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pitillogood morning01:03
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: psmisc: update to 22.1005:12
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: e2fsprogs: enable debugfs and imager05:12
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gtk-engines: update to 2.18.505:12
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gv: update to 3.6.805:12
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: hpijs: update to 3.9.1205:12
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nipuLfrom the portdb i'm to assume no one is using DLNA?06:19
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jaegernipuL: I've used some in the past to try to stream media to the 360/ps3 but never found a stable implementation08:23
thrice`I think "mediatomb" can do that, but I haven't tried yet either.  I usually plug my ext. HD into my ps3 out of laziness ;)08:24
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nipuLjaeger: trying to get it to work with my bravia09:17
nipuLmediatomb does not work with it09:18
nipuLcoherence works, but i can't get the transcoder to work, and there is no video transcoder atm09:18
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tadzikhmm. Any sensemaking alternative to skype? Does anyone have experience with such software?10:21
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teK_tadzik: what do you need.10:23
Rotwangi have a problem :c10:23
teK_something like ekiga?10:23
tadzikteK_: well, when I tried ekiga few days ago and it was 1) unstable as hell 2) neither I could hear the person I was talking to nor she could hear me10:24
tadziksame with textmessages (in ekiga) :|10:24
Rotwangim running mysqld first time10:25
Rotwangon this machine10:27
tadzikeh, looks like I'd be getting back to 32bit crux :/10:28
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tadzikor maybe this psi…10:31
tadzikusing qt scares me10:31
teK_Rotwang: % prt-get readme mysql10:31
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Rotwangsorry i got disconected10:32
teK_17:31 < teK_> Rotwang: % prt-get readme mysql10:32
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Rotwanguh [;10:35
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RotwangteK_: thanks!10:50
Rotwangsilly /me10:51
thrice`hi jue10:51
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otwieraczWhere I can set local using crux-way?11:12
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tadziklocaledef done?11:13
otwieraczOh, tadzik. You're alive!11:13
otwieraczYes, done.11:14
tadziknot raeally11:14
otwieraczI have already generated locales.11:14
tadzikI'm on gentoo installing qt11:14
tadzikanyways, I always put LC_ALL=sth in my .zshrc11:15
otwieraczThere's no better way to set use UTF-8 in system?11:16
otwieraczOnly awful LC_ALL=sth in /etc/rc.local?11:16
tadzikmaybe /etc/profile will do11:17
tadzikoh, and export11:17
otwieracz/etc/rc.conf will not support "LANG=" or something like this?11:17
tadziknot sure, ask some deep devs ;)11:18
otwieraczdeep devs: ping11:19
tadzikmethinks rc.conf is just source'd in /etc/rc or somewhere, so it may work, but as I say, I cannot be sure11:20
otwieraczHow to set keymap manually?11:25
tadzikin X'es?11:25
tadzikthere is sth in rc.conf11:25
otwieraczYes, but manuallt.11:25
tadzikI remember playing with it when trying to use capslock as ctrl in tty's11:25
tadzikoh well, hmm11:26
tadzikgrep KEYMAP /etc/rc ;)11:26
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tadzik(this is the way I was checking it ;})11:26
otwieraczAh, right.11:26
otwieraczlocale is OK, keymap is OK.11:27
otwieraczFont is OK, too.11:27
otwieraczBut I don't see polish chars.11:28
otwieraczWhat else can be wrong?11:28
tadzikdunno, never really cared about polish chars in tty's11:28
tadzikusing frambuffer of any kind?11:28
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otwieraczNative terminal.11:30
otwieraczenv variable "exported" in /etc/rc should be used in all the system?11:31
tadzikNot sure. Anyway, are you sure framebuffer isn't obligatory for using non-ascii chars in tty?11:31
otwieraczI only want system which supports my language ;)11:32
otwieraczAnd I have nothing better to do now, when webkit is compiling.11:33
* tadzik is compiling qt11:34
otwieraczFor what?11:34
tadzikfor psi11:34
tadzikI need a skype substitute, so I'm about to check out jingle11:34
otwieraczYou can tell me.11:34
tadzikand if it works, I'll be getting back to crux11:35
otwieraczI have Windows and Psi.11:35
tadzik(where I'm gonna f**k with qt and psi again)11:35
otwieraczBut jabber and audio transmition sounds not good for me.11:36
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tadzikneither to me. But I need this damn voip, and I don't care whether it's sane or not11:36
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otwieraczThere's no GTK-based audio conversations tool?11:37
otwieraczLet me see...11:37
tadzikwell, there are some sip clients11:37
tadziklike ekiga. But ekiga wasn't working for me at all11:38
otwieraczWhat was wrong?11:38
tadzikso I gave up sip for a while, now trying this jingle stuff11:38
tadzikoh, wouldn't you rather asked what was right? Well, it compiled11:38
otwieraczSIP is ok, AFAIK.11:38
otwieraczOn my PC this will take a bit more time ;)11:39
otwieraczAnd webkit is compiling...11:39
otwieraczSecond hour?11:39
otwieraczSomething like that.11:39
tadzikI remember compiling webkit on pc some time ago11:39
tadzikafter one hour, power went down11:39
otwieraczHah :)11:40
tadzikthen, when I tried again, after one hour… guess what11:40
otwieraczLife is brutal ;)11:40
otwieraczOK, i add locale setting in /etc/rc.11:40
otwieraczIt should work.11:40
tadzikwell, isn't rc.conf a more suitable place?11:41
tadzikafair it's source'd anyway11:41
otwieraczI created if which sets locale using variable from /etc/rc.conf (if it's defined)11:41
otwieraczOK, i have good locale, font and keymap. But it doesn't work.11:42
tadzikthink about this framebuffer. iirc, you're gonna need this for non-ascii chars11:42
otwieraczI never heard about that.11:43
tadzikhave you ever used non-ascii chars in tty w/o framebuffer?11:43
otwieraczI don't remember.11:43
otwieraczBut I think that yes.11:43
otwieraczIMO it's possible.11:44
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otwieracztadzik: done!13:37
otwieraczAnd uzbl works.13:38
tadzikho ho13:38
tadzikdamn, I lost my awesome script to display wget progress in dzen13:39
otwieraczBtw, why you are not surf-er?13:39
tadzikit seems a bit unmaintained. cookies still don't work too good, downloading neither, also, uzbl is a lot more useful without mouse13:41
otwieraczNotebook is nice thing :/13:47
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tadziktilman: could you update rxvt-unicode? The latest version is 9.0718:52
rehabdollany interesting fixes?19:11
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pitillohello, does someone use crux with a big tft (32"), here there some strange things with fonts, gtk apps show them very little, any tip about?21:07
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