IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2009-12-26

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teK_this update for x264 is not to be taken seriously, isn't it?03:16
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rehabdollreturns a 40404:46
rehabdollteK_: does mplayer build with the new x264?05:46
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rehabdollany crux-ppl attending the ccc conference?07:01
ZabaI would, if not the four thousand kilometers and a bit that I have to travel to get there.07:02
strawrehabdoll: still thinking about it07:07
rehabdolldo you usually attend?07:08
rehabdolli was thinking of going, but cant this year07:08
aonseems interesting07:10
strawrehabdoll: well, I was there 2 years ago :>07:10
rehabdolla friend of mine is going.. i have to work :/07:10
strawI can be quite spontaneous since I live like around the corner07:11
rehabdollthe workshops look interesting07:11
strawI like the hardware hacking ones :>07:14
tilmanccc is at the worst time of the year possible07:30
tilman"worst possible time of the year" maybe07:30
* straw agrees07:30
tilmanmost worst time?07:30
tilmani guess ccc starts on monday?07:30
tilmanhahaha o_O07:31
tilmanseriously, what the hell?07:31
strawguess I need the 4 days and well.. it ends at the 31st already :(07:32
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bdfyWhat I am doing wrong?15:28
Rotwangno idea15:31
Rotwangprobably kernel cant see your cdrom?15:31
bdfyI can do this with crux-2.515:33
bdfyBut with crux 2.6 I cant :((15:33
bdfyAsus eeepc 701 have no cdrom15:34
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Rotwangbdfy: install crux 2.5 and upgrade to 2.615:38
Rotwanginstall crux 2.6 from within another OS15:39
bdfypkgadd -fu /media/myusbflash/crux/{core,contrib,xorg}/*15:40
bdfyThat right?15:40
Rotwangsth like that15:40
bdfyheh, that idea15:40
Rotwangnot exactly, but your overal concept is ok15:41
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sinistrebdfy: sepen have a script for converting the iso to unetbootin, or something like that.15:47
bdfyWhere I can look at?15:48
bdfysinistre: Where is this script?15:48
Rotwangbdfy: oder boot from crux 2.5 and mount crux 2.6 and replace packages15:48
sinistresorry, I don't remember where it is, I've just seen people refering to it. You might have to root around abit to find it.15:48
Rotwangnever tried that though15:48
sinistrethat's probably it.15:49
Rotwangyou cant replace packages on ro fs15:49
Rotwangthats the flaw in my logic15:50
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Rotwangbdfy: or try updated ido by jaeger15:52
Rotwangthere are so many options [;15:53
thrice`2.6 had some issues as-is regarding usb - jaeger's updated iso files will work well, otherwise he wrote some instructions that "fix" the standard 2.6 iso15:54
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teK_rehabdoll: had no chance to test it15:58
teK_+ I will attend 26C315:58
rehabdollcool, i hope to attend next year16:19
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thrice`figure it out? :)18:18
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JFlashanyone knows James Mills?18:29
JFlashforgot his nick18:29
thrice`prologic iirc18:29
JFlashah prologiv18:29
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