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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: lftp: updated to
tilmanrehabdoll: where did you buy your sheevaplug? did you get the dev kit version or the regular one?05:04
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* cjg ehi ehi ehi05:19
joacimBuilding mplayer fails. any ideas?05:42
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rehabdollbought it here:
rehabdoll3-4 weeks shipping though06:30
rehabdolland shipping was something like $50 D;06:30
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Rotwangth git [;06:32
Rotwangno problem with git*06:32
Rotwangport 2222 is opened at my workplace ;D06:32
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joacimrehabdoll: your export-2009-12-26 of mplayer builds fine. export-2009-09-19 chokes on x264.07:53
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joacimerr.. you're not lucas. anyways. export-2009-09-19 dont build on my x86-64 system, but export-2009-12-26 does =)07:55
thrice`yeah, mplayer needs bumping for new x264, as of about 3 weeks ago iirc07:58
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tilmanrehabdoll: thanks. there's a reseller in the UK ( iirc), but they don't have the european version of the sheevaplug11:13
tilmanstraw, teK_: want to organize a group order of sheevaplugs? :D11:16
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rehabdolljoacim: i know, blame tek, i just mirror his port :)11:44
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m4k3rhello.I was installing crux,but i've found a kernel panic "unable tomuo"11:51
strawtilman: I'm interested in getting one, not group organizing ;D11:52
m4k3r*unable to mount root fs on unknown block(0,0)"11:52
strawfirst time you compiled your own kernel?11:52
m4k3r(boot with grub)11:53
strawyou probably forgot to compile the disk and filesystem drivers in the kernel (or just compiled them as modules without an initramfs)11:54
m4k3rthe most strange thing is that after i read "Please append a correct 'root=' option  [..]" and in the list of partition he founds there's also the one i choose11:54
m4k3r*it founds11:54
m4k3rso i don't think it's becouse of the drivers.11:54
strawthen you forgot to add that to the /boot/grub/menu.lst11:55
m4k3rthat what?11:55
strawthe right root= option11:55
m4k3ryes, it's there. What about initrd? i have disabled that option (i haven't found any command on crux to make it) and enabled "PC DOS style partition types"11:57
m4k3ror something like11:57
strawwell, you shouldn't need initrd if your kernel is configured properly ;]11:59
straw(and no idea what mean with "PC DOS style partition types")11:59
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m4k3rso the problem is surely in kernel drivers?12:00
m4k3ruff =_=12:01
strawmost probably, yea12:01
cjgm4k3r, soc12:01
strawanyway, if grub is complaining about a wrong root= option, there must be something wrong in the /boot/grub/menu.lst12:02
strawmind to upload the file to any pastebin?12:02
m4k3rmy menu.lst?12:04
* straw nods12:04
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m4k3reh eh. Livecd can't find my eth0 connection :\12:06
strawwell, copy it by hand, it's only 3 lines ;p12:07
m4k3ri can type here the section "title CRUX"12:07
m4k3rtitle CRUX12:07
m4k3rkernel (hd0,0)/vmlinuz root=/dev/hda3 ro vga=79212:08
strawuhm, I don't even know if it's possible to write that in one line, hmm12:09
strawI'd write:12:09
strawroot (hd0,0)12:09
strawkernel /vmlinuz root=/dev/hda3 ro vga=79212:09
strawwell, and you're sure it's hda3 and not sda3?12:09
m4k3ri tried both. However, devices found by kernel panic are hdaX12:10
strawwhat options do you get when it says "Please append correct root= option.."?12:12
m4k3ruh, now i'm compiling the kernel, but there were listed all my partition (boot, home and root), and cdroms formatted like "(some numbers)\t hdaX"12:15
strawwhat did you change before compiling the kernel again?12:16
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m4k3rsome changes in network drivers, added ext2 support built-in and SECTION_MISMATCH12:19
strawdo you use ext2 for /boot?12:19
m4k3rbeforewas compiledas module12:19
strawstill I'm puzzled about grub prompting you with appending the right root option.. hmm12:20
Giuseppe_grub doesn't care about linux's root partition12:21
strawm4k3r: and /vmlinuz is pointing to the new kernel, right?12:21
m4k3rshould i enable initrd/initframs?12:24
strawas I said, you don't need it, if you kernel is configured properly12:24
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thrice`if it's panic'ing when trying mount the root partition, 95% of the time it's the kernel configuration, for either the file system being built into the kernel, or the HD controller stuff12:29
straw(already said ;p)12:29
* straw runs12:29
thrice`oh, sorry12:33
m4k3rok. I don't really know how and why, but works. Thanks12:43
strawbecause of ext2 compiled in?12:44
m4k3rmay be.12:44
strawmost probably12:44
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m4k3ris there a way to make a new /var/lib/pkg/db?12:55
m4k3rI mean, a command with prt-get or pkg*12:55
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tadzikwoo hoo13:15
tadzikcli portdb client in like 14 LOC13:15
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tadzikhmm, has anyone tried pulseaudio?14:49
sinistreon crux or somewhere else?14:50
sinistreit's a pain in the neck if you ask me, totally not worth it.14:51
sinistrejust my opinion though, if you ask the fedora people it's the best thing since before sliced bread. :>14:51
tadzikhmm, I'm curious about this per-app-volume feature14:52
tadzikwhat's so bad about it?14:52
sinistreit fucks everything up.14:52
tadzikhah. E.g?14:52
thrice`isn't it pretty cpu intense too?14:52
sinistrethat too.14:52
sinistreand they want you to build your kernel with a 1kHz tick..14:53
* tadzik is scared to say that he uses 1kHz ticking14:54
tadzikwhy it's good to use less?14:54
sinistretadzik: so, to be concise; A) It's insanely cpu intensive from time to time, B) It tends to break audio for a lot of apps, (hiss, pop, gaps etc) C) look up google for a festival of other problems.14:55
sinistreit kills batteries, and it causes a huge amount of pointless context switches.14:56
tadzikare there any pros?14:56
sinistresomewhat better response, I've heard.14:56
tadzik1000 Hz is the preferred choice for desktop systems14:57
jaegerI hate ubuntu's pulseaudio setup, crackles and fucks up flash all the time14:57
thrice`why not spend the time on jack or something?14:57
sinistrethrice`: NIH, most probably :>14:57
tadzikwell, I'm just curious about this per-application-volume stuff14:58
sinistrealso, I think JACK is even more cpu intensive, but I've never used it, so consider that heresay14:58
tadziksinistre: what freq do You use?14:59
sinistre100Hz. :>14:59
thrice`tickless :)15:00
tadzikarches on their board say that 300Hz is better for cpu-intensive tasks, compiling, encoding, etc15:00
sinistrethrice`: one does not exclude the other. Tickless does not mean *everything* can do that. :)15:01
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thrice`oh, ok :>15:03
tadzikand dynamic ticks, ain't they about dynamic changing of this?15:03
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m4k3rkernel bug at fs/xfs/support/debug.c!15:08
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tadzikoh, I was to change fs's15:09
* sinistre doesn't touch xfs15:11
m4k3ris it so bad?15:11
thrice`but you mess with pulse-audio? :)15:11
surrounderkinda like it on our backup servers15:12
sinistrethrice`: no, I don't mess with pa, not by choice at least. :>15:12
m4k3rand.. should i report this bug to crux or to kernel communities?15:12
sinistrexfs is a compliction I chose to forgo since it has a bit of an ugly background.15:13
Rotwangm4k3r: kernel15:13
thrice`yeah, CRUX just gives the kernel tarball for your enjoyment ;)15:13
sinistrecould just as well stop shipping it, and make the user download a newer one during installation. ;)15:14
surrounder*here's a selection from"15:14
sinistreit would certainly make the iso lighter. :>15:15
surrounderanother plus!15:15
surrounderis that a 128 MB Crux install flashdrive in your pocket or are you just happy to see me ?15:16
maro_with 4 GB flash drives available for $10 that point is sorta mood :)15:19
surroundergot a point there...15:19
maro_but agreed, the kernel source on the iso is only useful for a couple of weeks post release15:20
maro_and in bandwidth-limited places where you want the system up and running fast15:20
thrice`this is where jaeger's net-install would be awesome :>15:21
maro_my last crux install was 2.1 though15:21
maro_so not entirely up-to-date15:21
maro_got the creeps when trying the 2.6 in a vm, all those colors15:22
thrice`you just dont' run crux, or do update-via-ports+magic ?15:23
maro_thrice`: still running the 2.1 install, updated regularly of course :)15:24
surroundergoing to enjoy a fresh install again soon, no big distro autodetects some of my hardware and if I have to compile by hand I might just as well use distro that suits those purposes more imho15:24
surrounderreally great issue with suspending and losing the ethernet controller after wakeup15:25
maro_surrounder: using a source-based distro just because you need to compile your kernel seems a little overkill15:26
jaegerscared off by the color? seriously? heh15:26
maro_jaeger: yeah, sorry, reminds me of gentoo and knoppix-like distros15:26
jaegerThat just seems like a ridiculous reason to avoid a distro to me15:27
jaegerthe entire point of the colors is to look neat, not to alter performance or function at all15:27
surroundermaro_: nah, in my mind that extra step makes switching to my old love easier (i've been lazy a couple of years, my server runs crux still quite happily though :) )15:27
sinistrejaeger: don't underestimate the trauma associated with gentoo. ;)15:27
maro_but then again one of the things I fell in love with crux because of was the short and quiet boot messages and a simple '#' prompt to welcome you15:27
jaegersinistre: I don't associate gentoo trauma with its colors :)15:28
sinistreheh, fair enough. :)15:28
jaegerwell, to each his own, just found it odd15:28
Rotwangif spartans had computers they'd use crux, for sure15:28
thrice`yeah, ps1 var's are bloatish15:28
maro_jaeger: it is sorta odd :)15:28
jaegermaybe it's worth adding a spartan option for those who prefer it, hehe15:28
sinistreRotwang: I thought they'd go for obsd..15:29
thrice`moar_basics init15:29
jaegerthrice`: I haven't even looked at the netinst stuff in a while, I should update that15:29
jaegerbeen busy getting a new job, though15:29
maro_vmlinux no_bs15:29
thrice`neat :) i'm trying to buy a house15:30
jaegercool, good luck :)15:30
joacimI like colors, help draw my eyes to where they should be =)15:30
* Rotwang like colors too!15:30
sinistrethrice`: that can't be too hard, right?15:31
maro_joacim: better yet: only show text that is relevant15:31
thrice`you'd be surprised ;)15:31
thrice`there are really TOO man houses available15:31
sinistreaye, that's a problem too, I guess.15:31
maro_we should get colors in pkgmk too15:32
sinistrepresumeably it's not that nice to be the only inhabitant in a ghost town. :>15:32
maro_and pkgadd should show messages that it is installing a package and errors with red15:32
surroundermaro_: and blinks!15:32
* surrounder runs15:32
maro_surrounder: yeah! inverted blinks!15:32
thrice`maro_, Rotwang has done this iirc ;)  it's on the wiki or so15:34
maro_fatal errors could blink and change colors for each iteration15:34
maro_thrice`: per would cry is he was watching us now15:34
thrice`unless he has switched to kde4 or something15:35
* maro_ just switched to kde4 :(15:35
maro_but just to try it out15:35
thrice`on crux?15:35
thrice`ooh, i forgot we had a repo for it :>15:35
maro_I don't run any crux repos :/15:36
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Rotwangi think acoc has similar concept15:37
joacimI dont have colorized command outputs, but I do have colorized man pages =)15:37
maro_after a couple of years I only used a few packages from base and opt so decided to just disable them15:37
Rotwangmaro_: so, you maintain everything by yourself?15:37
surrounderjoacim: thanks for that link, would be nice to change some colours and some .bashrcs just to annoy my co-workers15:37
maro_Rotwang: yeah, not recommended15:37
thrice`but why?15:38
Rotwangit must be timeconsuming15:38
maro_Rotwang: exactly15:38
thrice`I mean, how is it possible to having a booting system with only a few from core?15:38
tadzikbooting? easy15:39
tadzikusable for everything you need? hardly15:39
maro_thrice`: different reasons, updates/patches/options/etc.15:39
maro_thrice`: I have the packages, they're just not from the crux repos15:39
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maro_I am stealing patches/tips from and watching crux though (and many others)15:41
Rotwangbtw., i can do pushes to contrib from my workplace, which means im going to have more time for crux ;D15:41
maro_have a small "findpkg" script that searches fedora, gentoo, crux, pkgsrc, arch, ... for build files and patches, really useful15:42
maro_and a makefile to keep all those repos in sync :)15:42
maro_and a 1000+ line ck4up.conf not to mention15:43
Rotwangmaro_: you can only be compared to Rommy [;15:43
maro_who's that? :(15:44
sinistredanny rawlins15:44
sinistrethe guy who invented "rommy logic" :>15:45
maro_define please :)15:45
sinistreassemble irrelevant facts, draw all the wrong conclusions, and insist that you're right. :>15:46
tilmanthat comparison is probably unfair15:46
maro_tilman: thanks :)15:46
maro_sinistre: thanks for the definition15:46
joacimunfair to romster?15:46
sinistreyou're welcome. :)15:46
sinistrewell, we shouldn't be too mean to rommy, he means well.15:47
maro_whatever happened to Han btw? not that I miss him15:48
sinistresought out his soulmates afaik15:48
tilmanhe just disappeaed15:48
maro_hm, I saw a Han somewhere not-so-long ago15:48
tilmanhe's probably still in #openbsd15:49
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surroundermaro_: Han's doing quite fine15:49
maro_wtf? they're on irc now? thought the were silc-only15:49
sinistrehey, irc is insecure, how dare they?!15:50
* maro_ hasn't touched openbsd since 3.6, that box is still humming though I think the disk is full, should probably turn it off15:50
surrounderstill a great OS for using as a firewall15:51
maro_tilman: any progress on pkgutils6? :)15:51
tilmanthought about taking my (crux) hat 10 minutes ago15:52
thrice`taking = on/off? :)15:52
tilmanatm it's supposed to be on, so...15:52
maro_tilman: why? :/15:52
thrice`oh, I understood as "putting on"15:53
tilmantoo fucking busy with life15:53
tilmanstill busy sorting out crap at my new place15:53
tilmannice, there's a first test release for libarchive 2.815:55
sinistre (picture taken in tilman's backyard)15:55
sinistreyou've got too much stuff tilman. ;)15:56
maro_tilman: anything exciting in the NEWS?15:56
tilmansinistre: heh15:56
Rotwangnice [;, a forklift15:57
Rotwangid like to have forklift in my backyard too15:57
surrounderalways nice for doing the laundry15:57
thrice`tilman, are you sure you secretly just don't want more time to finish raktpdf? :>15:57
maro_I should move my computer from the couch, it's weird how lazy it makes you15:58
tilmanmaro_: there's write support for zip files. pkgrm zip! \o/15:58
maro_tilman: finally! pkgadd for win32!15:59
maro_(does pkgutils write zip files at all?)15:59
maro_bsdzip? :)16:00
tilmanbut using zip(1) is a pita for me16:00
tilmani assume bsdtar will be able to use the zip writer16:00
maro_knowing close to nothing about the zip format internally, is it similar to tar?16:01
maro_at least in supported features (perms etc.)16:01
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tilmanprobably not16:02
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: git: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: esmtp: updated to 1.2.16:07
tadzikgit updates are quite fashionable recently16:07
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tilmanmaro_: omg, tell me you're not duplicating 'my' xorg ports repo16:56
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maro_tilman: I am :'( except I wrote a small script to automate it using the list of modules which was provided with 7.0, then have been bumping versions ever since (xorg-announce keeping me updated)20:52
maro_less than 1% of the modules (yes, really, 3 out of 300+) needs more than ./configure --prefix=/usr; make; make install so it was trivial20:54
maro_had seperate templates for font/lib/app/video/input packages20:55
thrice`I still don't get why you are doing this21:12
maro_thrice`: well for xorg I actually started before crux moved to 7.021:13
thrice`I mean, why do all of the work that crux devs put time into?21:14
maro_also I have found it to be less trouble to use /usr/share/man (since that's what all others are using), and disable static libs for all not-likely-to-get-statically-linked libs, things like that21:15
maro_thrice`: because it really isn't that much work :)21:15
thrice`mm, I suppose.  it seems like it'd be more constructive to just help the crux devs, than "fork" while doing nearly the same thing :)21:16
maro_just like using crux over debian or fedora might seem weird for one that haven't tried it since you have to know much more21:16
maro_thrice`: I did to start with, but as my packages started to derive more and more (footprints, patches not needed here, etc.) I decided it wouldn't be helpful21:18
maro_also I got locked out of the bug tracker when they moved to flyspray21:18
maro_but jue thankfully got my account to work again recently21:19
maro_also used different init apps through the time (minit, runit, now upstart), so when I had to write initscripts myself anyway there's really not much crux left21:23
thrice`i see21:26
maro_I also do lazy stuff in e.g. my gnome Pkgfiles (sourcing ../ which has functions for all the ugly things you usually need to do to properly disable nls) and symlinking post-install to a generic ../post-install which parses .footprint and run commands based on filepath21:27
maro_e.g. install gconf schemas, update mime db, ...21:27
jaegermaro_: ooh, I'd love to see that stuff, my old gnome collection is quite messy21:27
maro_jaeger: I'm thinking of re-doing it in a more useful way - so that it generates post-install's instead of being run21:28
maro_jaeger: but I can put it up for you, one sec21:28
jaegerI generate post-install scripts21:29
jaegerbut I was thinking mostly of the nls stuff21:29
jaegerthat's always a pain in the ass21:29
jaegerand disabling gtk-doc if you know how to do that21:29
maro_actually I switched to a common makefile instead for that, but same princip21:29
thrice`I tried to build evince recently (which no longer needs any gnome stuff), but could NOT rid of gnome-doc-utils, regardless of the --disable-all-docs-plz flag I tried :>21:30
jaegerI've been wanting to clean up the gnome stuff for a while21:31
maro_also check out (now up)21:32
maro_that's for the changing version dirs on gnome-ftp21:32
maro_now there's also a (Pkgfile for glib) to give you an idea21:33
maro_PKGMK_PORTS_DIR is also something I introduced :( can be set in pkgmk.conf though21:34
maro_note that none of this is something I've ever planned to publish, so it's terribly ugly21:34
thrice`--with-runtime-libdir=../../lib \   :p21:36
maro_thrice`: from fedora, had some problems with gio and inotify and wanted to follow them as closely as possible21:36
maro_just haven't gotten around to change it back :)21:37
maro_problem disappeared in a recent glib or nautilus upgrade though21:37
jaegermaro_: thanks, I'll check it out21:38
maro_np :)21:38
jaegerI can't get the, maybe the webserver wants to make it a cgi?21:39
maro_jaeger: the disable-nls and undef-linguas are the most interesting though21:39
maro_jaeger: just renamed the files21:39
maro_chromium wanted to download them when they were .sh's so now they got a txt suffix21:39
maro_in generel if would be really smart for a better way to mass-produce Pkgfiles though, ala gentoo's eclasses except not bloated21:41
jaegerI got the others, must have tried after you renamed... it was just giving trouble21:41
maro_would make packaging things like gnome, perl modules, etc. much easier and less error prone21:41
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maro_plus the --mandir=/usr/man in all pkgfiles is really silly21:42
maro_one can have a global file to define that21:42
thrice` .eclass ? :)21:42
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maro_check the I just uploaded, all you have to do is set CONFIG_SITE to point to such a file and all autotools apps will use those settings21:43
maro_I use it to force old tarballs to use /usr/share/{info,man} but crux could use it to make new tarballs use /usr/man :)21:45
maro_jaeger: you can try it out, you'll notice a message at the top about loading /etc/ (or whatever) when running a configure script21:46
jaegersounds handy21:46
maro_also forgot to mention my revbump script and bash completion which makes it even easier to keep ports up-to-date :)21:49
maro_"revbump glibc 2.11.1" will download, update md5sum, build, if build unsuccessful probe for an action to update footprint or whatever21:50
maro_and reset $release ovbiously21:50
maro_not actually a script but a bash function, so it will also cd into the ports directory for manual interaction or vcs commit21:52
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jaegermaro_: are you maintaining a complete gnome repo?22:38
maro_jaeger: yeah22:38
maro_before crux i was gnome packager for arch, remember? :)22:39
jaegerWhat version?22:39
jaegerAh, didn't know that22:39
maro_always latest stable22:39
jaegerIs there a good resource out there for learning to package gnome properly?22:39
jaegerfinding good deps lists and all that22:39
maro_not really, looking at what others does is the best I guess22:40
jaegerI've never been happy with the gnome ports, that's why I ask22:40
maro_I'm not happy with mine neither if that helps :)22:40
jaegerheh, fair enough22:40
maro_it's pretty complex, that's why I did the ugly hacks I've just shown you22:41
jaegerI'd considered something like eclasses before but figured not many people would want them22:41
jaegeryour hacks are a good alternative, I'd say22:41
maro_for deps I wrote a ruby script that should avoid a ton of duplicate deps (such as finddeps)22:42
maro_basicly is uses objdump to get the needed sonames, then uses ldconfig to locate their paths and map that to a package22:43
maro_combined with building mostly everything with -Wl,--as-needed22:43
jaegerwhat does that last do for you?22:43
maro_it avoids unneeded so's getting linked in22:44
maro_you know, if libjpeg switches soname, you'd have to rebuild allmost all gui apps because libtool drags it in22:45
maro_but with --as-needed you only have to rebuild gtk and other ports that reference funtions in libjpeg directly22:45
maro_as a result I only had to rebuild like 15 ports (out of 1000+ installed) with the recent libjpeg soname change :)22:46
jaegervery nice22:46
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