IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2009-12-14

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jaegerthrice`, nipuL: yeah, I suppose it wouldn't be particularly difficult to engineer both00:21
jaegernipuL: do you have some notes in the wiki or on your site about tha conversion still?00:21
jaegernm, found it in the wiki00:22
jaegerthough marked out of date00:22
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fakerootHi there.01:08
pitillogood morning01:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: libsndfile: 1.0.20 -> 1.0.2101:16
nipuLjaeger: i think so01:18
jaegernipuL: the packages are still the 2.5 versions, I'm guessing... if I wanted to convert pure64 to multilib by building the new ones instead of installing the old ones and upgrading, what would be the proper order?01:19
nipuLit's out of date though01:19
jaegerthat's the part that always confuses me about multilib01:19
nipuLi can upload some up to date packages01:19
nipuLit's chicken and the egg01:19
jaegerwell, I'd like to understand the process better myself01:19
nipuLyou need 32bit support to build 32bit support01:19
nipuLunless you want to go through the entire bootstrapping process01:20
jaegerThat's what I'm curious about. I could build 32-bit stuff from my multilib ubuntu box or whatever but I'd like to understand the bootstrap process myself01:20
jaegerfor personal education01:21
jaegerI was just reading that :)01:22
nipuLbut again, the hard work has already been done01:23
jaegerthough it seems as if that's not the full bootstrap but using an already-multilib gcc01:23
rehabdolldexter ftw01:24
nipuLiirc danm just used an existing multilib distro to build the toolchain for crux01:24
jaegerWhat did you use to do your initial work, another distro that was already multilib?01:24
jaegerrehabdoll: agreed :)01:24
jaegerI suppose there's no point in reinventing the wheel, just wanted to learn more01:25
jaegerI could read through the multilib clfs stuff again01:25
jaegerWell, for now I'm gonna get some sleep, take care01:47
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: exo: updated to 0.3.10602:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: inadyn-mt: updated to 02.15.0402:09
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sepenhey jue03:06
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: nano: update to 2.2.103:08
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: enscript: new source url03:08
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: perl: new source url, ticket #53703:09
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dinxnipuL: ping..04:25
nipuLthat was eerie timeing04:25
dinx:), i have run into a small problem bootstraping ghc04:27
dinx <<04:27
dinxi have tried with 6.8.3, 6.10.1 ... 10.404:27
nipuLare you serious?04:29
dinxnipuL: yes ?04:29
dinx--config-append="addcommand true" part ?04:30
nipuLperhaps this url will help,
dinxthats about as helpful as not responding to my ping04:34
nipuLperhaps you should look closer and the error04:37
nipuLall i'm saying is it's an obvious error and if you can't figure it out, crux probably isn't for you :)04:38
dinxnipuL: libedit. thanks for the help.04:38
nipuLand if you have an actual problem, i'll be happy to try to help04:40
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dinxsure :P05:01
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sirmacikhi \o05:42
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claretilman: I'm  back after a week or so, have solved my problem ( ) Annotation no 1 the resolv.conf, the line nameserver
clareremoving that cured all. The only one which managed to ignore it and read the rest was dig.05:54
clareI have learned a lot about strace, and how wget uses the fixed IP for sourceforge in /etc/hosts. a good day; tomorrow back to work.05:56
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thrice`jue, I tried out the latest udev yesterday, and it seemed OK on my machine :)  my cdrom was owned by root:disk, but I think that's because of my kernel config06:53
thrice`since my cd-rom is set to /dev/hdX yet06:56
rehabdollboooo hdX, thats so.. what, 2004?06:59
juethrice`: thanks for the report, my only concern is that they dropped the rules for old IDE (non libata) drives07:00
thrice`yep, I saw that, in 148, I think07:00
jueyeah, but IMO we should ignore this ;)07:00
thrice`the LFS instructions for 149 also mentioned that rules/packages/64-(dm,raid).rules should be installed, too, but I don't have any raid stuff to test that :>07:01
rehabdolli still get screwed up permissions in /dev/dri07:01
rehabdollnot owned by video07:01
thrice`rehabdoll, xorg should overright those anyway, no?07:01
thrice`overwrite *07:01
rehabdollwell with some ugly stuff in xorg.conf, yes07:02
rehabdollbut on my laptop thats the only reason i use a xorg.conf07:02
juethrice`: mdadm installs 64-md-raid.rules07:02
thrice`oh, ok, that makes sense :)07:03
rehabdolli dont think xorg overwrites anything in /dev/dri.. thats all kernel-stuff, right?07:06
thrice`jue, I used an updated rules file, too, and added 1 configure line:
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thrice`rehabdoll, hm, not sure, I thought xorg changed the permissions anyway when you launch it07:07
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rehabdollwhat perms do you have?07:11
thrice`sorry, no clue, at work now :<07:11
rehabdollhmm, youre right07:20
rehabdollcard0 is owned by the one who starts X (root, slim)07:20
rehabdolli suck07:21
rehabdolllibdrm could be built with udev support instead of using mknod07:28
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rehabdollhow do the rest of you handle permissions in /dev/dri/card* ?08:24
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thrice`I'll have to check my perms when I get home.  I don't do anything in xorg.conf, and startx results in proper accel08:34
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rehabdolli hate fucking firefox10:47
rehabdollhangs when i restart a crashed session10:47
sirmacikI hate it too so I'm using surf + tabbed10:48
sirmacikafter few days I couldn't switch back to ff (with vimperator) [;10:48
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rehabdollscary amount of ext4-fixes in
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thrice`"ext4: Avoid data / filesystem corruption when write fails to copy data11:44
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rehabdollyeah, id never use ext4 if i were to create a new fs today11:49
rehabdollive had quite a bit of "lost" data11:50
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rehabdollchanges to files that never got added etc11:50
rehabdollnot counting the 32-rc's random ext4 corruption11:51
thrice`I agree, it's been ok since 2.6.32, I guess (knock on wood)11:51
jaegerI still barely trust ext311:52
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strawWhat do FS do you prefer? I'm using ext2 for /boot and XFS for the rest for years now. Never had any problems, so no reason to change this.12:03
sinistrethen why the question? :>12:04
thrice`I used to use jfs, but tilman talked me into ext412:04
strawsinistre: curiousity ;] I believe that aren't that much XFS users.12:05
strawthrice`: hah12:05
sinistrejfs works pretty well for laptops, ext4 feels like the "safe bet" because everyone else uses it.12:05
sinistrestraw: I think there are quite a few, most of them on gentoo probably. ;)12:05
strawOh, is there a certain reason for that?12:05
sinistre"Hey, it starts with an X, cool!"12:06
strawAh, noted ;)12:06
sinistreseriously, xfs always had a bit more of a nerd-factor coming from irix and all.12:06
jaegerstraw: I use xfs and reiserfs12:08
sinistrethat said, I'm not overly impressed, since it at least _used_ to do some pretty nasty things when you lost power etc, plus that it's not optimal for small files.12:08
jaegerI've had jfs and ext3 both eat partitions before, though not regularly12:08
sinistrejaeger: well, that's good news. :P12:08
jaegerIt's only happened once with ext3 and twice with jfs but since reiserfs and xfs have a count of 0 for me, I stay with those :)12:09
strawHah, I used to have mix of reiserfs (for teh small files) and xfs (for the big ones) too :)12:09
sinistreI've never lost anything with reiser either, other than thanks to failing hw.12:09
jaegerI don't generally mix them in the same system, I mean I use both in various places :)12:10
strawOh, fits my current system then ;]12:10
sinistreext2 ate my entire disk once, partitions and all. :/12:10
strawWhat about reiser4, BTW? Does it still get developed?12:10
jaegerno idea there12:11
sinistreI think it's about as dead as last years turkey12:11
strawToo bad12:11
thrice`i'm sure someone will pick it up12:11
sinistresome of the people who used to work on it are now busy with btrfs12:11
jaegerThat's one I haven't even tried yet, should play with it sometime12:12
sinistreit's pretty cool, obviously still got ways to go though, so no hurry.12:13
strawIn a mailing list post from July 2009, Edward Shishkin wrote that in the coming autumn, they would start exploring the opportunity of getting Reiser4 into the main Linux kernel.[14] In a November 2009 interview[15] to Phoronix he said he is going to publish plug-in design document for independent expert review. He is currently aiming for USENIX Annual 2010. If all goes well, Reiser4 may enter mainline Linux kernel around version
sinistreok, that's still ways off. Anyway they should probably rename it. :>12:14
* straw nods12:15
rehabdollhehe yeah12:22
rehabdollive only lost data with ext3 and now a little with  ext412:23
rehabdollboom, .32.112:25
rehabdollsame ext4-fixes as .31.812:26
thrice`just-as-scary fixes12:26
thrice`haha, yeah12:26
strawdamn, it's like a ext4-only update12:28
rehabdollext4: wait for log to commit when umounting12:33
rehabdolli think im gonna reboot this box..12:34
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: udev: updated to 149.13:17
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sirmaciktilman: ping14:48
sirmaciknipuL: ping14:48
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nipuLsirmacik: yes, i got your email15:17
sirmacikoh, thanks it was before I've sent You an email but about same thing [;15:19
nipuLwhat do you want the repo to be called?15:20
sirmacikI forgot to write, sorry15:20
nipuLok, added it will show up in a day or so15:24
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rehabdollfuck i have constant bookmark corruption with firefox. i wonder if its related to the new sqlite3 release. started around the same time it was pushed to opt16:37
jaegerthat sucks :(16:39
thrice`how does it corrupt?16:40
thrice`I don't us ebookmarks too much, but mine are still in tact, and I can select them :>16:40
rehabdollwell, stuff just vanishes.. moves around16:41
rehabdollfirefox keeps crashing when viewing bookmarks/rss16:41
thrice`well, sqlite is a quick downgrade :>16:42
rehabdollyep, and it seems to have halted the corruptions16:43
teK_Thunderbird fails for me:
RotwangteK_: could you paste whole build log, or at least some more than paste above?16:52
rehabdollcool, corruption on my laptop too16:58
jaegerwell, consistency is good, right?17:00
teK_it's make -j6.17:01
teK_I mean: I do make -j617:02
RotwangteK_: have you tried without?17:02
teK_just started the process17:02
teK_this will take *some* more time.17:02
Rotwangvsnprintf is defined somewhere around stdio.h17:08
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teK_<cstdio>? (it's cpp)17:10
teK_gn8 people.17:23
Rotwangit doesnt break for me on fresh up2date crux 64 bit install17:30
thrice`I can try to build it17:31
Rotwangthrice`: do you have 32 bit crux?17:32
thrice`no ;(17:32
thrice`would --disable-crashreporter fix it?  seems useless anyway17:32
Rotwangit would be nice if someone running 32 bit crux could confirm tek_s bug17:32
rehabdolli can build it if you can wait an hour or two :)17:33
rehabdolljust thunderbird, right?17:33
thrice`"just" ;D17:33
rehabdollheh, yeah17:33
thrice`we disable crashreporter in FF anyway17:33
Rotwangif the bug is reproductible, i can apply a patch or disable crashreporter17:36
avlanmozilla's sources are f-word every time they are tried to build ;D17:42
Rotwangrehabdoll: im going to prepare new texlive packages soon17:43
avlaneven if they have built they are f-word uped17:43
rehabdollRotwang: let me know17:43
sinistreavlan: build it in a tmpfs, speeds up things quite nicely. ;)17:44
rehabdollbuilding mozilla-apps is sooo much fun17:44
sinistre(users with 128M ram do not need to appl :o) )17:44
Rotwangrehabdoll: ok [;17:45
* avlan uses (theoretically) 4gigs ;f17:46
rehabdollonly bitches uses 32bit :)17:46
avlanin practice 1gig would be good4me17:46
sinistrethe "stay behind" resistance. :>17:46
Rotwangtexmf == 896M in xz format ;D17:47
thrice`all features?17:47
Rotwangthrice`: fonts + packages and classes + documentation17:49
Rotwangdocs are huge so i strip the off17:49
Rotwangfonts are huge too, but cant be bothered to split them into separate packages ;D17:50
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Rotwang--disable-crashreporter should fix the problem18:17
Rotwanglets push the changes and see if someone complains ;D18:21
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: thunderbird: removed obsolete patch18:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: thunderbird: disabled crashreporter18:27
Rotwangcommited as root, again [;18:27
* Rotwang is off to sleep18:30
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rehabdollyeah, fails at crashreporter here19:07
rehabdollbut noone who cares is online19:07
thrice`too slow!19:12
sinistrehe probably needs another quad. :>19:13
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* jaeger fires up a centos 5.4 VM21:47
jaegerwell... I was GOING to fire up a centos VM but so far it's not doing much21:53
jaegerah, there we go, was just taking its time21:54
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