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kzedis there a howto to auto-connecting to a wireless network ?00:17
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: iptables: update to 1.4.602:23
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: coreutils: update to 8.202:23
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: terminal: updated to 0.4.303:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: openvpn: 2.1_rc22 -> 2.1.107:21
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thrice`anyone using evdev without hal on xorg-server?  my left-arrow repeat doesn't seem to work08:03
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: tig: enable utf-8 support09:01
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Rotwang<sepen> [...] why? tell me an example of real problem with a de repo09:52
Rotwanglol are you serious?09:52
Rotwangkde seems to be pretty much unmaintained, and alancio doesnt show any signs of activity that ive noticed09:53
Rotwanggnome is outdated too09:54
teK_and xfce doens't work 100% for me09:55
sinistreRotwang: you're aware that the state gnome is in probably has more to do with jaegers circumstances than the argument you're trying to make?09:56
Rotwangsinistre: ?09:56
Rotwangsinistre: im pointing a fact09:56
sinistreso? A fact says nothing without context09:56
Rotwangsinistre: whats your point?09:56
Rotwangdo you have one or you just had this strong feeling to say something?09:57
sinistrethat your "fact" doesn't necessarily support your thesis.09:57
Rotwangwhat is my thesis then?09:58
sinistreI have no idea, that's why I said "probably"09:58
Rotwangsinistre: im not sure if you know what im reffering to09:59
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sinistrewell, you seem to state that the gnome repo is in a state of disrepair because of reason "X", where "X" is anything but not related to jaeger's specific current position.10:00
joacimhe said that gnome was out of date10:00
joacimi didnt see him state anything else about the gnome repo10:00
Rotwangim just pointing a fact10:00
sinistrewhatever, same position, really.10:00
Rotwangthe fact states: "there is a problem with crux developement"10:01
sinistrewell, surprise surprise. It's called "lack of manpower"10:01
Rotwangand i reffered to earlier talk from 11th december10:01
Rotwangsinistre: SRSLY!!!>?!?!?!10:01
aonalso "excessive slacking"10:02
Rotwangi think we could gather some people interested in crux development and give it a little boost10:02
aonyou know,
sinistreRotwang: lack of manpower is not something that is "wrong" that can be fixed easily, unless you decide to get into marketing. :>10:03
strawRotwang: do you mean real development or repo maintaining?10:03
sinistreRotwang: anyway, I'm sorry if I offended you, that wasn't what I set out to do.10:04
Rotwangsinistre: none taken10:04
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Rotwangim just trying to say that if we turn some things around, current manpower could be more effectively used10:05
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tilmanUpdate: Linus did pull the Nouveau tree into the mainline.10:23
sinistrea move de noveau? :>10:24
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sinistregood thing for people with old nvidia cards I presume10:25
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* cjg ehi ehi ehi11:48
tadzikwaah, swine flu!11:48
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Rotwang[rotwang@sybir Templates]$ chmod 0666 metal_skull/*11:58
* Rotwang <3 unix [;11:58
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thrice`I was lol'ing at Rotwang :>14:04
thrice`oh, 3 hours ago I guess14:04
sinistreslowpoke. :>14:05
tadzikirc. :>14:07
tadzikdynamic like a mailing list, though you have to be always connected :P14:07
sinistreinternet over barbed wire over there, apparently. :p14:07
sinistreow, rigth, thrice` is in michigan, not kansas. :>14:08
thrice`it's winter outside, that means stuff travels slower :)14:09
sinistreyou've got snow?14:10
thrice`tilman, doesn't nouveau have a mystereous binary blob in it?14:10
thrice`yes, finally.  probably 20 inches this week :)14:10
thrice`sorry,51cm :)14:10
sinistrethat's enough to make trouble.14:12
* sinistre always finds it hilarious when people get completely stuck because of 1" of snow. :p14:13
thrice`heh, agreed.  I'm hoping my car survives the winter, it's starting to worry me14:16
sinistreI bet it beats the suicidemobile. :>14:19
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sirmacikI've reported broken download in tetex on flyspray, but I think that texlive port made by Rotwang should be finaly pushed to some repo...17:24
sirmacik(only to point at that problem)17:24
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sirmacikbye \o17:34
thrice`later sirmacik :>17:35
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