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kmandlaHello all.02:57
deus_exjaeger: iirc, you are using JFS at one of your machines?02:59
deus_exI have  bought 1Tb drive recently, and I'm thinking about using JFS as a filesystem on it.03:01
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jtnlsry, hello!04:48
jtnlgood morning, when trying to install crux with the live-cd, and had this problem loadin / boot / initranfs ..... error: edle with IF = 004:59
jtnlone has had that error? is a computer amd athlon 64, and a motherboard asrock05:01
tadzikhoo, had some asrock motherboard few years ago05:02
tadzikcompletely incompatibile with 2.6 somehow05:02
jtnlsomething that is incompatible leaves many numbers and letters and giving me this error message, I will continue investigating, if anyone discuss what had happened05:03
jtnlSorry about my English05:04
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Rotwangjtnl: no idea05:50
Rotwangyou can still install crux from another os05:51
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nipuL> date07:03
nipuLFri Jan  1 00:03:09 EST 201007:03
teK_eight hours to go :)07:03
tadzik10 hs here07:05
Zabaeight for me, too07:07
tilmanteK_: where are you?07:08
tilmannipuL: hny ;)07:08
teK_tilman: haha 10 hours :x07:09
teK_< stupid07:09
ZabaThu Dec 31 16:09:27 MSK 200907:09
teK_for compensation I built a nbd port :)07:09
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kmandlaHello again.07:57
RotwangHAPPY NEW YEAR!!08:08
* Rotwang has great plans for this years new years eve08:08
Rotwanggo outdoors08:09
Rotwangdrink four beers08:09
Rotwanggo back home08:09
jaegerdeus_ex: I haven't used JFS in a long time, I lost a lot of data to it twice years ago08:10
deus_exjaeger: ouch08:18
deus_exi googled aout its reliability a lot for the past couple of days, no horror08:20
deus_exstorries as of recent, but it seems that IBM EOLd it.08:20
deus_exalthough one of the biggest online storage/backup providers08:21
deus_exis using it for their storage pods08:21
deus_exand MythTV forum has a gneraaly positive fedback on it.08:22
rehabdolloh? when are they killing it off?08:28
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deus_exit was a speculation, as Wikipedia points out.core members still seem to fix08:34
deus_exbugs, and track kernel changes.08:34
deus_ex67Tb for almost $ :).08:41
thrice`I've had my best luck with jfs, not sure why I switched to ext408:57
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joacimbecause it is new and cool?09:05
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thrice`right, that's it.  nevermind, jfs sucks!!09:13
Rotwangthrice`: happy new year!09:13
thrice`u2 :>09:13
thrice`well, I still have ~ 14 hours to go :)09:14
Rotwangive got ~809:15
joacimwe are like timezone brothers09:22
ZabaI've got about 5 hours and 28 minutes to go09:32
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tadzikif I boot up 64bit install cd, and tell it to upgrade the current crux, will it work?10:01
thrice`it'll update all of your core stuff, but all applications that have been built will require rebuilding10:02
tadzikso only core will get updated?10:03
thrice`actually, I've booted the 64-bit iso before, and simply used "pkgadd -u" on everything :>10:03
Rotwangtadzik: new years eve is about to begin, and you think about updating crux? :O10:03
thrice`tadzik, well, and any other things you do from opt/ and xorg/ that have packages available on the iso.  you'll have to rebuild the kernel too, I think10:03
tadzikRotwang: nerdy, isn't it?10:04
Rotwangindeed it is10:04
tadzikWell, I was to visit my girlfriend (like 300 km away) today, but I'm going there the day after tommorow, so yeah, looks like I'll be sitting ducks at home10:04
teK_< jealous :)10:05
tadzikthrice`: yeah, looks reasonable10:05
Rotwangtadzik: 300 km away? :O10:05
tadzikRotwang: From Warsaw to Katowice10:05
tadzik316 on PKP tickegt10:05
Rotwangi assume you both study in the same city?10:06
tadzikyou assume wrong10:07
tadziknot that I'm happy about it10:07
Rotwangtadzik: so how do you spend time together?10:08
tadzikshort answer is: rarely10:08
Rotwangthats the best relationship of all \o/10:08
Rotwangclose but in distance10:08
thrice`yes, mine lives with me, and it can cause issues ;)10:09
Rotwang thrice`: what are your new years eve plans?10:10
Rotwangirc party? ;>10:10
tadzikis there gonna be any celebration on #crux?10:10
tadzikLike ascii fireworks?10:10
thrice`well, today I am having my new home inspected, which I am trying to buy.  Not sure how time conusming that will be.  otherwise, not too much10:11
joacimmiss right is much easier to relate to10:11
strawIt's weird. I feel like I was drunken for the last 2 weeks, but today, at NYE, I just wanna stay home. Also all of my friends didn't plan anything.. the years before we always rented rooms and stuff, but.. this year it's strange somehow.10:13
tadzikyou're getting older :>10:13
* tadzik hides10:13
strawyou said it :(10:14
thrice`I really don't get too excited for new years, mostly excited for the day off of work :>10:14
Rotwangbeing adult is boring :c10:14
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* straw catches his skateboard and runs out in the snow10:14
RotwangAfter I had my second child, a boy, my mom looked at my daughter, my son and myself on the couch and said to me, “You have a complete set now, you can stop collecting.”10:15
strawhrhr, guess she's right there! :>10:15
strawI couuld imagine having 1-2 children, but more would be horror.10:16
joacimi dont want children :(10:16
joacimi'd have to be nice for 18 years10:16
tadzikhmm, I'd better backup my /10:28
tadzikaw, let's be courageous once10:29
surrounderRotwang: lol10:32
Rotwangtadzik: only sissies do backups10:32
Zabareal men upload their stuff on ftp and let the rest of the world mirror it10:34
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tadzikit's hard to find something that works11:08
tadzikthey're all 32-bit executables…11:08
tadzikand I've cleaned distfiles few days ago…11:09
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Zabahappy new year! :>15:04
* treach recons he'll lag that hailing with about 2h.15:06
treacheven though the idiots already are taking out the fireworks.15:06
Zabaheh... idiots here just started blowing their hands off :>15:06
Zabaserves them well15:06
ZabaI would at least wait for light, so I can see what's that thing I'm setting on fire15:07
treachworse when they start aiming them at other people, or their windows. :/15:07
Zabaoh well, I only ever aimed a firework wrongly when it was badly made.15:07
Zabaan explosion of one parts thereof aimed the others in random directions15:08
Zababut it was mostly just loud, and not dangerous per se15:08
treach retarded and drunk people plus fireworks, an explosive combination indeed.15:08
Zabawell, serves them better than anything a sane and sober person could think of15:08
treachor at least put into action. :>15:09
Zabawell yeah15:09
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pedjaHappy New Year!17:00
* pedja is watching a zombie movie17:01
pedjaperfect way to start a new year :)17:02
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sirmacikHappy New Year!17:21
jaegerfirst and last day of the new job for 2009 is over, hehe17:36
treachcongrats to finding another one that fast. :)17:37
jaeger2 months isn't what I'd call fast but thanks :)17:37
jaegerthe 16-core workstation is pretty pimp, though17:37
treachwhat's that for, running eclipse? :p17:38
jaegertaking over the world or something, who knows17:38
treachoh, wait, must be for notes. :P17:39
jaegerit's overkill for me but it was spec'd for neurological researchers17:39
treachah, I guess that explains it, even if I'm sure Notes could bring it to it's knees. :>17:40
RotwangI announce year 2010 a year of TITTIES!18:48
treachI announce that Rotwang is too drunk for his own good.18:50
treachI'm amazed you're still capable of typing. :>18:50
nipuL( o Y o )18:51
nipuLmore like the year of "my kids are feral monsters"18:53
nipuLmy new years resolution is to get all my damn ports up to date18:55
* Rotwang resolution is to get a damn degree!!19:20
Rotwangand to get some pussy19:20
treachwouldn't fixing the suicidemobile be a better goal? :p19:22
Rotwangnot really [;19:26
Rotwangbut thanks for your concern ;p[19:28
Rotwangsex drugs and cash!19:31
sirmacikand rock and roll? :<19:32
treachRotwang: I think you're having some delusions. I think you should put it this way. Work, cash, then (maybe) sex. :>19:34
Rotwangtreach: you came back to your regular nick ;f19:35
Rotwangive noticed19:35
treachjust jogging it for the benefit of the general public. :>19:35
treachI'm too lazy to make any resolve to jog myself. :>19:36
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