IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2009-12-05

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yellowfoxExist any option bo boot crux from usb stick ?03:00
yellowfoxOr someone made ready crux2.6.img :D ?03:03
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mike_kyellowfox: there is a script to convert iso somewhere. I guess it was sepen (he is not here now), who wrote it. try asking on the mailing list on the current state of the topic.04:32
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sirmacikHi \o04:34
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sirmacikhmm... Why when I09:10
sirmacikrun urxvt from awesome wm I can't type or see polish letters09:11
sirmacikbut when I'm running it from urxvt everything is ok ;f09:11
sirmacikwith xterm everything is ok09:12
sirmacikI've set locale both in /etc/profile and .bashrc09:12
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Guest98635i see there is enough croud to comfort me this cold and long night )19:14
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NomiusIf I was you, I would comfort myself by not using the root user to join IRC...19:26
ci__i have my password strong enough to survive before i lurk to underground :p19:27
ci__lifting up my archives with my user profile atm, somewhere is my irssi setup19:29
ci__it was really long time without crux19:29
NomiusIt's not just a password issue... If I sent some weird string to you and it happens that your client segfaults for some unknown issue, it could happen that some code that it should be executed gets it with the root user...19:29
NomiusExploits are run because of that, not because your "root password isn't long enough"...19:30
ci__k, think i can do make my system a bit more secure19:32
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latitudethat's me19:34
Nomiussirmacik, that's because your xorg login didn't issued a profile loading...19:35
NomiusI don't see your issue, because I start X manually everytime I need it, so my profile is already loaded when I issue the startx command...19:35
jkramer \o/19:40
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