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pitillogood morning01:02
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: flashplayer: release 7 -> release 804:38
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tadzikare you aware of any tool like gksu, but without half a gnome of dependencies?05:19
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RyoStadzik: any terminal + sudo? ;)06:03
tadzikI guess I'll wirte one, shouldn't be too hard06:03
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tadzikhmm, anyone familiar with this shadow API?06:11
jkramertadzik: Shell-Script using sudo/su -c and xdialog?06:29
tadziktempting. I like C and GTK though :)06:30
tadzikand here's the pretext to learn something06:30
strawwell, lookup shadow.h06:31
strawor a good book about linux/unix system programming06:32
tadzikwell, I'm looking at man pages and slock code06:32
tadzikI was just wondering what free()s all these structs, and segfaults on free() proves that they somehow clean themselves06:32
jkramerIIRC the most structs returned by user-lookup-system-calls (and related) are static06:47
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tilmanjaeger: "checking whether foo exists..." or "checking if foo exists..."? please tell me 'whether' is better style :D11:31
jaegerwhether implies "or not" so it would be more correct to say "checking whether or not foo exists"... but either is fine, will convey the point11:32
jaegerI would probably go with "checking for foo"11:33
tilmandamnit, my coworker was right11:33
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teK_hi folks15:43
teK_anyone interested in a CRUX shirt?15:43
tadzikshipping costs will kill me I guess15:43
joacima used one?15:43
jkramerIs there a word for the opposite of "lit"?15:43
jkramerteK_: Picture?15:44
teK_none yet because I'll have to solve copyright issues first ;)15:44
teK_Rotwang: TB 3 out! \o/15:44
Rotwangnice [;15:45
jkramerteK_: Ah, you're going to print them?15:46
teK_I think so15:46
jkramerDo you have an image of the motif yet?15:46
teK_I plan to use the penguin from crux.nu15:47
teK_provided I'm granted the permission to do so15:47
jkramerI'd like a shirt of the wallpaper someone posted here some time ago, about "lacking the basics since..."15:47
RyoSthe "sick of crack" penguin? D:15:47
RyoStry and make him look more vivacious :P15:48
teK_front: penguin, back: I <3 Pkgfile15:48
jkramerYeah, then we can show off at the next CRUX convention \o/15:49
teK_< will be at 26C3 in Berlin15:49
RyoSrockin root on crystal meth before gentoo was ever released15:50
RyoSlets show we are better than gentoo users!15:50
RyoS*sniff* hu?15:50
jkramerteK_: I'll be chilling in bed and watching the live streams :)15:50
tadzikgentoo does not have suck a high percentage of users maintaining their repos :)15:50
RyoSyou mean they have a more active contrib?15:51
RyoSwell, crux admins dont need such stuff..15:51
jkramerI usually find everything I need using the ports search, and if not - a Pkgfile is just about ~15 lines :)15:52
jkramerAlso we'll soon have cool shirts!15:52
RyoSwhat jkramer says besides: anyone tried to get warm with those eports shit?15:52
jkramerOh yeah, forgot how crappy emerge is15:53
Rotwangive never thought handling nfs shares client side is so stone age15:54
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gimp: 2.6.7 -> 2.6.817:12
Rotwang you need an "--enable-static" build to package a build.17:16
Rotwangthis make less sense than I do17:16
sirmacikbye \o17:17
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Rotwangnew thunderbird is cool17:26
Rotwangmostly because of tabs [;17:26
RotwangteK_: thanks for info17:28
Rotwangthunderbird unpacked package is 9MB bigger than ffx though17:31
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Rotwanglittle c/c++ question18:16
Rotwangcan I declare array[] and later allocate memory for it without using pointers?18:17
Rotwangsth like doesnt work18:19
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: hal-info: update to 2009113022:13
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: hal: update to 0.5.1422:13
rehabdollwierd, i had to comment out the "mv $PKG/usr/udev $PKG/etc/" line in hal to make it build the package23:06

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