`: well, 64b... that's another history then09:47
sepenthrice`, or ppc or arm, but there is still not official09:47
thrice`pitillo, yes :)  but only the binary ports are mainly affected09:48
thrice`sepen, they are more fun, maybe, when they are un-official ;)09:51
pitillowell, may be if people add some ports (may be 1 or 2) they use and which aren't in contrib collection, it can be enought to make grow contributors09:51
sepenthrice`, you like to be illegal ;D09:52
sepenpitillo, that would be fine but we need a person who acts as supervisor for the contrib collection09:53
pitillonot illegal... better unofficial09:53
pitillosepen: I think all contrib members must act like supervisors09:54
sepenI'm not sure of that09:54
pitillobtw, users can be supervisors too, there are tools to improve ports09:54
pitilloI mean, FS, mail, irc... to talk and discuss things with maintaners09:54
pitillobut there is a lack (or at least I see it in that way) in this sense too09:55
sepenyou can't trust on a recent incorporated contributer equal as other old contributors09:55
sepenmaybe this is one of the diffs between crux contrib and AUR packages from archlinux09:56
pitillomay be diy philosophy it's more confortable for users, they pick whatever they want, customize/fix/update, and there is no comunication with maintainers (I think this because I haven't got any reply about my ports... which it's very very strange)09:56
sepenonly some few here09:56
pitillosepen: both are contrib members... yo don't know who is that "new" contributor, may be he can teach "old" contributors09:57
thrice`I don't understand the AUR comment, is AUR good or bad?09:57
thrice`I think I have seen some very bad scripts from there in the past09:57
sepenAUR are packages provided by users in arch09:58
tadzikand deleted by maintainers09:59
tadzikthese, y'know *real* ones09:59
thrice`"skilled" ? :)10:00
tadzikhmm, I don't know this word in english…10:00
thrice`talented, intelligent, etc.10:01
tadzikpuffy? stiff? not sure if it can affect people10:01
tadzikprtverify is a bit stupid10:01
sepenI don't think so10:04
sepenPkgfiles are coded as ascii files, not utf8 or others10:05
tadzikbut just look at this Pkgfile10:05
tadzikit's plain ascii text10:05
sepentadzik, you could use recode to verify them and to recode it too10:05
sepentadzik, sure? just use $ file Pkgfile and tell me results10:06
tadzik/usr/ports/local/ncmpcpp/Pkgfile: ASCII text10:06
tadzik↑ file10:06
sepentadzik, is that the same without diffs?! $ cat Pkgfile >; diff -puN Pkgfile Pkgfile.cat10:07
sepenmaybe you have something that your eyes can't see ;D10:07
sepenend line chars or whatever, really no idea10:08
tadzikno output10:08
tadzikit really is good, it's prtverify who is weird :)10:08
tadzikfile says it's ascii10:09
tadzikprtverify also says it keeps /usr/share, while it does not10:10
tadzikoh, it was checking some old footprint10:10
Rotwangtadzik: LC_ALL=C prtverify fbgrab/10:19
Rotwangive found once this problem10:19
tadzikreported or something?10:19
Rotwangbut didnt care about it ;D10:20
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pitillohello jue10:23
sepenhi jue10:24
sepentadzik, sorry the boss was near me10:24
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: pure-ftpd: update to 1.0.2710:24
juesepen: btw, I've fixed our check_url script :)10:25
sepentadzik, is that the problem? LC_ALL=C it is not the default?10:25
Rotwang$ awk '/[^\001-\177]/ {  print "non ascii char"; }' <<< "a"10:28
Rotwangnon ascii char10:28
Rotwang$ LC_ALL=C awk '/[^\001-\177]/ {  print "non ascii char"; }' <<< "a"10:28
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: libmpfr: update to 2.4.210:28
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: util-linux-ng: update to 2.16.210:28
Rotwangawk is weird10:34
jueRotwang: why?10:35
Rotwangjue: ive just pasted [;10:35
Rotwang$ perl -nle 'print "non ascii" if /[^\001-\177]/' <<< "ą"10:36
Rotwangnon ascii10:36
Rotwangperl just works10:36
Rotwangwhat about replacing 20_encoding.awk with ?10:37
jueRotwang: can you give me hint what your are trying to do?10:37
Rotwangjue: ive pasted it10:38
Rotwangjue: awk '/[^\001-\177]/ is supposed to detect non ascii char10:38
Rotwangbut if my LC_ALL is set to pl_PL.utf8 it detects every character as non ascii10:38
jueah, now I see, that's part of prtverify10:39
sepenthat's part of fun10:39
Rotwangso what about replacing thatpart with perl script?10:39
Rotwangi cant make get awk to work10:40
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jueRotwang: replacing doesn't work10:42
juewell, all the tests have to be awk scripts10:43
juebut I'll fix that, shouldn't be a big issue10:45
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tadziksepen: I don't use LC_ALL=C, that's the thing12:00
sepenhmmm, so sorry for doing some noise12:01
tadzikno problem12:01
sepenbut I'm glad with this kind of tools (prtverify and the others)12:01
tadzikI like pkgsize12:01
tadzikand prtcreate :)12:01
sepentadzik, see I'm doing complete reports sometimes12:02
sepenand all of that by using prtverify as a base12:02
tadzikI see12:02
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thrice`looks nice sepen :)14:01
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dru1dHi there.14:04
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thrice`hm, I've never seen this one before.
tadzikhmm, I have "unneded" script for that. E.g. `unneeded wesnoth` will show wesnoth deps which are not needed by any other package14:18
tadzikthis one looks neat thogh14:19
jkramer_I use pkgfoster to clean up unused packages and their deps14:19
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jkramer_The nice thing about it is that it remembers which packages you want to keep and doesn't ask to remove them again14:23
tadzikhmm, pkgfoster is really nice14:24
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a_userhow do i emulate right and middle click on an ibook?17:54
a_userin lxde17:54
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