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otwieracztadzik: ping!06:35
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: coreutils: update to 8.308:44
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: libgmp: update to 4.3.208:44
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: util-linux-ng: update to 2.1708:44
otwieraczI have question about pinentry08:46
otwieraczWhen I'm trying to compile this (as dependency of gnupg)08:46
otwieraczCofigure says that pinentry was configured without Qt support (Qt Pinentry: no)08:46
otwieraczBut I have that error:08:47
otwieracz+ cd qt08:47
otwieracz+ moc-qt3 pinentrydialog.h08:47
otwieraczPkgfile: line 24: moc-qt3: command not found08:47
otwieraczSo, it tries to do something which needs qt3.08:47
otwieraczWhat to do? I don't want Qt.08:47
strawThen you'd have to change the Pkgfile I guess, as far as I see you can use either QT or GTK for Pinentry08:48
Rotwangotwieracz: remoe those lines from Pkgfile and try [;08:48
Rotwangotwieracz: you need to modify Pkgfile a bit08:49
otwieraczI'll do that.08:49
tilmanwho added that qt3 stuff?08:49
Rotwangmaintainer is still viper [;08:50
thrice`take out line 23-2608:50
Rotwangsomeone should adopt08:50
thrice`mm, terrible formatting too :<08:50
tilmanteK_: *headdesk* re 400c7f29d050c596372f8d3c5aac1eab6023b1a608:50
tilmanteK_: pinentry has qt as nice-to-have, that's why it  doesn't show up in the footprint. nice-to-have implies 'autodtecct'08:51
otwieraczommented and now works.08:53
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Rotwanghi jue08:54
Rotwangits snowing08:54
Rotwangi hate it!08:54
Rotwangi couldnt get my jetta out of snow08:55
joacimit's a car08:55
Rotwangno, its an airplane ;f08:56
Rotwangold german car08:56
joacimbig metal box on wheels08:56
joacimmakes wroomwroom noises08:56
tilmani see08:56
otwieraczVW Jetta?08:56
Rotwangand consumes money08:56
otwieraczOr what?08:56
otwieraczI hear Jetta somewhere :)08:57
otwieraczWho uses uzbl?08:57
thrice`not me, compiling webkit makes my cpu sad08:57
otwieraczMine too.08:58
otwieraczI takes about 3-4 hours :)08:58
joacimlucky me, only takes mine an hour =)08:58
otwieraczyeah, my CPU have ~10 years.08:58
otwieraczPentium 4, first releases on socket423!08:59
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: udev: updated to 150.08:59
Rotwangotwieracz: time goes by so quickly09:00
Rotwangpentium 4 release was like yesterday :']09:00
tilmanwasn't the p4 introduced much later than 2000?09:00
otwieraczAbout 2001.09:00
otwieraczIn 2001 i bought this PC.09:00
strawseems a bit early to me09:01
otwieraczWith that P4 ;)09:01
joacimI don't correct canadian's spelling anymore. they get a bit bitchy when I do.09:01
joacimplease correct mine tho09:01
strawNov 2000, does wikipedia say o.o09:01
otwieraczWell, you see.09:01
strawCodename Willamette09:01
otwieraczThats mine, thats mine! (probably)09:01
strawstrange, I still remember that I was using a Pentium 2 MMX 233 Mhz back in '9809:02
otwieraczWhat about making ports for applications which have only SVN (no tarball sources)?09:03
strawsvn as dependency? :x09:03
straw+ checkout in the Pkgfile09:03
otwieraczno source?09:04
Rotwangstraw: checkout in the pkgfile is ugly practice imo09:04
tilmancreta a tarball yourself, upload it somewhere09:04
tilmanmake the port refer to $somewhere09:04
otwieraczAnybody have stable server where can upload? :)09:05
strawRotwang: why? :(09:05
strawbecause of the svn deps, I guess09:05
juestraw: because the ports may be broken at any time09:06
tilman+ if you don't checkout a specific revision, you never know what you'll be building09:06
strawah, ok, that makes sense09:06
Rotwangbesides, its plain ugly09:07
strawyou're repeating ;p09:07
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Rotwangwhy if im fetching contrib.git at my workplace git complains of some insufficent rights10:48
Rotwangbut on the same laptop at home everything seems to be ok10:48
thrice`did you bring your ssh key over?10:48
thrice`ooh, same laptop?  hm10:48
tilmansame clone url?10:51
Rotwangtilman: yes10:51
Rotwangeverythiing is the same10:51
tilmanit's probably some evil scheme of your employer to make sure you actually work at work10:52
Rotwanghe is very cunning person10:53
Rotwangnot too bright though [;10:54
joacimcan i add that to my view of the stereotypical polish?10:54
jaegerspeaking of employers, they want to put me in the MRI monday, hehe10:54
jaegerfor a test protocol10:55
jaegershould be entertaining10:55
Rotwangjoacim: cunning but not clever?10:55
joacimindeed =)10:55
Rotwangtalking about stereotypes, Ive heard funny joke about germans recently ;f10:56
joacimI only know stereotypes i get exposed to through top gear10:57
strawRotwang: :O10:59
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Rotwangjoacim ^11:01
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: maradns: update to 1.4.0211:07
joacimyeah watched that on new years eve =)11:11
jaegergrr, xulrunner footprint mismatch again11:13
tadzikI like my footprint ignoring11:13
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juejaeger: some additional header files?11:16
jaegertilman: I get missing xvmc stuff in xorg-xf86-video-intel11:16
jaegerfootprint, that is11:16
juegot that too, but forgot the reason for it11:17
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jueiirc tilman knows why this happens11:18
tilmanpkginfo -i|grep xvmc11:18
tilmani have xorg-libxvmc, do you?11:18
jueyeah, xorg-server depends on it11:19
jaegeryes, it's installed11:20
tilmanlet me look through their
jueoops, sorry, we are not talking about the xulrunner issue ;)11:20
tilmanjaeger: 2.10.0, right?11:21
jaegertilman: correct11:21
tilmanjue: yes, i'm talking about intel, too :)11:21
tilmanoh boy11:22
tilmanjaeger: pkg-config xvmc xext xfixes dri2proto x11-xcb xcb-dri2 xcb-aux -- does that error out?11:22
tilmanif i'm reading it correctly, intel needs those xcb packages for xvmc o__O11:23
jaegerno output but exit status is 111:23
tilmando you have xorg-libxcb?11:23
tilmanand xorg-xcb-util?11:24
jaegerlib, yes. util, no11:24
tilmani think xcb-aux comes from -util11:24
jaegernot listed in the xorg deps, should it be?11:24
jaegeror the intel deps11:24
tilmani'm adding that crap to the intel deps now11:24
jaegerI'll install it and check pkg-config again11:24
tilmani don't really get why the driver would use a x _client_ lib11:25
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: added dependency on xorg-xcb-util.11:26
jaegerthat definitely made the difference11:28
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pazoDoes anyone have a rep for the newest gnome?12:01
jaegermine's broken, ask maro next time he's here12:09
pazoOk, I will. Thanks!12:10
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: openbox: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libpng: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: glib: updated to
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spaceninjahi, where do you guys read linux security news?13:23
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nipuLhmm, what to do with blueprints for every building at my university...18:03
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rehabdollas long as youre not a muslim you should be fine18:29
nipuLgot a call on thursday afternoon, "hey can you come in tomorrow morning to discuss a project i want you to work on"19:02
nipuLrock up friday morning for the 'meeting'. project manager says "I need you to map out positions for wireless access points across the entire university"19:03
nipuL"oh, the contracters come in on the 21st, plus you need approval from the head of it operations, so you have a week"19:04
nipuLthen he left19:04
joacimnice meeting19:38
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