IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2009-12-11

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pitillogood morning01:03
fakerootHey, hi, hello :)01:10
pitillorehabdoll: here too, mv: cannot stat `/home/pkgmk/work/hal/pkg/usr/udev': No such file or directory02:23
sirmacikI've same error. I was going to write about it right now [;02:24
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pitillorehabdoll: sed 's|usr/udev|usr/lib/udev|g' instead of removing the udev directory if I am not in wrong02:37
pitilloseems they aren't the same02:41
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sepensirmacik, ping03:18
sirmaciksepen: pong03:18
sepenI can't reproduce the xterm's segfault, installed on my 2.5 and 2.6 boxes03:18
sependo you have a strace output¿?03:19
sirmaciknot yet [;03:19
sepensirmacik, are you using a config or something that I should use to reproduce the fault?03:21
sirmaciksepen: this is strace log
sirmacikI'm using following .Xdefaults
fakerootEmacs? o_003:34
fakerootYou use emacs?03:36
sepensirmacik, now trying with your config, let me sometime03:36
sirmacikok, thx03:36
sepensirmacik, yeah I get the segfault with your config03:37
sepensirmacik, it worked after comment the line starting with xterm*faceName03:38
sepenI'll get more info about that but I need time ;D03:39
fakerootFontconfig maybe?03:40
sirmaciksepen: ugh, works :/03:42
fakerootAnd the solution is?03:44
sirmacikto comment line said by sepen03:45
sirmacikbut I want my good old monospace font :<03:46
fakerootTry xfontsel output.03:54
sirmacikxfontsel won't see my fonts... Fontpaths are automaticaly set by X. So far that line was working pretty good...03:56
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sepensirmacik, do you have a well configued /etc/fonts/fonts.conf file?04:39
sepenreally I'm not familiar with fonts and fontsel, sorry ;|04:41
sirmaciksepen: I haven't touch it04:41
sepensirmacik, that means that you use rejmerge after an update involving this file, or not?04:42
sirmacikthere wasn't any updato of this file since I've installed crux on my laptop (about a week ago)04:44
sepenas I said I'm not an expert with fonts, ;D04:45
sirmacikok :<04:46
sepenthe fact is that you xterm*faceName causes the segfault but no idea why04:46
sepenmaybe you can file a ticket in the xterm's mailing list about that04:46
sepenwait, I see a new update for xterm after running my ck4up stuff04:47
sepencool! xterm 253 available04:48
sirmacikit seems that it should work with new version [;04:50
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: xterm: updated to 25304:52
Rotwangso opt depends on xorg?04:53
sepenopt depends on core and xorg, yep04:53
Rotwangdidnt realize it until now [;04:54
sepenall xorg ports were in a unique port in the past -> opt/x1104:54
sepenso it makes sense04:54
sepenin other words, opt and xorg are at same level04:55
Rotwangwhy de repos cant depend on contrib then? ;D04:55
sepencontrib, and user repos04:55
fakerootsirmacik: Cat your fonts.conf and see, what font path do you have there (first lines, is there /usr/share/fonts or /usr/lib/X11/fonts/ ?)04:55
fakerootIf there is /usr/share/fonts, just rejmerge and update fonts.conf in etc.04:55
fakerootYeah, herrings in vinegar :)04:56
sepenfakeroot, he said that his fonts.conf file didn't change04:56
sirmaciksepen: it works \o/04:56
sepenyou're welcome04:58
sepenRotwang, contrib isn't official04:58
Rotwangsepen: think in real terms05:08
Rotwangcrux is small and lacks manpower to maintain it05:09
Rotwanghow few people from core/opt/xorg are going to maintain all of it?05:09
Rotwangso to keep up crux developement I see two solutions,05:09
Rotwanga) bring more people from contrib to opt and de repos05:10
Rotwangb) allow contrib to be de repos dependency05:10
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Rotwangif we were debian or at least arch i'd agree with our current policy05:11
Rotwangbut crux i too small to divide it that way05:11
nipuLcolaboration is the key, not division05:12
Rotwangyes! \:D/05:13
nipuLi think we're all guilty of fixing a port and adding to our private repo rather than contacting the port maintainer when it comes to portdb and contrib05:13
nipuLi know i am05:15
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Rotwangcrux is very nice distro with huge potential, i say "do something with it!"05:20
Rotwanggather all people interested in its developement and do some progress05:21
sepenRotwang, could you send a mail to crux-devel with this discussion point?05:22
nipuLi'd argue crux as a distro is already achieving it's potential05:24
pitillomore comunication. I think that's the point we are lacking05:24
nipuLkeeping the community connected is the issue05:25
pitilloyep, but we have enought ways to keep that "channel" comunication05:25
* Rotwang is going to work05:25
pitillonon temporal ways05:26
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sepenRotwang, a) for me makes more sense to move ports from contrib to opt (and not people) but only if it is really need it and, b) why? tell me an example of real problem with a de repo05:27
sepennipuL, I tried to promote a crux-con, irc meetings, etc. but only a few people can colaborate05:28
sepenhow community will be connected if the community wont contribute05:29
sepens/wont/don't want/05:29
sirmacikI want to contribute ;x But I don't have many ports to show yet ;f05:29
sepens/can/want to/05:29
sepensirmacik, do you have experience?05:30
sependo you have a flyspray account? mailling list account? a private repo?05:30
sirmacikSo far I'm a package maintainer in - PKGBUILD's are similar to Pkgfiles. I have a private repo started, mailist account and flyspray too05:31
nipuLsepen: it's just not feasible for me to attend irc meetings or crux-cons05:31
sirmaciksepen: this is a git repo, but we're planning to do a mirror on normal ftp05:32
sepensirmacik, yeah similars but not the same05:32
sepennipuL, I know05:32
sirmacikso far this are my ports but there will be also fakeroot and rotwang ports05:32
nipuLcptn was holding the management side of things together, when he left it's created a huge black hole05:32
sepensirmacik, I'll glad to see more contrib application's mail05:32
sepennipuL, that was the reason of my irc-meeting mails05:33
sirmaciksepen: I'll try [;05:33
sepennipuL, developers should have a meeting before nothing (imho)05:33
nipuLi don't think there are enough active developers to reach critical mass for anything meaningful to happen05:34
sepenas an example: if we have >100 contrib maintainers, then we should plain to have more opt maintainers and etc.05:34
nipuLi'm on the other side of the fence, i'd like to see opt get smaller05:34
nipuLin terms of ports, not maintainers05:34
pitillosirmacik: there isn't any point about maintaining lot of ports, a good start point can be to see if some of yours isn't in contrib, and then, make an application to join contrib, with more or less ports, but try to keep them well maintained05:34
sepennipuL, +1  but at least we should recruit more contrib maintainers05:35
pitillonipuL: and how to do that? I mean, which kind of pattern to make opt smaller?05:35
sirmacikpitillo: there was a time there were one or two my ports in contrib (as far as I remember) maintained by rotwang05:36
nipuLall i see opt as is a set of packages to ship on the release cd05:37
sirmacikobconf for sure05:37
pitillosirmacik: find /usr/ports/contrib/ -name Pkgfile | xargs grep 'Victor Martinez'|wc -l ... 10 ports in contrib atm (which I try to do my best to keep them up to date and well made)05:37
nipuLthings that people are likely to use, but not need05:37
sepennipuL, it also something related to trust with developer's work05:37
nipuLi guess there is that05:38
sirmacikpitillo: I know that it all needs time, it was only to point that there are people who want to contribute CRUX [;05:38
sepenopt are just ports, but its required to have a litle team in which you can trust05:38
pitillonipuL: that can be a good reason, but what about ports which don't fill that reason? where to put them? contrib isn't the repo, because isn't official and opt maintainers are "official" maintainers05:38
nipuLperhaps we need something like popcon05:39
pitillosirmacik: people want to contribute, but there isn't any aplication to join contrib since long time ago05:39
nipuLto really establish what ports people are actually using05:39
sepennipuL, +105:39
nipuLand what ports are just there because there are there05:39
pitillowhat's the meaining of popcon?05:39
nipuLpopularity contest05:39
sepenI can't understand why some ports are still in opt ;D05:39
pitillothat reason "because they are there" it's beacause them are maintained by opt maintainers, people with enought knowledge and trust level to put ports there05:40
sepenand I'm sure that some few ports in contrib has more quality and are more popular05:40
sepenpitillo, yep05:41
pitillonipuL: thank you (I tried to translate it but there weren't translations for it)05:41
sepenI think I started the same discussion in the past ;D05:41
nipuL> for f in *; do [ -d $f ] && prt-get isinst $f >& /dev/null || echo $f; done | wc -l05:41
nipuL> ls -1 | wc -l05:41
pitillosepen: yes, and that's a bit contradictory with repo division, because if you move them from opt, where can be moved on?05:42
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nipuL.5 hit rate for opt, but i have compat32 ports in that too05:42
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sepenpitillo, when I became part of opt my contrib ports stayed where they were05:43
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pitillosepen: yes I know, moved to opt the ones which were interesting/used for/by people05:45
sepenand only a few shared between contrib, xfce and gnome were moved to opt by me, but after discuss the movement with affected maintainers/packagers05:45
sepenin other words, I mean that we need to talk more with others05:45
pitilloyes, more communication05:46
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sepenwe need a meeting with all core, opt and contrib maintainers, team developers, contributors, etc.05:48
pitillosepen: that's so difficult05:49
nipuLit's needed, but not likely to happen05:49
sepenbut imho it's really need it, if we improve the internal structure then we can more easily improve the quality of our services05:49
pitillomay be it can be better start a thread at ML trying to meet there05:49
nipuLan ML discussion is likely to produce a result05:50
nipuLrather than a meeting05:50
sepen+1 to get back cruxcons again (but I'll need a personal translator ;D)05:51
pitilloand asking, like you said, all people to write about their point of view or reviews05:51
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nipuLalso people just need to take a more active role05:53
nipuLwe're down to what, 2 core devs now?05:53
sepenhow many active developers/contributors/etc ?05:55
nipuLnot sure how many active contrib/opt maintainer there are05:55
pitillowell, then must be talked first about "roles". There is a page about request (, not only port maintenance/develop (I think you mean this kind of roles, isn't it?)05:55
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sepenpitillo, this page and others need a review imho05:56
nipuLi think a manager for the bug tracker is needed05:57
pitilloyes, but it's an example about roles05:57
sepennipuL, +105:57
nipuLmainly to assign tasks and kick people up the bum if they don't close tasks05:57
sepennipuL, cptn was in the past05:57
sepenand also a contrib admin/supervisor/secretary would be needed05:58
nipuLthe main 2 on the job list i see that need real attention are a bugs manager and a wiki manager05:58
nipuLalthough we only have 38 open tasks05:58
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nipuLwhich is quite good for any distro05:59
sepennipuL, to asign jobs would be neat, but if the team wont have a meeting that will be hard05:59
pitillosepen: we finish in the same point, ML05:59
pitillocan be used to make a request to all people subscribed (which will be the ones interested in develop/contribute/help...)06:00
sepenpitillo, readiness and willingness to work! :D06:00
nipuLyou forget ability06:01
nipuLit doesn't matter how willing and ready they are to work if they can't do it06:01
pitillowell, if someone applies to a task, I think he/she will be able to do it06:02
nipuLi'm definitely able to put more into crux now that i've got uni out of the way06:04
mike_knipuL: I don't know if you've seen my message... Do you plan to maintain _all_ your contrib stuff again? I could take care of a few: django + some apps, flup, pil if that will help06:05
nipuLfeel free to take on django, i've turned off it06:07
nipuLi still use it to run some site, but i don't actively use it anymore06:08
sepenmike_k, why you don't want to update mupen64plus?06:08
nipuLbut as i said in a discussion with jaeger this afternoon, if anyone really wanted to maintain them they should have changed the maintainer field by now06:09
mike_knipuL: ok I'll take it. I use the current stable 1.1.1 on a daily basis.06:09
nipuLsweet, got my results back today06:09
nipuLpassed everything06:09
nipuL51% for one unit though06:09
mike_ksepen: sorry, I am out of time. I'll try to look into it asap.06:10
sepenI could update it at night if you can't06:10
mike_kno, thanks. I guess I'll manage to do it today.06:11
sepenthe patch reported by martin only need some little adjustements to work against the tarball06:11
sepenjust I copied the lines inside the patch(against trunk version) and create a new patch for the tarball version and it worked fine06:12
sepenthis port rocks! ;D06:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: mupen64plus: compilation fixes06:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: django: take over the port, update to 1.1.106:42
nipuLfeel free to pick up any of the django apps too06:44
nipuLany you don't want i'll take out of contrib and just put them in my personal repo06:44
mike_knipuL: leave them there for now. I'll tell you after pickin' up and you'll remove others from contrib (as noone will use and update them)06:46
mike_kdamn, most apps I use are patched. and others are from git/svn/hg. with git I can't even give them sane $version/$release names.06:48
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nipuLhey jue06:54
nipuLdon't be afraid06:54
juenipuL: ?06:56
nipuLyou were made to go out and get her06:56
nipuLto let her into your heart06:56
nipuLna na na nananana hey jue!06:57
sepenkasier chiefs06:57
sepenhey jue06:58
nipuLwhat? kasier chiefs?06:58
sepena rockband06:58
sepenand their 'na na na na na' song06:59
nipuLyes i know this06:59
nipuLtry the beatles06:59
nipuLhey juDe06:59
sepenhey jue'!06:59
sepenI found this page better than thinkgeek07:01
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: sqlite3: update to 3.6.2107:04
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: automake: update to 1.11.107:04
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thrice`nipuL, out of curiosity, have you considered, on hal, adding "--with-udev-prefix=/lib" to configure, and then ditching the manual move?  I think the udev rules should go to /lib/udev/blahblah with all the rest, instead of /usr/lib .07:09
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pitilloand check the mv which was reported by rehabdoll related to hal too07:17
thrice`I don't think that mv will be needed, actually :)  the udev rules will go properly to /lib after the configure flag, so that can just be omitted I think :>07:32
nipuLthrice`: looking into it now07:42
nipuLanyhoo, off to bed07:45
thrice`:)  later nipuL07:45
nipuLseems reasonable, i'll commit it in the morning07:46
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: nano: update to 2.2.008:38
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tadzikhey, no problems updating hal recently?12:02
sirmacikthere is known problem with mv [;12:05
tadzikI guess so :)12:05
tadzikany fix plans? :)12:05
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sirmacikThere was a discussion about that so maybe [;12:07
thrice`tadzik, I would add a configure line of "--with-udevprefix=/lib" , and kill the mv line.  it'll give you a mismatch, but it's a good mismatch :>12:08
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thrice`tilman, epic openbox release plz? :>17:15
RyoSthrice`: whats epic on it? im too lazy to check17:16
RyoSfill me in please :P17:16
joacimthey remove hal and pulseaudio?17:17
thrice`first release in like 2 years, I think17:17
joacims/they remove/openbox removes/g17:17
sirmacikhmm, has anyone noticed problems during fontforge compilation?17:19
nipuL_yeah tilman, get to work17:20
sirmacikduring compilation fontforge gives me following error:
tilmani'll just go to bed instead17:24
thrice`I think coreutils 8.1 has a problem with rm17:24
thrice`sirmacik, ^^17:24
thrice`"rm: invalid argument: `'17:24
sirmacikso what should I do? ;<17:25
thrice`you could try coreutils 8.2, that was released today :>  just a theory, though17:25
sirmacikis it in ports?17:27
nipuL_thrice`: do you have strace?17:30
*** nipuL_ is now known as nipuL17:30
thrice`you mean sirmacik ?17:30
nipuLyeah that too17:30
nipuLsirmacik: ^^17:30
sirmaciknipuL: Yes17:31
sirmacikI have17:31
nipuLdoes rm just fail in fontforge?17:31
sirmaciknipuL: it looks like17:34
sirmacikthrice`: I've updated coreutils and now fontforge had stopped on another error :c17:35
sirmacikoh, no... I'm wrong it's the same error17:35
sirmacikgcc: s: No such file or directory17:36
sirmacikmake[1]: *** [splinerefigure.lo] Error 117:36
nipuLwhen all else fails start checking other source based distro's build scripts17:39
sirmacikok, I'll but tomorrow ;f17:42
sirmacikthx for help and see you \o17:42
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: cgit: update to 0.8.318:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: dovecot-sieve: update to 0.1.13 (for dovecot 1.2.x)18:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: psycopg2: update to 2.0.1318:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: p5-net-server: correct description and url18:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: nginx: update to 0.7.64, improve rc script (Tadeusz Sośnierz)18:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: mkvtoolnix: update to 2.9.918:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: twisted: update to 9.0.018:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: squirrelmail: update to 1.4.1918:36
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: poppler: update to 0.12.218:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: poppler-data: update to 0.4.018:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gnutls: update to 2.8.518:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: p5-html-parser: update to 3.6418:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: rar: update to 3.9.1b118:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: hal: move udev rules to /lib18:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: pycairo: update to 1.8.818:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: pygobject: update to 2.20.018:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: pygtk: update to 2.16.0, removed gtk-doc18:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: rox-lib: update to 2.0.618:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: p5-uri: update to 1.5118:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: rox: update to 2.1018:38
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