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pitillogood morning01:11
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sepennew year!01:28
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: neon: updated to 0.29.201:28
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: minicom: updated to 2.401:28
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sepen Car.jpg/view05:58
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nipuLThese are popular in rural australia, called 'feral utes'06:13
nipuLget a ute, dress it up to look like a truck, cover it in heavy machinery and alcohol stickers06:13
nipuLtake it to a B&S ball then do donuts in a muddy paddock06:15
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mike_kmake any amount of donuts you want, just don't stop exporting things like Nick Cave =)06:58
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nipuLthey showed an old birthday party gig on tv on saturday night07:31
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rehabdollnipuL: noone here knows what an ute is :)11:48
rehabdollbtw, holden or ford? :)11:48
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joacimno one in sweden?12:04
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Amakoi have a quick question, i am totally new to Linux.  Do you think crux would be a good distro for me to learn on?  i have a Apple Ibook G3 dual USB13:03
roliveiracrux is great to learn imo13:05
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Amakook very cool13:06
roliveirasimple and straighforward13:06
Amakovery nice, i'll try the install right now13:07
roliveiraok good luck, read the documentation first13:08
Amakoyes i have read the installation guide and it is very well written in my lets see if i can make it work.  I have installed xubuntu last night but i was reading deeper in to it and it's really does not have any support for ibook running PPC.13:14
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Amakoquick question i'm making the bootstrap partition and it's asking me for a First block:  Can someone explain this to me or help me, thanks13:43
rehabdollwhere the partition begins13:54
rehabdollyou could use cfdisk instead, its probably easier13:55
tadzikhas anyone used skype on 64bit crux?13:55
rehabdollnot i13:55
rehabdollare there 32bit binaries?13:56
rehabdollerr, i mean 6413:56
tadzikgentoo can do it, installing some 32bit libraries13:56
tadziknope, no 64bits13:56
tadzikor, there is one for ubuntu, but not with static qt13:56
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rehabdollit will probably require loads of 32bit libraries13:57
rehabdollnipul has a guide in the wiki13:57
tadzikI'm on gentoo atm, using this 64bit skype, this emulation-related deps were like 70 MBs13:57
rehabdoll9pm, bedtime \o/13:59
Amakothe Swap partition should be double your ram, right?14:02
tadzikno, why?14:03
tadzikhow much ram have you got?14:03
Amakooh well i was reading the forums and there is a entry that says that.  I have 600 mb14:03
tadzikwell, everything depends on the soft you're planning to use. But I remember, when I had 512 on my pc swap was never taking more than a few kilobytes14:04
Amakook, so i'm going to need a swap partion, linux partition and the bootstrap.14:07
tadzikyou mean /boot?14:07
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Amakowell the note in the guide says i would need a bootstrap if installing the yaboot loader in a mac14:09
tadzikI see14:09
straw2102          Amako | the Swap partition should be double your ram, right?14:10
strawthat was the rule.. 10 years ago :P14:11
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tadzikon 2.4, wasn't it?14:14
AmakoLOL any suggestions on a book i can pick up on basic linux stuff?  I hate to look dumb with all the easy questions.14:14
strawgood question.. no idea what English book people are using for "learning Linux" nowadays :x14:16
Amakowell i guess i'll just have to burn my retina reading online info. lol14:18
Amakook well off to work i go so thank you for your help so far.  have a good day or night where ever you are located.14:20
strawgn :]14:23
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joacimI just got whatever book my library had on the topic14:34
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joacimI cant say i learned much from it, but it did familiarize me with some of the available commands14:34
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strawAmako: maybe this one:
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sepenif someone wants to take a look ->
tadzikyou are a bad man :)14:48
tadzikchrome destroys your freedom!14:48
tadzikor less Stalmanish: use chromium :)14:48
sepenI like to compare choices14:49
strawsepen: What does this mean? - s/\0/\0foo/14:52
strawthe \0 and foo part14:52
straw\0 is just the seperator here?14:52
sepenjust is a replacement to fix linked libraries14:53
strawI just wonder about perl's s// syntax here14:54
sepenif you replaces in a binary file you need to fill the rest of the line with random chars14:54
sepenis not only relative to perl14:54
tadzikwhy not use sed?14:54
strawah, I see14:54
sepenits a --binary-- file14:54
sepenI don't know another way of doing it, but maybe someone could help14:55
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strawwell, it should be possible with GNU sed too (in binary mode), but I wouldn't say it's better or worse than the perl variant15:10
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mike_kany public kde4 repo around?15:23
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strawsepen: this should work too :D -
straw"bash -c" because of the the bash-specific syntax ("parameter expansion")15:43
Rotwangstraw: you doesnot need to escape newlines15:44
strawah, oki, then remove the '\' (thanks for the hint)15:45
strawRotwang: BTW, I don't need the ; either then15:50
Rotwangstraw: may i ask whats the point of bash -c? ;D15:52
strawGood question, a correct shebang should be enough of course :P15:53
strawwas just thinking of all the zsh users, you know? ;p15:54
* straw somehow feels the urge to use his old crux repo again15:56
Rotwangstraw: you could do all of it in perl ;f15:58
strawsure :)15:59
strawI just happen to enjoy bash in the last time, that's why I had to use it :>15:59
strawusing vim script would be another wonderful possibility ;]16:02
thrice`mike_k, yeah, the one on portdb should have kde4 :)16:32
Rotwanghow do you guys handle ssh keys?16:32
thrice`mike_k, just 4.3.0, it seems:;a=shortlog;h=2.516:33
Rotwanguntil now i had no problems syncing with git16:33
Rotwangany tips regarding ssh-agent setup?16:35
Rotwangfor now ive added ssh-agent to my .xinitr16:35
Rotwangbut it is not the best way to do it [;16:35
Rotwangmaybe there is some way to do it cleanly via dbus?16:37
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mike_kthrice`: ah, I didn't see that. thanks17:12
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