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nipuLwrong character encoding03:35
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: fbshot: fix source()06:29
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ekipzHey guys107:24
ekipzAnyone have trouble installing crux 2.6? After I run setup-chroot, all the partition information is lost. If I run "df" in my new chrooted environment I get an error-message like: "cannot read table of mounted file systems". This does not happen if i run the crux 2.5 cd. Anyone seen this before?07:24
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thrice`ekipz, hm, no :(  this is after you've ran setup ?08:01
rehabdollwhat filesystem are the disk mounted with?08:13
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ekipzyes, it is after setup-script ... i've tried both ext3 and ext410:26
jaegerekipz: is /proc mounted in the chroot? I haven't used the script11:09
jaegerekipz: try 'rm -f /etc/mtab; grep -v rootfs /proc/mounts > /etc/mtab'11:09
jaegereven with the error message from df the install should work fine, for what that's worth11:19
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tilmanjaeger: pretty sure that setup-chroot mounts proc12:45
tilmanbut too lazy to check :p12:45
thrice`it does :)12:45
thrice`proc, sys, dev, dev/pts, and tmp iirc12:45
tilmanfuck lazy, just checked ;)12:45
tilmandev tmp proc sysfs12:45
thrice`we had to streamline that bloat somehow12:49
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rehabdolllol, theres a script for that?12:56
rehabdollalways did it manually12:56
tilmansetup-chroot was added in 2.4-ish12:59
thrice`should hwclock --show  display the actual local time?13:13
thrice`something isn't right on my system; everytime I reboot, it says that my home partition was mounted last at some time in the future, and forces me to fsck in maintenance mode, and reboot again13:14
tilmanaccording to the manpage, yes it should be local tme :P13:14
tilmanthrice`: i had that problem with my latest crux instalation... not sure how i solved it ;)13:15
thrice`lol, ok :)  in rc.conf, I set America/Detroit (local time zone) instead of UTC too13:16
tilmandoes 'date' show the correct local time?13:17
thrice`date and hwclock --show  seem to match13:17
tilman"hwclock --systohc --utc" might help13:17
thrice`cool, that seemed to have done it :)  thanks13:20
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