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rehabdollwho thought of the bright idea of using a db for firefox bookmarks instead of a plain old html-file?02:01
rehabdollawesome corruption with firefox-crash02:02
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tilmanthrice`: according to a commenter on the lwn article , it's not that mysterious  :)05:54
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sirmacikhi \o07:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: openbox: updated to
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: circuits: add missing build dependency08:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: perl footprint update08:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: p5-xml-twig: upstream changed archive08:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: xine-ui: add the skin directory to footprint08:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: pangomm: 2.24.0 -> 2.26.008:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: glibmm: 2.20.0 -> 2.20.108:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gtkmm: 2.16.0 -> 2.18.208:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: wxpython: remove sha256sum file08:46
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thrice`tilman, ah, ok :>09:39
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tadzikhey, anyone using bluetooth on CRUX?10:59
jaegernoy I11:02
jaegerer, not I11:02
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sotmgi cant boot from a usb cdrom, and when it gives me a change to mount the cdrom, i look in /dev but there is no
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jaegersotmg: is your IDE/SATA/SCSI controller something obscure?11:28
sotmgi have a thinkpad x61 and in bios it is set to ahci11:31
sotmgin crux 2.5 everything was ok.11:31
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thrice`ok, I give up on evdev.  it's too flaky for me11:45
sotmgnp...thanks anyway... :)11:48
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thrice`sotmg, you could try maybe creating a usb-key with the iso11:49
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rehabdolltadzik: i rarely use it, why?12:00
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thrice`fresh install + sysup = sad laptop :>12:10
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sirmacikmine laptop is and was working quite fine with CRUX [;12:18
thrice`is and was?  that doesn't make sense :>12:18
sirmaciksry... was - after sysup and 'is' because now everything also works quite good12:19
thrice`oh, ok :p  I should have locked gcc maybe, that's the killer12:20
tadzikrehabdoll: still using this bluez set from… opt? contrib?12:20
Rotwangthrice`: too high MAKEFLAGS may stall your system12:24
thrice`no, it's still chugging along, but I forgot how long it takes.  gcc use -j112:24
jaegerthrice`: what happened to make it sad?12:28
thrice`asking it to compile gcc12:28
thrice`sad just meaning working too hard :)  I started, went to get groceries, and it's still going12:29
Rotwangim going to put crux on laptop i use for work soon12:29
jaegerah, ok12:30
jaegerI thought you meant it broke somehow12:30
jaegerhrmm, I should build another updated ISO12:31
thrice`this is a 64-bit install, otherwise I would have stole packages from your iso :)12:32
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Rotwangahh, sinistre os treach12:38
Rotwangsinistre: why the name change? ;D12:38
jaegershhh, it's a secret (tm)12:39
Rotwangthrice`: do you know by accident, how to install grub on 64 bit crux?12:44
thrice`Rotwang, grub1 will not compile, but grub2 does12:44
Rotwangrecently ive nuked partition with ol' crux 32 bit and lost grub ;x12:45
thrice`using some magic12:45
Rotwangthrice`: can i has port?12:45
thrice`I grabbed it from rehabdoll's repo :)12:45
sinistreRotwang: no, it's not secret, I just felt for a change. Something a little bit more descriptive, and less prone for people to mess up. :>12:45
Rotwangive had lost partition with grub, and all i had was centos install cd ;D12:46
Rotwangso i installed centos ;D to be able to boot easily12:46
sinistretalk about a bloated bootloader. :>12:48
thrice`rehabdoll, I think flash should be bumped to  for security issues12:56
Rotwangits hard to be a man12:57
Rotwangneve can be bothered to read instructions12:58
Rotwangok grub2 installed, lets see if it works13:00
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sinistrewe'll never see him again. :>13:00
tilmanlol @ gnome-splitting-from-gnu13:01
sinistreyeah, that's a riot13:01
sinistreespecially when you consider the reason :D13:01
thrice`haha, I hadn't heard of this13:02
tilmani suspect that schlesinger guy is just pissed because of the sexism crap13:03
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sinistre.NetOME. :>13:05
sinistreit's particulary amusing when you consider the whole gnome business kicked off with a quite public "Fuck-you" email to the kde mailing lists for their use of the "unfree" qt.. :>13:08
sinistreseems we've experienced a full 180. :>13:09
thrice`I can't find a link for this, is it recent?13:09
* sinistre is shaken as he suddenly realizes the possibility of kde getting invaded by the free-or-die people!13:10
thrice`crux + fvwm will be here for you :)13:11
sinistrethank god.13:11
sinistreand tilman and the rest of the crew, obviously. :P13:11
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Rotwanggrub2 sure is bloated13:17
Rotwangbut still smaller than centos [;13:18
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tilmanlefty bvrings up the sexism thing13:18
thrice`lol, so rediculous13:20
sinistrehaha, that's great. "We _were_ attempting to finalize a Code of Conduct"[...] prefer to discuss ways and means to13:21
sinistrethrottle contributors to Planet GNOME"13:21
sinistrenow, where's the disconnection in there... :P13:21
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rehabdollbunch of whiners13:23
sinistreof course, it's gnome. :>13:23
rehabdollthrice`: oh, they released a new 64bit flash?13:25
teK_some youtube videos' buttons still wont work, though..13:26
thrice`  :>13:27
rehabdolli dont think compiling linux on a sd-card is a good idea..13:36
* rehabdoll kicks himself13:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: pcmciautils: update to 01613:37
teK_I need someone to test a new ntp build13:39
teK_It won't hurt. I promise.13:39
teK_they really screwed some things during the last two or three days :]13:40
thrice`I get an empty /usr/sbin, /usr/lib, and man pages in the wrong directory13:43
tilman@RMS has done great work in the 80es and 90es that I really appreciate, but I prefer to forget about his last years (a bit similar to Michael Jackson actually)]...]@13:43
sirmacikanyone here using tcsh?13:45
sinistreI don't think anyone does, save maybe nipuL.13:46
sirmacikI'm using ;x13:46
sinistrewell, you answered your own question then. :>13:47
thrice`teK_, try this:
teK_you won't get:13:48
teK_drwxr-xr-x root/root         0 2009-12-13 20:44 usr/sbin/13:48
teK_-rwxr-xr-x root/root    207536 2009-12-13 20:44 usr/sbin/ntpsnmpd13:48
teK_regarding the man-dir: yeah, this will fix it..13:48
thrice`oh, I didn't get anything in /usr/sbin13:48
teK_I hate this..13:48
thrice`could be that i'm on 64-bit, though, but seems odd13:48
teK_pkginfo -i | grep -q snmp && echo yay || echo nay13:49
thrice`sorry teK_ :)13:52
teK_for me its yay13:53
teK_-> yay13:53
thrice`well, it's not in the depends on line :>13:53
teK_disbling it right now13:54
Rotwangme doesnt get why nouveau is bad?13:54
sinistreIt probably doesn't play wow, or something.13:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: ntp: 4.2.4p7 -> 4.2.613:58
teK_ thx thrice`13:58
thrice`of course :)13:58
tilmanwho says it's bad?14:02
thrice`hopefully in a year or so, binary drivers will be obsolete14:02
Rotwangtilman: i probably missundefstood that sentence [;14:04
sinistretilman: did you read /.'s coverage of it? :p14:04
sinistre*plenty* of people who said it was all kinds of useless. :D14:04
tilmanoh, if plenty of people on slashdot say so...!14:06
sinistre"It doesn't play world in conflict, omg useless!"14:07
thrice`Rotwang, I get a mismatch from xmms2, perl/5.10.1/linux-thread-multi vs. perl/5.10.1/linux14:08
Rotwangthats because ive got perl with ithreads support14:09
Rotwangthrice`: safe to ignore14:09
thrice`aah, I see :>  thx14:09
Rotwangill update that footprint soon14:09
thrice`with every --disable-doc flag I can find, evince still demands gnome-doc-utils14:31
Rotwangthrice`: its rather hard to strip gnome programm off gnome dependencies14:32
Rotwangi had much problems with metacity14:32
thrice`actually, the new evince ONLY requires this, all others can be avoided, I think14:33
sinistreRotwang: just out of common damned curiuosity, wth would one want metacity, if you're *not* using gnome..?14:34
Rotwangfor transparent urxvt ;D14:35
Rotwangnew metacity supports compositing14:35
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tilmaneg openbox also supports argb windows14:39
Rotwangtilman: but i need to run xcompmgr or similar :c14:52
Rotwangwith metacity i dont have to14:52
tilmanso metacity also implements _compositing_manager_ functionality14:53
Rotwangyes [;14:53
thrice`ImportError: No module named libxml2    hmph14:54
rehabdollfrom the gnome wikipedia page: The GNOME project puts heavy emphasis on simplicity, usability, and making things "just work" (see KISS principle).14:55
rehabdolli lolled14:55
tadzik[citation needed]14:56
sinistresomeone should post their dependency graph right beside that. :>14:56
tadzikor how do they call it14:56
tadzikwell, most of their deps is gnome itself14:56
sinistrehow does that change anything?14:57
sinistreit's still a million packages with weird interdependencies, being gnome or not.14:57
tadzikyeah, I know that14:58
joacimi rather have nautilus depend on lots of libraries and tools instead of having thumbnailing, volume managment, and preview tools all built in14:58
tadzikbut it's still better when it depends on itself and just splits it, than depending on some where-the-hell-does-it-come-from crap14:58
joacimi dont know what nautilus have built in and what it depends on tho14:58
sinistrejoacim: or you could stuff all that basic stuff that is used by more than let's say two apps and put it in a library..14:59
sinistreyou could even call it kdelibs or something. ;p14:59
thrice`oh ffs15:00
joacimso people who want thumbnailing in their app must depend on a library that includes volume management and other crap15:00
sinistrethrice`: it's not propaganda, just contrasting the differences.15:00
thrice`no, sorry, I just found out that libxml2 has --without-python15:00
sinistrejoacim: that's what makes it a desktop *environment*.15:01
thrice`=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/evince#2.28.1-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded   \o/15:21
jaegerit's a trap!15:21
joacimbeing a desktop environment does not mean you need one huge library that includes everything15:21
thrice`I had to run a post-install for docbook-xml15:23
sinistreof course not, but it makes it easier than having a thousand different libs to keep track of, or reimplementing the same functionality over and over again in 593 different applications.15:23
joacimyeah everyone loved recompiling monolithic xorg because of some missing features =)15:25
sinistrewell, obviously you only put stuff in there that are frequently used anyway so....15:26
tadzikyeah, monolithic vs microkernels flamewar included :>15:26
sinistrebuild it once in a big lump, or 20 times over in smaller portions. the comparision with xorg is a strawman.15:27
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rehabplugnow i just need to figure out what to do with this thing :)15:47
sinistrethe plug-computer?15:48
tadzikhm, 32.1 is up?15:48
rehabplug2.6.32 is shiney and new compared to 30.1 :)15:48
tadzikI reduced the size of mine to below 1,5 MB. And it still works!15:48
sinistreI thought that toy came with .27 or something like that.15:49
rehabplugyeah, but i put debian on it15:49
rehabplugthe ubuntu dist it ships with is buggy as hell15:49
sinistreheh, no crux? :D15:49
rehabplugnot yet :)15:49
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sinistrefreebsd, "make buildworld" :p15:50
rehabplugcompiling a semi-slimmed kernel took 45mins on this thing15:50
rehabplugperhaps crux isnt the way to go :)15:51
sinistrethat's not too bad15:51
sinistrecross compiling is probably a better way. :>15:51
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thrice`ok, I guess evince doesn't work :(17:03
thrice`it loads OK, but doesn't recognize pdf files as pdf's17:06
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: thunderbird: update18:38
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jaegerdamn xulrunner footprint breaking my bootstrap20:07
jaegerholy shit, breaking indeed20:09
jaegerhosed my build tree20:09
jaegerbuilder/root /usr/src/iso # ls20:10
* jaeger sighs20:11
jaegernice of it to warn me that I had filesystem corruption20:13
thrice`live system?20:13
jaegerit's a VM but yeah20:14
thrice`yikes :<20:16
* jaeger restarts the build20:40
thrice`have you considered trying 64-bit builds, too?21:12
jaegerI've thought about it but not many seem interested in multilib21:13
thrice`I like the idea of having a pure installation iso, and then a way to convert into multilib if desired21:15
thrice`I guess either way works, though21:15
nipuLi agree, the conversion isn't overly difficult21:15
nipuLpure64 is more "core" than a multilib setup21:16
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thrice`yeah, I think so too21:19
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