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grobelerping, jaeger01:03
pitillogood morning01:14
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nipuL /names02:11
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spaceninjashould I delete egg info files for python packages, I'm making a port of web.py05:46
spaceninjafor example, I see that flup has does this         find $PKG -name '*egg-info' | xargs rm -rf05:47
spaceninjalol, my typing :)05:48
spaceninjaI guess it doesn't really matter05:56
tadzikfind | rm06:02
tadzikwhat a shame, really06:02
strawhow would you have done it? ;]06:02
tadzikwith -delete06:02
tadzikit reminds me of people doing cat | grep06:03
strawif using xargs, you should use find's -print0 and xargs' -0 option anyway06:03
spaceninjait's taken from prt-get cat flup06:04
strawfor everything else than deleting you should prefer "find -exec blabla {} +"06:04
tadzik+? I was always using \;06:04
tadzikstill I'm noticing + from time to time06:04
strawsoooo.. there are 3 variants, your's bad :P06:05
strawlet's say..06:05
straw1) find -iname "*aloha*" -exec chmod 700 {} \;06:05
straw2) find -iname "*aloha*" -exec chmod 700 {} +06:05
straw3) find -iname "*aloha*" -print0 | xargs -0 chmod 70006:06
tadzik+ is the finest I'd say06:06
strawthe problem now is, that using the first option, you'd start an instance of 'chmod' for every file found. "chmod 700 file1; chmod 700 file2, ..", while the last ones do something like "chmod 700 file1 file2 ..".. which is much more efficient of course06:07
strawI prefer #2 too06:08
spaceninjawhat's the difference between \; and +?06:10
tadzikstill |xargs seems actually efficient in this chmod and related situations06:10
spaceninjaalso {} looks wierd06:10
tadzikI think they were looking for characters and strings that nobody uses06:11
strawspaceninja: + does everything on one line (== using one instance), the 'normal' "\;" does start several instances of a -exec'd program06:13
strawtadzik: What do you mean? As far as I know, #2 and #3 is exactly the same06:13
strawI believe there was an error with 'xargs' and too much found files06:14
strawxargs would through an exeception, where '+' would just start another instance of the -exec'd program06:15
tadzikstraw: well, I don't know how exactly -exec words06:15
tadzikwhether it exec's on every found file or just once06:15
tadzikah, I've just read the backlog06:15
strawthat's what I'm talking about the whole time :P06:16
tadzikwill fix my wesnoth port :P06:16
straw! :]06:16
tadzikoh, there's nothing to be fixed :)06:16
tadzikit's mainly stolen from contrib anyway06:16
tadzikbut I used this -delete instead of -exec rm ;)06:17
strawyea, that's right06:17
strawanyway, back to work.. I promised my gf to write her Java attestation for uni.. :(06:19
tadzikhow's Java?06:19
tadzikis it that bad, as people tend to say?06:19
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strawwell, I'm no OO guy and prefer lower level languages like C.. but it's still the most used language on the planet ;]06:20
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tadzikRotwang: I think I know what this might be…06:23
grobelerpitillo, ping06:23
tadzikI was right :>06:23
strawRotwang: haha :)06:23
tadzikseeples going lower, PHP higher, to laugh or to cry?06:23
pitillogrobeler: pong06:23
grobelerpitillo, are you the one that linked me to jaegers usb install method, or was that sepen..06:24
tadzikare these stats reliable?06:24
strawwell, they seem to be okay06:24
pitillogrobeler: may be was me or may be was sepen too...06:24
grobelerhmm can't seem to find the link anymore on jaeger.morpheus.net06:25
tadzik – and I thought it's a programming language06:25
pitillogrobeler: I saw something this morning... let me check again06:25
strawtadzik: Yea, the Java world is pretty complex06:26
pitillogrobeler: I used this one with sepen's script
tadzikstraw: if their flag usecase is browser apps I don't wanna nothing to do with them :] ;)06:27
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grobelerpitillo, ah ok. sadly sepens script ( is no longer there..06:28
strawtadzik: nah, applets isn't its 'flag usecase' :]06:29
strawrather GUI frontends for various software and maybe visualization06:30
tadzikstraw: that's what this "what's java" page told me ;>06:30
tadzikbut yeah, I know that06:30
strawSun lies! :P06:30
tadziksupport gcj! :>06:30
strawthat this eclipse stuff, right?06:31
tadzikis it? I doubt if it's even usable06:31
tadzikstill, I don't even have Java in my system06:31
strawoh, GNU Java compiler06:31
pitillogrobeler: he has it under svn if I am not in wrong06:31
pitilloI checked it out at home, take a look if you want
strawtadzik: I could upload one of the attestation files, but I would be ashamed because they look really ugly :P06:32
tadzikstraw: I kind of know how it looks like06:32
tadziklike Vala or C#, objectsobjectsobjects06:32
tadzikmain function is a class, and so06:32
tadzikthe rest is just C ;)06:32
pitillogrobeler: on the same dir there is sepen's README file with some info06:33
strawtadzik: yeah,
strawit might look clean there, but it really isn't at all :P06:35
grobelerpitillo, thanks :D06:37
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tadzikstraw: looks like seeples to me ;)07:29
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otwieraczAnybody used to compile binutils with avr support?09:23
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spaceninjastraw: oh ok, thanks10:31
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otwieraczI have that problem when trying to compile gcc with --target=gcc11:15
otwieracz ← this is Pkgfile of gcc for AVR.11:16
otwieraczI know, it's ugly :)11:16
otwieraczAny ideas how to fix that?11:17
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sinistreotwieracz: did you check the logfile mentioned in the first paste?11:21
otwieraczThe problem is that there is no "work" directory in /usr/ports/local/gcc-avr/11:22
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thrice`pkgmk -kw  will save it11:24
otwieraczOk. I'll try.11:26
otwieraczAnd hour of compilation...11:26
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: [notify] ruby: update to 1.9.1-p37811:48
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: ruby-doc: update to 1.9.1-p37811:48
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: socat: update to
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rehabdollfredrik@kif:~$ date12:33
rehabdollSat Jan 10 05:29:58 CET 197012:33
rehabdolldebian fail12:33
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strawjkramer: I just noticed that you're using Lucious.. good choice.13:54
sinistrecalmar256-dark ftw. :p13:58
strawalso in my queue ;]13:59
straw    for scheme in ['kuku', 'xoria256', '256_asu1dark', 'zenburn', 'tango2', 'calmar256-dark']13:59
strawzenburn and xoria256 are nice too13:59
sinistrehm, haven't tried xoria. didn't like zenburn14:00
jkramerrailscasts is nice too14:00
sinistrehm, both those looks very nice. :)14:01
jkramerstraw: Some of the themes are slightly modified. I need a black background for normal text, some of the themes have a gray bg which gives me headaches :)14:02
strawfor me it's the other way round :D14:02
strawBTW, you have a swap file in your ~/.vim/colors ;P14:05
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strawjkramer: " gt/gT jump to the next/previous tag. Who needs tabs, anyway?15:17
strawI take it you're using buffers-only?15:17
* straw nods :p15:18
jkramerstraw: That's what I said yesterday :)15:29
jkramergb and gB for next/prev buffer and c-b for buffer explorer works better for me15:30
jkramerThanks for the swp note, removed it15:31
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strawAh, ok :)15:38
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strawargs, is git able to follow symlinks somehow?15:44
jkramer :)15:49
strawah, I'll just make copies ;p15:52
jkramerWhat are you trying to do?15:55
strawcreated my own github repo now and wanted to symlink some files from ~ to ~/repo15:56
straw(I follow you already ;p)15:56
jkramerAh, had the same problem :)15:56
jkramerI finally decided to simply clone directly into ~ :)15:56
jkramerRequires a little workaround though15:56
strawI can imagine15:58
jkramerIf you're interested, I have written a blog article I never published, must be on my hd somewhere :)15:59
* straw is ;]16:09
strawah, thank you :)16:34
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