IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2010-01-01

tilmanjaeger: good to hear. congrats04:32
nipuLit's a good year on the job front for me too04:42
tilmancan i still use heat-conductive paste 2+ years after i bought it? it's been opened and used back then04:50
nipuLsure, although sometimes it will 'seperate'04:52
RyoSi guess so04:52
nipuLwhen you squeeze it out you might see a clearish liquid04:52
nipuLif that happens, just squeeze it into a container and then mix it up with a match stick or something04:54
RyoSuse your finger!04:55
nipuLnah squeeze it into your mouth and mix it together with your tongue05:01
nipuLthen just spit it out ont your heatsink05:01
tilmanwill report back next week05:03
RyoSbrb hospital05:04
nipuLugh, is becks like the german equivalent of australia's fosters?05:05
nipuLin that we export it because no one locally would drink it05:05
teK_at least you won't get becks in a can (afaik)(05:06
tilmanno, becks is popular in germany, too05:06
RyoStilman: there is beks in a can and no, becks is just yet another bad beer05:07
RyoSäh, tek05:07
tilmanbut it's still popular afaik05:07
nipuLwell i for one don't like it05:07
teK_once again: Augustiner ftw05:07
RyoStrue, but i dunno why05:07
nipuLso it's like VB, all the bogans drink it05:07
nipuLclosest accurate translation for bogan i could find was 'der Proll'05:10
RyoSlol.. :D05:10
aonbecks is horrible05:34
tilmannp: dark tranquillity - therein (live in milan)05:39
tilmanfucking amazing05:39
tilman_so_ amazing ;)05:39
aonnp: Tangerine Dream - choronzon05:40
aoni wonder if anything can sound more 80's05:40
tilmandunno, i don't know that song05:40
aoni take it you know the band, though05:42
tilmani have heard the name... that's all05:42
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tilmanaon: i nominate erasure's a little respect for sounding more 80s :>05:56
aonthere's 80's and then there's facepalm-80's05:57
aondavid hasselhoff goes to the latter05:57
aonmost is between these05:57
Rotwanghow was Your new years eve?05:58
aonslept and watched tv05:58
aonand slept more05:58
tilmanit was new year's eve yesterday?05:58
aonso pretty normal05:58
aonexcept i was a bit agitated by everyone flooding "z0mg newyear!1" all the time05:58
nipuLgood 80's :
strawnice :]07:01
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thrice`bitch magnet?  ha ha09:13
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jaegertilman: I read that at first as "theremin - (live in milan)" and that made me laugh09:47
jaegerhrmm... the iphone discharges really fast if it's left plugged into a computer that's turned off09:49
jaegervery annoying09:49
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tilmanjaeger: hehe11:20
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doc_whohow are you?15:30
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nipuLjaeger: all phones do that20:42
nipuLphysics is a bitch like that20:43
jaegernever really thought about it, but annoying either way21:09
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maro_nipuL: it goes into phone-charges-computer mode? :)23:25
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