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pitillogood morning01:05
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sirmacikhi \o06:29
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spaceninjatadzik: Anyone using ktsuss with openbox? I can't get it to work properly there, it works from the terminal but not through the openbox menu07:43
spaceninjatadzik: was it you that ported it yesterday? My memory is bad07:44
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* Rotwang is going to put crux on his dell 820 laptop today \o/11:24
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* cjg ehi ehi ehi11:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gdb: updated to
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Rotwanglong time didnt compile a kernel on a new machine14:52
Rotwanggetting kernel panics ;]14:52
Rotwanganyone experienced with dell latitude ?14:54
jaegerI've used them in the past, not in the last few years though14:55
Rotwangjaeger: any tricks i should be aware of?14:55
Rotwangits laptop i use for work14:56
jaegernot particularly, though you could always look for specific info on that model somewhere14:56
Rotwangif its going to be in unusable state tomorrow, im going to have problems ;D14:56
Rotwangjaeger: thanks114:57
Rotwangcrap, ive forgotten to mount /usr in fstab ;D15:00
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gnupg: 2.0.13 -> 2.0.1415:27
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Rotwangok, i hate configuring kernel15:49
Rotwangits impossible to know hat all these options are doing, and if ill need them [;15:49
teK_that's why make oldconfig rocks :)15:49
teK_you only have to do it once in a while15:49
Rotwangbut i need to make new config for my laptop15:50
Rotwangive found some gentoo guide on dell latitude 820 configuration15:51
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jdolanholy crap this is hilarious:
Rotwangcrap, my kernel image is 2,4 MB ;D16:25
Rotwangcould be worse though16:25
tadzikmine fits on floppy disk :)16:28
Rotwangwhich compression do you use?16:30
sirmacikI'm using lzma16:32
Rotwangand im using gzip16:33
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NomiusYeay! ktsuss is in the ports :-D16:56
tadzikmine :>16:58
Rotwangtadzik: there was some talk on non ascii characters in ports16:59
tadzikhmm, are there any in mine?16:59
Rotwangwe try to avoid them basically [;16:59
tadzikah, my surname16:59
tadzikwill sed it out17:00
NomiusWhy using only ascii characters?17:00
RotwangNomius: thats how we role [;17:01
RotwangNomius: try to watch the Pkgfile in your browser17:01
tadzikwell, that's not really the reason I'd say17:02
Rotwangtadzik: there are few reasons17:02
tadzikRotwang: fixed and pushed to git17:02
tadzikyeah, I know17:02
Rotwangim just mentioning ine of them17:02
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* Rotwang is installing ubuntu as fallback17:21
Rotwangjust in case17:21
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