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tilmanrehabdoll: god jul! (i think)00:00
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sepenI'm think that I'm the only one at work today :P01:56
aonquite possibly01:56
sepenusually I need 30min to arrive, today only 10min :D01:57
sepenfernando alonsooooo02:00
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sirmacikHi \o02:53
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gleboneHello, everyone03:03
gleboneI'm novice in crux03:03
gleboneand can't launch setup, it doesn't recognize my usb keyboard03:04
glebonecan you pls help me?03:04
sepenglebone, did you load the necessary kernel modules?03:06
gleboneno, I just run standart boot03:07
glebonecan you pls tell me what should I add after boot:03:07
sepenafter boot? you need to compile your own kernel to support your keyboard03:08
gleboneI now has no, I mean I can't run setup from cd03:08
glebonewhen I see boot: my keboard works03:09
sepenI don't have any usb-keyboard03:10
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sepenbut did you configure usbkeyboard support in your bios?03:10
gleboneyes, sure, arch setup works good with it03:10
sepenglebone, the problem happened in other distros?03:10
sepenah ok03:10
gleboneno, only in crux03:10
sepensorry I dont' have  any usbkbd around03:11
glebonewhen I see (none) login: _ I can't type from my usb keyboard03:11
gleboneand unfortunatelly I havent ps/2 one03:11
gleboneI think I've missed some of boot options, but I don't know which of them......03:12
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sepenI never used an usbkeyboard, but I think others could help you03:16
glebonein order while booting I see "pnp no ps/2 controller found"03:20
sepenthat's for mouse03:23
sepenglebone, could you look into your arch installation media for extracting which arguments or whatever is passed to boot?03:24
gleboneok, will do thx03:25
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vaddiworks in bios?03:52
vaddihappy xmas to all crux'ianer'03:53
gleboneyes, in bios usb keyboard works (enabled), in all other live cd distros it woks also03:54
gleboneWhen I'm run crux live cd it works when I can select boot options, but after loading kernel and login prompt it doesn't work03:55
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vaddisounds starnge, other keyboard works? self compiled kernel? have you remove some neccsessary entries? it seems so, because other distros work well (as you say)04:25
vadditake a look in Device Drivers, Input device support, Mice, PS/2 mouse  should be loaded at boot (not M, * should be the right xhoice)04:29
vaddia sry, my fault, im in hurry, not mice, keyboard04:30
Rotwangvaddi: and happy xmas to you too04:33
vaddithx a lot, have to go now, xmas stuff & so04:33
gleboneit is the kernel from livecd, that run with live cd, I can't configure them...... strange if I only have a problem with usb keyboard in crux livecd? Strange.....04:34
vaddii have never tried crux from live cd, i was allways shure, its the right choise, and so i never have used live cd ....04:35
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Rotwangglebone: whats the problem exactly?04:43
gleboneafter booting install cd my usb keyboard doesn't work04:44
gleboneit happened after I do boot: CRUX04:44
glebonewithout any additional booting params04:45
gleboneso boot: CRUX I can type from keyboard but can't login as root04:45
glebonecan you undestand my description? (Sorry for bad English)04:46
Rotwangi think so04:46
Rotwanguse ps2 keyboard then 8D04:46
glebonewhat do you mean 8D ?04:47
Rotwang8D is an smiley04:47
Rotwangglebone: do you have other OS installed on that machine?04:47
gleboneunfortunatelly I haven't usb keyboard...04:47
gleboneYes I have arch linux04:47
Rotwangglebone: so you can easily install crux from arch04:48
glebonecan you give link to tutorial?04:49
gleboneok, thanks a lot, I'll try!04:49
Rotwangeasy as a pie04:49
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sepenglebone, if you want a complete chroot environment just look for crux's safe-env and similars05:08
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gkrellm: update to 2.3.305:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: maradns: update to 1.4.0105:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: samhain: update to 2.6.1b05:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: squid: update to 3.0.STABLE2105:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: whois: update to 5.0.005:29
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Rotwangany tips how to bypass squid? ;D05:59
Rotwangexcept tunneling05:59
tadzikis C#/Mono fun?06:03
joacimno. did you really need to ask that? =)06:05
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tadzikyes I did. I'm just curious. Why is it so bad?06:05
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tadzikI guess it's just everyone yelling "oh noes it's so microsoft"06:08
strawWell, C# is quite cool imho, Mono rather not.06:10
tadzikwhat's bad about it? much worse than .NET?06:10
tadzikuhh, is mono repo even maintained?06:11
strawThat's the question. Even if, Mono will always be playing catch-up.06:14
strawAnd did you just compare Mono and .NET? :P06:14
Rotwangcrux + lxde on dell latitude 820 == win06:16
straw.NET is just the framework working with different languages (C#, Delphi, Visual Basic, C++/CLI and so on). With Mono use can use .NET on Unix systems (theoretically :P)06:16
Rotwanghow do i get transparency on my crux desktop without using xcompmgr06:19
Rotwangor cairo-compmgr06:19
Rotwangor compiz06:20
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sirmacikdoes anyone have ready crux26.img file to share?07:07
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joacimtadzik: bad reaction. ignore it if you didnt like my comment. nobody said anything about MS either -_-07:12
tadzikhuh? I wasn't inspired by it, no offence :)07:17
joacimok =)07:19
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Rotwangehi ehi ehi07:22
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tilmanhooray stable, wired internet08:22
Rotwangtilman: merry christmas tilman08:25
Rotwangmerry christmas everyone!08:25
Rotwangmerry christmas to all cruxers08:26
tilmanthank you Rotwang08:26
tilmanmerry christmas yourself ;)08:26
Rotwangthanks [:08:26
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sinistreMerry X-mas everyone. :)10:55
tilmangod jul ( still not confirmed)!10:57
thrice`we're laughing behind your back about it ;)10:58
aontilman: riktigt11:02
sinistreFrohe Weihnachten11:02
* sinistre notes that pesky relatives are trying to tug him away from the computer11:04
aonmine are either on the phone or watching tv :)11:05
tilmankitchen/their laptop11:11
tilmansinistre: tak11:11
aon'tack' :p11:12
tilmanaon: suomi julnatten perkel!11:12
aon'julnatten' isn't finnish11:12
tilmani know11:12
tilmantime to heat up the drink similar to glogg11:12
aonglühwein? :)11:13
tilmani'm impressed11:13
aonja, das sollst du sein11:14
aonor something11:14
aonwas that even remotely german? :)11:14
aoni just know random nouns11:14
tilmans/sollst/solltest/would make that sentence a very nice response11:15
aonoh, right11:15
tilmandiscussing language at christmas eve ftw11:16
Zaba_but christmas is 7th of january11:17
* tilman rolls his eyes ;)11:17
aonpfft :)11:18
aons novym godom!11:20
aonnot yet, though11:20
Zaba_is that russian for "let's get drunk"?11:20
aonno, i think it's "happy new year"11:20
aonthought you'd know11:20
Zaba_oh, well, it's hard to tell what people *mean* when they say that around here :>11:20
aonheh :)11:21
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sinistreaon: I thought there were no difference in russian between "Happy new year" and "Let's get drunk". :P11:29
sinistreI'm pretty certain it's almost the same thing in swedish at least. ;p11:29
glebonehappy Christmas to cruxers from archers :) !11:43
* sinistre takes a look in the log and congratulates tilman to his nice present. :p11:46
tilmanyeah, i'm visiting more civilized people/regions11:48
sinistreoh, I though whatever ISP was available in your own neighbourhood finally managed to make something sane available..11:49
sinistrewhere the heck do you live, neighbour with Little Red Riding Hood's granny? :>11:50
aonwhat a long way to say "germany" :)11:52
sinistreaon: you mean there's no other kind of wire in germany than the kind that is barbed? :>11:53
aonno, of course not11:55
aoni've heard that there at least was cable radio in berlin at one point11:55
sinistrecan't broadcast David Hasselhof on the air, might cause WWWIII :D11:56
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tilmannah, i just don't have wired internet available at my new place12:29
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Rotwangtilman: how is it possible that under ubuntu on the same laptop xrandr shows more screen resolutions?13:07
Rotwangthan on crux13:08
* tilman rolls eyes13:11
Rotwangmight it be kernel configuration?13:11
Rotwangtilman: why? :c13:11
Rotwangim serios13:11
rehabdollRotwang: it should show the same13:13
tilmanthe ubuntu software probably has a couple hundred patches applied13:13
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rehabdollthank god, christmas is done13:14
Rotwangrehabdoll: it doesnt :C13:14
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thrice`patch -p1 MOAR_SCREEN.patch13:37
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bdfyCan somebody look at blender Pkgbuild?14:40
bdfyI dont uderstood.14:40
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Rotwangbdfy: paste Pkgfile plx plx15:02
Rotwangi wasnt that frustrated since morning15:02
Rotwangcant get anything to work under crux on that laptop [;15:03
Rotwangbdfy: change following line15:03
RotwangBF_FTGL_LIB=$(pkg-config --libs ftgl)15:03
RotwangBF_FTGL_LIB="$(pkg-config --libs ftgl)"15:03
Rotwangbdfy: post a bug report if you can15:04
Rotwangi cant set up those damn modelines in my xorg.conf15:05
jaegerRotwang: what's wrong with it?15:08
Rotwangjaeger: im trying to set up some additional resolutions15:09
Rotwangive stolen modelines from ubuntu Xorg log15:10
Rotwangpasted them to xorg.conf15:10
Rotwangxorg.conf is parsed correctly but resolutions doesnt show up15:10
jaegerdifferent driver? or maybe a different version of it?15:11
Rotwangon ubuntu i has 1.6.4 xorg-server15:16
Rotwangbut if i add modeline via xrandr15:16
jaegerAnother possibility could be building hal support in or something15:16
Rotwangit works fine15:16
jaegerI'm just guessing, though15:16
Rotwangive got hal suppor15:17
jaegerhrmm, no idea then, sorry :(15:17
Rotwangit just wont work with xorg.conf15:17
jaegerthat's pretty odd15:19
tilmanyou probably didn't get the syntax right15:20
Rotwangtilman: xorg.conf is parsed without errors15:22
jaegerIf you don't use an xorg.conf at all do the right modes show up or is the reason you're adding them because that doesn't work?15:23
Rotwangjaeger: without xorg.conf additional resolutions doesnt show up15:25
jaegerah, ok15:25
Rotwangwith xorg.conf they doesnt show up either15:25
bdfy - shhhh!!15:29
Rotwangweirdest thing is xorg.conf is parsed w/o errors15:35
Rotwangbut nothing appropriate shows up in xorg.0.log15:35
Rotwangmy xorg.conf and xorg.0.log in two chunks15:40
bdfyRotwang: thanks for "BF_FTGL_LIB="$(pkg-config --libs ftgl)""15:40
Rotwangbdfy: yw15:40
bdfybut I can't build again15:40
Rotwangbdfy: i dont know how to help you with your next error though [;15:41
bdfyIt is very difficult, I think15:41
bdfyBlender is to big15:41
Rotwangi just added proper xrandr lines to ~/.xinitrc15:57
thrice`   maybe that's useful15:58
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Rotwangthrice`: thx, will look into it16:01
Rotwanghow do i check battery power level?16:09
Rotwangfrom cli?16:09
Rotwangusing ports from core/opt/xorg/contrib16:09
thrice`a tool called "yacpi" comes to mind16:11
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Rotwangako/yacpi is pretty much b0rken16:18
Rotwangive got bad day16:18
Rotwangreally bad16:18
thrice`sorry, I used to have a port, but seems it's gone16:20
sinistreheh, having a bad day on christmas eve.16:21
* sinistre guesses Rotwang hasn't been a good boy this year. :>16:21
RotwangI have :c16:22
Rotwang# acpitool16:23
Rotwang  Battery status : <not available>16:23
Rotwangive got battery kernel module loaded16:23
thrice`and you have stuff like "/proc/acpi/battery" ?16:24
thrice`maybe you need to enable the /proc/acpi stuff in the kernel too16:25
Rotwangseems so16:26
thrice`sorry, I'm not an expert either :>16:26
Rotwangi need to push some acpi stuff to contrib16:27
thrice`I think you need that too, though16:27
thrice`did that do it?16:29
thrice`I think the yacpi tool had a little nicer output than acpitool16:33
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Rotwangim close to having orgasm right now16:54
Rotwangmy crux laptop is almost completely set up and ready for work \:D/16:54
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tadzik=======> Build result:16:58
tadzikdrwxr-xr-x root/root         0 2009-12-24 23:57 usr/16:58
tadzikdrwxr-xr-x root/root         0 2009-12-24 23:57 usr/bin/16:58
tadzik↑ yacpi16:58
Rotwangtadzik: youve experienced file leak outside your work dir16:59
sinistretadzik: just make sure you install it, ok? ;)16:59
Rotwangthats the punishment for not using fakeroot16:59
Rotwangbesides i warned you yacpi is b0rken16:59
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jaegerwell, that's annoying... the power only goes out for a second but the UPS decides not to bother to keep the computer on17:00
tadzikgeez, this Pkgfile is *dumb*17:01
thrice`"no thanks, not worth it" :D17:01
sinistreso much for "Uninteruptable" :>17:01
jaegerMakes me really trust it17:01
sinistre"Nobody will notice that short a gap" :p17:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: wavemon: Updated to 0.6.1018:16
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