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nilphi! im having troubles compiling php-mysqli extension09:36
nilp(actually ive been surprised its not present in opt, like mysql)09:37
nilpanyone got it working?09:37
nilpi use "--with-mysqli=shared,mysqlnd,/usr" but configure ends with an error:09:39
nilpchecking for MySQLi support... yes09:39
nilpchecking whether to enable embedded MySQLi support... no09:39
nilpmysql_config not found09:39
nilpconfigure: error: Please reinstall the mysql distribution09:39
nilpwhich is weird09:39
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estersOh the joy of compiling : )10:42
spacenin1ator needs to be updated to  tor-
spacenin1ait doesn't get downloaded11:04
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nilpalso beautifulsoup has wrong source url11:53
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spaceninjaWhat's the proper way to start tor?16:16
spaceninjaI can't get it running
tadziklooks like you haven't configured it enough16:17
thrice`prt-get readme tor    might help :)16:19
spaceninjaoh I see, torrc16:19
spaceninjahehe yep, it's pretty obvious, :)16:20
spaceninjaI think I need to eat something16:21
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spaceninjashould I use squid as a webproxy for firefox with tor?16:39
spaceninjaguess I need to do some more reading16:41
tadzikiirc there are some firefox addons for tor16:41
tadzikdunno though, never used tor16:41
spaceninjayes I got the torbutton plugin, but it needs a webproxy, polipo16:43
joacimcan someone please describe to me how BASH looks like?17:03
spaceninjapkginfo -l bash17:06
joacimI tried asking a guy what he meant with "linux themes" once, the guy never replied :/17:17
spaceninjawhat do you think he meant?17:18
joacimprobably some QT or GTK theme17:18
rehabdollor some terminal font :>17:19
joacimdon't everyone use monaco or some derivate?17:20
spaceninjaheh, twitter seems interesting17:21
rehabdolltwitter is retarded17:22
rehabdollas are its users :)17:22
joacimYeah everyone did call me a retard during highschool17:24
joacimeveryone == 2 or 3 out of about 3000 students17:25
spaceninjawell most people in highschool are pretty retarded :)17:32
spaceninjapretty harsh thing to say, I take it back :)17:34
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joacimTheir last chance of not acting grown up. :)17:37
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