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pitillogood morning01:13
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fakerootHi there.04:08
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tadzikhmm. Is there any advantage of compiling some kernel parts as modules if you are loading them on startup anyway?05:56
tadzikbesides keeping less in /boot05:56
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fakerootYeah, broken-link-finder.07:11
fakerootsyslog-ng, eventlog, gpm, that's all for today :) Sending it into flyspray.07:11
fakerootBroken links in contrib, nothing special. Outdated versions or dead links.07:13
tadzikat least nothing I use ;)07:17
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teK_hey teqnik :)11:07
teK_that's timing. I went online a few seconds ago11:07
teK_fakeroot: syslog-ng gave me some problems with segfaults..11:08
teK_that's why it's not up to date.11:09
fakerootteK_: Hmm. I have no time for making some good config right now, but it seems to work fine here.11:10
fakerootActually, I've finished work two hours ago and still sitting at work...11:10
fakerootAnd I don't want to go home yet :)11:11
thrice`what's wrong with you? :)11:12
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fakerootNoone waits for me there :(11:15
Zabawhy not?11:21
tadzikbuy yourself a pet11:22
fakerootI have a cat already.11:22
tadzikso it waits for you11:23
fakerootThis cat is not "IT", but she!11:23
tadzikin english it's it11:23
tadzikI feel weird about it too11:23
tadzikI used to call my printer "she"11:23
fakerootHmm, I'm going to drink a see of vodka today.11:26
fakerootSo, gentlemen, see you tomorrow :)11:26
* fakeroot &11:26
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thrice`hi jue11:36
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strawhey jaeger18:15
jaegerhow goes?18:16
strawah, it's 1:16 AM, I should sleep, but instead I'm pimping my vimrc :]18:16
jaegerI just got home from work18:17
strawtoday I programmed more vim than 'real' code :x18:20
jaegerI spent a good chunk of my day in meetings but I did fix a few DNS problems so that's good18:22
strawMay I ask what you're working?18:24
jaegerI just got a new job on the 31st at a neurological research institute doing linux systems administration18:26
jaegerwith some macosx/windows support every now and then18:26
strawah, sounds good :)18:30
jaegerbig upgrade from my last job and better than no job :)18:30
strawI'm a student (3rd semester), but might get a job at our uni data centre soon.. that would be great (and I could need the money ;)18:32
strawyea, of course :)18:32
jaegernice, good luck18:32
strawand I still plan to port pkg-utils to C before tilm*n does, hehe18:33
strawthank you18:33
strawbut I admit, that would be my first bigger open source project.. and would need a lot of reviews18:37
jaegerwould be a fun project18:38
* straw nods18:38
strawwell, the exams start in like one month.. afterwards I'll start with it18:39
kmandlaWill a source file with a .tbz2 extension be decompressed by pkgmk?18:41
jaegerI don't think so18:42
kmandlaOkay, so it's not just something I'm doing wrong. ... Thanks.18:42
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