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kmandlaHello all.00:16
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aonin soviet russia, phone charges YOU02:09
Zabait totally does02:13
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: patch: update to 2.6.102:33
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: rsync: update to 3.0.702:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mc: update to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mysql: update to 5.1.4202:33
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bdfyanoter yet bug05:18
bdfycan't install subversion from opt collection05:19
bdfybefore this I am doing that: "sudo ln -s /usr/lib/  /usr/lib/"05:20
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Solomon243HI all !!05:53
nipuLman i hate c/c++ code that can't make up their mind what language they are using05:56
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jtnlhi Solomon24306:04
Solomon243I have trouble with CRUX:06:04
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nipuLif this is going to a problem easily solved by switching to ubuntu, i'm going to be cross06:08
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juebdf: not a bug, apr was built against db 4.5 but you have 4.7 installed now, rebuilding apr should fix your problem07:26
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tilmanrehabplug: running crux yet?08:34
rehabdollnope, just rebuilt the kernel to include iptables :>08:38
strawOh, *plug like in Sheevaplug?08:38
tilmanthat's what i assumed08:39
strawOh, cool. Do want!08:39
nipuLodd, one crux box get nfs time out errors when trying to mount, the other works fine08:44
rehabdollyes, sheevaplug08:56
rehabdollnipuL: i had that a while back08:56
rehabdollit started working a few days later again08:57
nipuLthis hasn't been working for a few weeks08:57
nipuLi've jsut been ignoring it because i rarely use nfs on this box08:57
nipuLsuppose i could use fuse, but i'd rather figure out what's breaking it08:58
rehabdollright, im going to numb my brain with some sensless violence in the form of modern warfare208:58
* rehabdoll is rebooting into wintendo-mode!08:58
nipuLhmm, seems udp is broken09:12
Ditziis there an alternative to pkg-get?09:15
nipuLyeah, built the ports from source09:16
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: mercurial: 1.4.1 -> 1.4.210:46
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bdfyyep, I am here15:37
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* jaeger shakes his fist at polkit16:18
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kmandlaWhat were the package updates from yesterday?16:54
kmandlaI lost my network this morning.16:54
kmandlarsync and patch ... ?16:56
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jkramerIs there a fork of gqview that's continued (or something similar)=17:27
sinistrewho needs that, when there's feh? ;)17:30
kmandlaBack in one minute. ...17:31
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* sinistre starts timer17:31
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sinistrewell done. :>17:33
kmandlaSigh. Back in a few minutes. ...17:34
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kmandlaHello again.19:37
jaegerwelcome back19:39
kmandlaNetwork problems. Grr.19:40
sinistresorry, the Internet now requires at least a dual core @ 2.5 GHz to work properly. :>19:42
kmandlaAh, that was the problem then.19:43
jaegerI'm almost afraid to mention my new work machine while you're here, hehe19:43
kmandlaIt's okay. I can bear it.19:44
sinistrejaeger: how many of his computers could you emulate on it do you think? ;D19:44
jaegerall of them19:44
sinistresorry, I put that wrong, I meant "how many instances of his computer"19:44
jaegerkmandla: it's a dual processor, 16 cores total, nvidia quadro pro graphics card, and 2 24" NEC sRGB LCDs19:45
jaeger"only" 9GB RAM right now, that's gonna get bumped to 12 when it comes in19:45
jaegerI didn't even pick it, they just asked me if I wanted that or the equivalent mac pro, heh19:45
sinistreI can see you feel pressed with only 9GB :>19:46
jaegerI do plan to do a lot of vm work but it's still overkill19:46
kmandlaAnd I was excited because I saw a Pentium MMX Thinkpad at the secondhand store yesterday. O.o19:47
sinistremh, I do a lot of vm's too, but a dual core handles that just fine.19:47
jaeger <-- one of these workstations but with a different loadout19:48
jaegerit's definitely way more than I'd ever buy for myself19:48
jaegerbut it should be fun19:48
sinistre"Life without Walls™. HP recommends Windows 7"19:49
sinistreIf you don't have any wall, why windows? =)19:49
sinistrelooks like a nice piece of kit, but I guess it's pretty loud.19:51
* sinistre thinks of the old SUN CAD systems back at the uni.19:51
kmandlajaeger: Good grief, that's a monster.19:52
jaegerI have quite the range now... my slowest machine being an old sparc LX (50MHz)19:53
kmandlaVery impressive, sir.19:53
jaegerI should update the openbsd install on that sparc19:53
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nipuLi have a slower one20:23
kmandlaI might have to buy that Thinkpad today.20:24
kmandlaOnly US$10.20:24
jaegernot bad20:24
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jaegerI guess he's not here to see the response but amazingly that workstation is nearly silent20:26
kmandlaSo may I ask, what is the use of it? I mean, is this IT, or graphics or what field?20:29
jaegerIT, though the spec was designed for neurological research20:29
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nipuLthe price seems quite high for those specs20:44
jaegeryeah, not sure why20:46
jaegerI've no idea what the one I'm using cost so I can't compare20:46
kmandlaSee you later. ...21:30
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