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pitillogood morning01:10
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: sane: new patch to fix udev-rules05:28
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: dovecot: update to 1.2.905:28
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sirmacikis there any chance to get compiled fontforge package?06:12
sirmacikI can't compile newest version06:12
sirmacikdue to following error:06:15
sirmacikgcc: s: No such file or directory06:15
sirmacikmake[1]: *** [splinerefigure.lo] Error 106:15
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aonsirmacik: i'll look into it06:31
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sirmacikolder version 20090622 compiles without any problems06:32
aonthere probably is also a newer version already06:35
aonoh, strange, there isn't06:36
aoni need to sysup first tho06:37
aonbeen a while since the crux machine has even been on :)06:38
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thrice`bad aon !07:07
aoni agree07:07
thrice`:)  busy times?07:08
aonwell kinda07:11
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sirmacikho [;10:00
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spaceninjahe he10:28
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jdolanhm, whatever happened to Han?10:55
sinistreconverted to win7, got a dog and now spends time taking long walks instead of flaming people on irc?10:59
sinistre*very* long walks.11:00
rehabdolli think he moved to openbsd11:01
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-xcb-proto: updated to 1.6.11:02
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-libxcb: updated to 1.5.11:02
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-xtrans: updated to
sirmacikdo You also have a problem with new firefox?11:14
sirmacik./configure: line 12157: cd: /usr/lib/xulrunner-devel- No such file or directory11:14
sirmacikconfigure: error: /sdk/include/xpcom-config.h doesn't exist11:14
rehabdollbuilt fine for me on two boxes11:16
rehabdollxulrunner installed without issues?11:17
sirmacikLooks like, yes.11:17
thrice`did you install the xulrunner update, instead of just building it?11:18
sirmacikno, I have it compiled yesterday, I'll try to build it once again11:19
rehabdollif /usr/lib/xulrunner-devel- doesnt exist, xulrunner is not up to date11:19
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sirmacikok. we'll see after compilation [;11:20
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thrice`sirmacik, what does "pkginfo -i | grep xulrunner"  return?11:21
sirmaciknothing ;x11:22
sirmacikit disapeared? Oo11:23
rehabdollext4? :D11:23
sirmacikno, jfs ;x11:24
tadzike4 ate like 58 GB for the journal on my to-be-300G partition. It's 242 now11:25
tadzikI'm starting to hate this fs11:25
tadziksorry, "only" 26 GB11:25
rehabdollyeah i would never use it on a new disk today11:26
tadzik/dev/sda2             274G   19G  242G   8% /home11:26
tadziksize, used, avail11:26
tadzikwhat's the funny fs not eating my space too much? MurderFS, something?11:26
rehabdolli used jfs previously11:26
rehabdollalthough userspace tools are a bit lacking11:27
tadzikhmm, I think I'd ask you in my brand new survey, big partitions preferred: What FS, and how much does it take for itself?11:28
rehabdollext2 :)11:29
tadzikusing it everyday?11:29
tadzikon something else than /boot? ;]11:29
joacimI use ext411:29
joacimno reason11:29
tadziksame here, but I'm getting a bit angry about its hunger, is it common, do all journals take all this?11:30
rehabdollhavent really compared, but probably11:30
rehabdollalthough 8% cant be right11:30
spaceninjaomg it took me 30 min to install msn messenger on windows, what is going on? :D11:31
spaceninjatime to fix other peoples computers! Bah :p11:37
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rehabdollhey i did that yesterday11:37
rehabdollwinxp ftw11:37
sepenrehabdoll, are you still interested on arm devices?11:38
rehabdollwell, sort of :)11:39
sepennow we're working on the xorg stuff11:39
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tadzikI like this. Made an account few days ago, was bored, spent like half an hour just adding projects I like ;)11:40
sepenat least I'd like to get working my hp-jornada with xorg-xf86-video-fbdev and tslib11:40
tadzikhad sorta fun11:40
rehabdolli dont have a screen on my device11:41
rehabdolldownloading now..11:41
rehabdoll7kb/sec \o/11:41
thrice`nice logo ;)11:42
sepenrehabdoll, well you can run xfvb as a dummy server11:42
sepenthrice`, made by hand ;D11:42
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sirmacikso it was a lack of xullrunner ;x11:51
rehabdollheh, its "sort of" important for firefox :)12:04
thrice`i'm still not convinced of the xulrunner/ff split12:05
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rehabdollhmm, not binary compatible12:17
thrice`I mean, just having a FF port by itself12:21
sepenna' use netscape-navigator ;D12:22
sinistresepen: why not go the full mile and pull out wine and ie 3.02 while you're at it? :>12:24
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sepensinistre, or why not use w3m-img?12:33
sinistrethat wouldn't be nearly as bad. :>12:33
rehabdollthrice`: me neither12:46
rehabdollwhat other ports use xulrunner, firefox and thunderbird.. anything else?12:47
thrice`not sure :>  I doubt it12:48
tilmanthunderbird doesn't even use it yet, does it?12:57
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thrice`that would be an nice advantage, but since tb seems to take so long to compile, I don't think so12:58
sirmacikso maybe time to use precompiled fx? :o12:58
rehabplugteh horror12:59
rehabplugthen i would have to maintain firefox for x86_64 too! :(13:00
sirmaciksomething like firefox-bin from gentoo13:01
mike_krehabdoll: rssowl13:14
mike_k* uses xulrunner13:14
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-server: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-xf86-input-evdev: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-xf86-input-synaptics: updated to
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spaceninjahi, trying to compile inkscape 0.47.  Where do I find this file PDFDoc.h?13:57
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spaceninjamaybe libextractor13:59
tilmanprt-get fsearch14:00
spaceninjaI've tried it, no results14:02
spaceninjashould poppler have it?14:03
tilmanmaybe ;)14:03
spaceninjapkginfo -l poppler | grep pdf | less   ->  doesn't give me any headers14:04
spaceninjaheader files14:05
spaceninjaseems like they've removed it or something
spaceninjahmm poppler-data14:09
spaceninjatilman: do you think compiling poppler with   --enable-xpdf-headers   Install unsupported xpdf headers. will solve it?14:16
tilmanlet me ask my chrystal ball :?14:17
mike_kspaceninja: ueah it helps with inkscape14:20
spaceninjamike_k: have you successfully compiled inkscape 0.47?14:25
mike_kspaceninja: let me see14:27
mike_kspaceninja: it was 0.47rc2 I guess14:28
spaceninjaok, then there is hope, I couldn't compole the pre releases, but I wont give up this time14:30
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spaceninjaI'm getting a new error while compiling inkscape. I can't make anything out of it.15:03
Rotwangspaceninja: i believe youve pasted just part of an error15:05
Rotwangcould you opaste some more, plx ?15:05
spaceninjais that enough or do you need more? It's hard to tell where it starts15:08
tadzikspaceninja: are you aware of any new-gcc.patches15:09
spaceninjanot really, I just rely on "runscripts yes" in prt-get.conf15:11
tadzikow, forgot my ?15:11
tadzikanyway, I think there may be some patches for the new gcc versions15:12
spaceninjasound like hard work15:12
tadzikhmm, gentoo ebuild seems to cope well, without patches15:14
spaceninjagcc (GCC) 4.4.2 (CRUX)15:14
Rotwangincscape was always a pain to build15:14
Rotwangspaceninja: no its not enough, what you pasted15:15
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tadzikhmm, I'm thinking of some cli portdb browser15:15
sinistretadzik: I _think_ nipuL had something like that cooking.15:16
spaceninjaRotwang: this is all I can get from mrxvt
Rotwangtadzik: there is xml interface
Rotwangso you can parse it easier15:17
Rotwangthan html [;15:17
tadzikoh, nice15:17
Rotwangive written once portdb browser with gtk gui15:18
Rotwangbut didnt finish it [;15:18
tadzikhmm with this xml it should be pretty simple15:19
Rotwangtadzik: if you code in python look at teh first link15:19
tadzikit would be pretty smart if it was checking versions15:19
tadzikRotwang: I'd rather code it in perl15:19
spaceninjaRotwang: should I recompile it in another terminal and get more stuff?15:20
spaceninjafrom the error15:20
Rotwangspaceninja: you can just redirect stdout to one file, stderr to another15:21
Rotwangand then upload those files somewhere15:22
Rotwangbut i doubt if ill help you much, because inkscape is just pain in the arse15:22
Rotwangtadzik: nice15:23
RotwangIve installed kde4 on my ubuntu laptop at work15:24
spaceninjaahh, the bloat!15:24
spaceninjaI need to meditate it off15:24
thrice`use crux!15:24
Rotwangit removed wicd in favour of some crappy knetworkmanager15:25
tadzikwicd is fun15:25
Rotwangand i couldnt connect to wifi network!15:25
Rotwangdidnt have wpa_supplicant installed15:25
Rotwangso i was pretty much fscked up15:26
spaceninjathrice`: hehe I use crux, it's just inkscape,15:26
thrice`no, I was yelling at Rotwang ;)15:27
Rotwangif any of my bosses noticed that i have no access to network therefore not being enable to do much of work15:27
Rotwangi could get financial consequences115:27
Rotwangbecause of crappy ubuntu!15:27
Rotwangthrice`: im going to migrate to crux soon15:28
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Rotwangubuntu is very nice, until something goes wrong [;15:29
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thrice`i've never really used ubuntu, I must admit15:38
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* sinistre did once, but he didn't inhale.15:42
Rotwangmy whole company uses debian/ubuntu15:42
thrice`i started with slackwre, so .deb nor .rpm have always felt weird15:43
sinistreI did set up it for a friend, but it turned into a tarpit over time for some reason, so I was asked to remove it again. :P15:43
Rotwangmy first nonwindows was fbsd15:44
sinistretoddler :p15:44
sinistrerofl, ok, that was wrong window.15:44
* Rotwang have seen 3 seasone of the IT Crowd15:57
Rotwangwould much funnier if old denum was alive tho15:57
Rotwangwould be*15:57
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Rotwangcrap, i cant type today16:04
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thrice`I kinda like TB317:25
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