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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-xf86-video-vesa: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-xf86-video-nv: updated to
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grobelerhey anyone got the link to jaegers usb crux install06:50
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joacim"Any editor that doesn't cope with tabs isn't an editor, but a bug (emacs comes to mind)."08:56
tadzikemacs has views08:59
tadzikor how are they called08:59
strawand vim has tabs/buffers09:05
tadzikso I won't say they're much different in this case09:06
* straw agrees ;)09:07
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tilmanjoacim: tabs as in \t or as in tabbed browsing?10:29
jkramerEmacs doesn't have \t? :D10:32
tadzikextreme vim trolling :D10:32
jkramervim rullz!10:32
joacimnot tabbed browsing10:33
tadzikcome on, it's just an editor. Not an OS or anything :P10:33
jkramerBut the tabs of vim suck, better just work with buffers10:33
joacimcant type a backspace in this terminal without changing the configuration10:33
strawjkramer: why do they suck?10:33
jaegerAnyone in here know a good way to mix 6 mono WAV files into a 5.1 channel ac3? I've found plenty of info about using ffmpeg/aften but nothing that actually succeeds10:34
jkramerstraw: They just don't work the way I would expect them to10:34
jaegeror sox/aften, same result10:34
jkramerstraw: The "problem" is that tabs are not bound to specific buffers, so you might end up having 5 tabs and 5 open buffers, and all tabs show the same buffer10:35
jkramerThis renders tabs useless for me, I'd just work with buffers directly then10:35
strawthat's freedom to me! :P10:36
strawjkramer: do you have a nice vimrc by any chance? I always like to compare :)10:37
jkramerI used tabs for quite some time, but when I started using makeprg for building, it became a pain10:38
jkramerWhen your build process throws an error, vim would jump to that buffer in the current tab10:38
jkramerstraw: Sure, wait a second10:39
strawhmm, I use :copen and :cwindow for :make, it works quite nice for me10:39
straw(look at Functions -> C -
jkramerWell I don't use :make anymore :)10:40
jkramerHere's my vimrc:
jkramerIt's pretty short actually, I've outsource some things to plugins10:41
jaegerthe closest I can get on this is aften taking a 4.05GB surround-encoded wav (from sox) which is 2 hours long and making a 1 minute 44 second ac3 :P10:41
strawI have no idea of that audio stuff :(10:42
jkramerstraw: The really cool stuff is in my zshrc anyway *g*10:42
strawjkramer: I see that you're using VCScommand and FuzzyFinder.. two plugins I always wanted to look at10:42
strawwell, I'm a bash user, since it's the default shell :)10:43
tadzikmap <C-c> <esc>10:43
tadzikthat's cute10:43
jkramerI use VCSCommand for in-vim diffs and blames only, but it's really great for that purpose10:44
jkramertadzik: Yup, best thing I've ever added to a config file :D10:44
tadzikjkramer: it looks like so :)10:44
tilmanimap jj <ESC> is far superior10:44
tadzikI still love my imap <C-b> <C-[>i10:45
tadziktyping [esc][i] to go one char back sucks hard10:45
jkramertadzik: Well, you can still press the arrow-left key :)10:45
tadzikjkramer: arrows are pretty far from keys :)10:46
tadzikI quite got used to emacs/readline/whatever keybingings anyway10:46
tadzikso I still use C-b, C-f and C-e in vim :>10:46
tadzikwhat's C-a supposed to do by default?10:46
jkramerstraw: And FuzzyFinder is pretty neat too, but it becomes annoying when you're working on huge projects10:47
jkramerAnd you need my zshrc for max. fun :D10:47
tadzikby the way, has anyone yet written zsh completion for prt-get?10:48
strawdo it! :>10:48
strawjkramer: I'll have a look at it10:48
strawtilman | imap jj <ESC> is far superior <-- haha :]10:49
tilmannot a joke10:49
jkramertadzik: I tried adapting the apt-get competion for prt-get once, but I became a headache from the syntax :)10:49
strawwell, I can imagine that 'jj' never happens, yeah10:49
tadzikstraw: dunno how, I'd rather have someone done it ;)10:49
tadzikI mean I'll rather find someone knowing how to do it, that learning it myself10:50
tilmanstraw: it does happen (very seldomly). in that case, you hitj once, wait half a second, then type j again10:50
strawtilman: I got used to ctrl+[ for entering command mode and mapped caps_lock to ctrl.. that's awesome.. you can type ctrl+[ and ctrl+w pretty fast then :)10:51
tadzikcaps => ctrl is awesome10:51
tilmanclearly you're not listening10:52
jkramerstraw: Here's my home:
strawtilman: why?10:52
strawjkramer: thanks, I'll upload my stuff to github later too :)10:53
jkramerstraw: The cool stuff is in .zsh/func, especially .zsh/func/magic10:53
jkramertarget-path is pretty useful too10:54
tilmanstraw: clearly hitting j twice (right index finger!!!) is much more awesome than any ctrl or caps lock fuckery10:55
strawtilman: to speak the truth, I even put that into my .vimrc for testing purposes ;]10:56
jkramerNah, I have my left little finger on left ctrl all the time anyway10:56
jkramerAnd my screen escape key is C-x10:57
tilmanEODno point in argueing[B[B[B[B[B[B[Bridiculous10:57
tadzikI'll try to convert cowsay completion for prt-get :)10:59
jkramercowsay has zsh completion? :D11:00
tadzikbuilt-in in zsh :>11:00
jaegeryay, I think I might have a way to do this now, thanks to some help from #ffmpeg11:13
strawhooray for IRC :]11:20
jaegerindeed :)11:20
thrice`I'm pretty useless with audio/video stuff11:20
strawwell, it's a double-edged sword though.. it's often quite helpful, but distracting on the same time ;)11:21
jaegerIt's a fun project... I'm trying to add a rifftrax track to a movie11:21
jaegerI've done it before quite easily but always lost 5.1 surround in the encoding, it got downmixed to sterreo11:21
jaegerstereo, even11:21
jaegertrying to do it while retaining the 5.1 has been a challenge11:22
jaegermostly due to crashing software11:22
jaegerdecrypt dvd, demux audio streams, demux 5.1 audio to 6 mono wavs, add rifftrax audio to center channel, remux 6 mono wavs to 5.1 ac3, reencode video to h264 with newly created 5.1 ac3, enjoy11:24
jaegerthat's the intent, at least11:24
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strawenjoy! :)11:31
jaegernow I just need to figure out how to convert a w64 wav to ac311:34
jaegerffmpeg says unknown format11:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: ncmpc: 0.15 -> 0.1612:42
teK_wrt pinentry12:43
teK_tbh: what's the matter? changing back to moc?12:45
tilmanthe problemis that the port now _depends_ on qt312:46
tilmanbefore, qt was totally optional12:46
teK_I changed it because it did not work12:46
tilmani think the real fix is to use MOC=moc-qt3 or something like that12:47
thrice`take out all of the qt stuff, and it compiles fine :>12:47
teK_it's been to long..12:47
teK_iirc it did not build with qt412:47
thrice`why do you need qt at all?12:47
tilmanwe don't12:47
teK_i don't12:48
tilmanthrice`: pinentry autodetects qt, but it would then fail to find the 'moc' program12:48
tilmanor something12:48
tilmani just commented out those moc-qt3 calls and it still builds with qt312:49
tilmanprobably because /usr/share/qt3/bin/moc works12:49
teK_we could use:12:50
teK_    ./configure \12:50
teK_  --prefix=/usr \12:50
teK_  --enable-fallback-curses12:50
tilmanwhy did you add the moc calls?12:50
teK_i.e. NOT disable gtk so there's a x11-based program for sure12:50
teK_let me ahve a look at the commit.12:50
thrice`ugly formatting is ugly :>12:50
tilmanyour commit comment really isn't verbose enough12:51
tilmanactually that wholecommit is kind of infuriating12:51
teK_thrice`: [ ] that helps :P12:51
tilman-lrwxrwxrwx     root/root       usr/bin/pinentry -> pinentry-curses12:51
tilman+lrwxrwxrwx     root/root       usr/bin/pinentry -> pinentry-gtk-212:51
tilmani don't see the point of this. and the commit comment doesn't explain it12:52
tilmanand the re-indenting makes it harder to spot the lines you actually changed :|12:52
teK_do you have qt3 and qt4 installed?12:53
tilmanjust qt312:54
tilmani'll install qt4 and seewhat's happening12:55
thrice`good luck :D12:55
teK_it's a fact that it did not build in my configuration.13:02
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-xf86bigfontproto: updated to
tilmanteK_: i'm not doubting that!13:04
tilmanjaeger: you mentioning rifftrax sucked meinto the wikipedia vortex :(13:06
tilmanrifftrax -> mst3k -> mid west -> various us states ;)13:07
teK_tilman: may I see the pkgifle you used?13:07
jaegertilman: it's a trap! hehe13:09
jaegerrifftrax is awesome, though13:09
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tilmani had no idea you had silly stuff like that13:16
teK_Land der unbeschraenkten Beschraenktheit :>13:17
jaegeryeah, we have plenty of ridiculous things13:18
teK_i ca'nt come up with a better commit message :-)13:36
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tilmanteK_: i'll do it13:42
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nipuL:\ sysup killed my synaptics mouse18:18
grobelerjaeger, ping18:31
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jaegergrobeler: back now20:49
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marojust upgraded to jpeg7 and made a jpeg-compat package for, now they put up jpeg822:38
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