IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2009-12-30

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kmandlaHello all.00:42
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: tint2: initial import02:24
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: awesome: dropped03:50
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: ack: 1.90 -> 1.9204:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: asciidoc: dropped04:07
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: cream: 0.41 -> 0.4204:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: cream: removed redundant files04:39
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nipuLguess awesome wasn't that awesome04:54
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kmandlanipuL: I was thinking the same thing.05:30
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tilmanmaro_: somehow that really pisses me the fuck off05:51
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thrice`tilman, don't worry, we still love them alot :>07:02
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nipuLalhtough it would be nice if people would announce their intention to drop ports from contrib07:31
maro_tilman: why? it's not like it's trying to compete (it has never been public)07:41
maro_also, it dates back before aiglx when compiz was brand new and required xgl and patches to all the non-trivial xorg packages07:43
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RotwangnipuL: so you suggest we should mail ML if someone is interested in adopting it?07:46
thrice`:P  secret Rotwang07:47
nipuLit would be ideal07:47
nipuLcontrib ports should be added under the assumption that people would use it07:48
Rotwangyoure probably right07:48
nipuLremoving it without notice could be considered quite rude07:48
thrice`Rotwang, pushing to contrib from work, or?07:49
joacimI remember gentoo used to announce such droppage in their biannually monthly news letter07:50
* Rotwang is not rude07:53
* Rotwang just drops ports that noone cares about07:53
nipuLand who do you know no one cares about them08:00
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joacimI dont care about awesome =)08:05
spaceninjahehe I want to try one of those psycadelic frogs :)08:22
spaceninjakind of grose though08:23
spaceninjawhat do you think this is?
spaceninjadoes the moon have satellites or is it in earths orbit?08:41
spaceninjait does have a shadow08:41
nipuLsomething in the moons orbit08:41
nipuLmapping, looking for water, etc08:41
nipuLthat or it's ALF08:42
spaceninjaok, looking for aliens on youtube is fun :)08:43
aonALF eh :)08:47
teK_Alan Mizrahi present?08:47
tilmanteK_: he's alancio on irc08:48
tilman-> so no08:48
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mplayer: 2009-09-19 -> 2009-12-2608:53
teK_feedback is welcome08:54
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thrice`"you suck" ?09:04
joacimit works09:05
joacimwatched two episodes of rozen maiden with the new mplayer09:05
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teK_thrice`: hu?09:17
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thrice`teK_, sorry, bad joke :>09:57
* Rotwang does not get that joke09:59
thrice`teK_, but, works4me too anyway09:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: p5-net-dns: 0.65 -> 0.6610:22
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tilmanhi jue10:26
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: linux_logo: fixed indentation10:43
Rotwanglast commit and im going home10:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: lxmusic: 0.4.0 -> 0.4.210:52
Rotwangi commited as root10:53
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tilmanapparently it's too damn hard to run git log before pushing10:55
tilmanor maybe i haven't suggested it often enough yet10:55
sinistreyou need to speak with a bigger boot. :>10:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: maildrop: update to 2.3.011:02
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: iproute2: update to 2.6.3111:05
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juetilman: or even better tig11:12
thrice`Rotwang, I tried to use your lxrandr port, but had to patch it for newer intltool:  .  otherwise, it just loops endlessly11:12
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thrice`Rotwang, sorry, I didn't see you leave earlier.  I think lxrandr needs a patch to build nicely12:48
thrice`   "works4me" :)12:48
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Rotwangthrice`: lxrandr builds nicely for me w/out a patch (tm) [;13:00
thrice`hmmm, do you have intltool installed?  maybe that's my problem13:01
Rotwangsure, intltool installed13:02
Rotwangthrice`: lxrandr builds without intltool too13:04
Rotwangjust tested13:04
Rotwangthrice`: could you paste error log?13:05
thrice`actually, there wasn't an error, it just kept looping endlessly for me13:06
Rotwangthats weird indeed13:07
thrice`oh well, nevermind!  sorry, was sure it was reproducable13:08
rehabdollparallel build?13:08
thrice`well, the patch I found to fix it just adds 1 line to, so I don't think so13:09
* Rotwang iz bored14:21
tadzikport new texlive :>14:21
Rotwangnew texlive sux14:22
tadzikwhy so?14:22
Rotwangbecause it does14:22
thrice`you can fix pidgin's footprint :>14:22
thrice`+ bump14:22
Rotwangthrice`: whats wrong mit teh footprint?14:23
thrice`it has gconf stuff iirc14:23
Rotwangoha noes14:24
Rotwanghow could that happen?14:24
sinistrebecause you're secretly a gnome user? :p14:25
Rotwangindeed it does14:25
Rotwangim not14:25
Rotwangim using lxde14:25
sinistredenial, denial. ;)14:25
Rotwangbut i had gconf installed for metacity14:25
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Rotwangbesides pidgin changelog for 2.6.4 is boring14:26
Rotwangthey could make irc support better14:31
sinistreyou somehow get the feeling that it's not their focus. ;>14:32
tilmanquelle surprise14:32
tilmanconsidering irssi is close to perfect14:32
sinistreI don't quite get what's so hard about making a good irc implementation for a fricking chat client. :/14:33
sinistrekopete used to support it pretty well in the past, but the decided to just drop it at some point.14:33
rehabdollbah, im is for 14year olds14:33
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sinistre"fjortisar" :>14:34
tilmanor that14:34
tadzikI'm missing a separate buffer for enter/leave events14:34
sinistreyou can do that.14:35
tadzikin irssi?14:35
sinistretadzik: look at han's theme at irssi.org14:35
tadzikthere's some han's theme, segfaulting14:35
sinistreit does just that iirc14:35
aon"fjortis" is such a tame word..14:35
tilmanconsidering buying an ssd14:36
tilmanwhat kind of fs do you put on those these days?14:36
sinistretadzik: well, you could try parsing the theme anyway, and see if you can find something useable.14:36
sinistrebtrfs I guess :P14:36
sinistrej/k, but that's the only fs I've seen there been any kind of discussion wrt ssds14:37
tilmandon't think it's mature enough yet14:37
sinistretilman: I'd probably put ext2/3 or something like that on it, without a journal14:37
sinistrethere's no need for logfs or something like that since most (all?) ssds have interlan wear leveling magic afaik14:39
tilmanwhy not ext4 without journal? extents ftw, afaik14:39
tilmansinistre: ah, okay14:40
rehabdolli use ext4 on mine14:40
rehabdollintel x25-m14:40
sinistreheh, well, we had a little scare with ext4 a little while ago, right? Didn't feel appropriate to recommend it. :p14:40
rehabdolltrim will probably be merged in .3314:40
rehabdollhavent followed the changelog in the rc's so not sure14:40
rehabdollyeah, i would never put ext4 on a new disk today :)14:41
tilmanext4 ate my gnucash account file 5 days ago14:41
* tadzik hides14:41
rehabdollouch, what kernel?14:41
sinistre"ext4 ate my money".. yikes. :X14:41
tilmanlaptop's battery got drained while gnucash was running14:41
tilmanafter a reboot, that file was 0 bytes ;)14:41
tilmanreally fucking annoying14:42
tilmannot sure i can be bothered re-creating all those goddamn accounts14:42
tadzikscary e414:42
teK_backup for the win :P14:42
tadzikI'm thinking about falling back to e314:43
sinistre"real men don't take backups, but they often cry" :>14:43
tilmansinistre: yeah yeah14:43
sinistreheh, was meant for teK_ :>14:44
Rotwangi lold14:45
thrice`I'm still unsure of ext4 too :(14:55
strawI still see too many fixes in recent kernel changelogs, so not for me at the moment :>14:56
rehabdollcool, i also get a loop when building lxrandr15:01
thrice`   should work :>15:02
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mplayer: use consistent codecs directory15:02
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: win32-essential-codecs: use consistent codecs directory15:02
rehabdollprt-get remove lxrandr also solves it :D15:02
thrice`I think it's a neat tool :>15:02
rehabdollyeah, agreed.. but i dont use it :>15:03
thrice`i suck at xrandr, though :>15:03
Rotwangxrandr -x15:04
tadzikis it possible to easily set dual-monitors with lxrandr?15:04
thrice`if you card plays nice with xrandr, sure15:04
tadzikwell, it surely is possible15:05
tadzikbut I dunno how, so lxrandr could maybe save me some effort15:05
thrice`Rotwang, mm, never knew about that, maybe15:06
tadzikhow do I turn this back?15:07
thrice`lxrandr :>15:07
Rotwangtadzik: ha!15:07
Rotwangnow you are arabian15:07
Rotwangtadzik: xrandr -o normal15:08
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rehabdollhaha, awesome15:09
thrice`mm, opt64 is getting smaller :>15:11
rehabdoll-y was pretty awesome too15:11
tilmanthrice`: that's a good thing though, right?15:12
tilmansince it's just an overlay15:12
thrice`very :>15:12
tadzikanyone using this _64 overays successfully?15:12
thrice`A few, I think15:13
thrice`or maybe it's just rehabdoll and I :>15:23
* Rotwang too15:23
tadzikhmm, out of curiosity…15:24
joacimI use that too15:24
tadzikgrep CONFIG_64BIT /usr/src/linux/.config, could You?15:24
tadzikcould you pass me /etc/ports entries?15:25
Rotwanggrep: /usr/src/linux/.config: No such file or directory15:25
tadzikdo I need git driver or something?15:26
thrice`tadzik, well, you can't just drop it in, you need to install 64-bit from the start15:26
thrice`for the toolchain, binaries, etc15:26
joacimi think gentoo has a script that migrates a 32-bit system to 64-bit15:27
thrice`I can't imagine that'd be faster than reinstalling :(15:28
tadzikso is there some special 64 image?15:28
teK_of course15:29
Rotwangyes there is15:29
tadzikwhere does it live?15:29
tadzikah, I see15:29
sinistreI think rehabdoll is trying do disguise it as something for the C64. :P15:29
teK_btw: anyone using kvm?15:29
joacimmust be lunix ports15:30
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: dokuwiki: 2009-02-14 -> 2009-12-2517:51
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