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eintopfcan someone told me wich package has X11/extensions/shape.h?04:52
eintopfI think xorg makes some changes...04:52
sirmacikeintopf: You have prt-get fsearch04:53
sirmacikfor such things04:53
eintopfbut this scans online footprint?04:53
sirmaciknp [;04:54
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eintopf^26c3can someone give me binaery package of qt4?09:40
rehabdoll64bit ok? :)09:47
eintopf^26c3hehe, no 3209:50
RyoSnow you have special wishes09:51
RyoSanyway, qt* always is the enemy. you know that son?09:52
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Andreis pkgtools static?11:53
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Andreit's perfect for lfs then ;)12:10
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[0_0]aon: sup?12:40
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-libpixman: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: mesa3d: updated to
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jkramerAny native english speakers here?17:44
Rotwangnie ja :c17:45
jkramerWhat's correct? "Please log into your account" or "Please login to your account"?17:46
Rotwangjkramer: I usualy use whats more simple17:48
Rotwang"logi in"17:49
sinistrejkramer: not a native, but why not just "Please log in"? After all you're not bloody supposed to log into someone elses.. :P17:51
jaegerIf it helps, "log in" would be the action, "login" is a noun17:51
sinistreYay, I got it right! :D17:51
sinistreI think. :p17:52
* Rotwang has no ida what "un" is17:52
* Rotwang is drunk17:54
jkramerjaeger: That helped, thanks :)17:55
sinistreRotwang: that explains why you're talking about some girl all of a sudden. :p17:55
sinistre("Ida" would be a girl :P )17:55
Rotwangok [;17:55
Rotwangvery nice17:59
Rotwangusual african women are not that much beautiful17:59
Rotwangbut mixed are wonderful17:59
sinistrehaha, "Ljungqvist" doesn't sound very much like Tanzania. :D18:00
sinistresounds more like it would be more of my neighbours. :>18:01
joacimI think it dependso n the packaging18:23
joacimmany can look great, if they wear the right clothes and dont go wild with makeup18:24
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NomiusThat picture has too much photoshop (or gimp :-P)21:18
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