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pazojaeger: you around?04:36
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sirmacikhi \o05:02
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: dokuwiki: 2009-12-25b -> 2009-12-25c05:49
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mike_ktilman: do you have any idea why other gems are complaining about rake version? ruby 1.8.7-p174-1, rake-0.8.4, rubygems 1.3.2-1
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mike_kgem list shows only rake-0.8.406:43
tilmanmike_k: no idea :|06:45
tilmancan't you use ruby 1.9 from opt? it includes rubygems and rake06:45
mike_kI am trying to use redmine, which requires 1.8.706:46
mike_ktilman: thanks. I guess I can throw them away for now - I'll just use a few tarballs for this whole thing to work.06:47
tilmanmaybe you could apatch those gems to disable the rake version test06:47
mike_kmaybe, but I guess there is some fundamental flow with the way gems/rake is installed06:49
mike_khope I'll need only ruby and passenger/mod_rails for nginx to use redmine tarball06:50
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estersI'm trying to run Xorg, but when I type xinitrc, X starts and monitor goes out of sync and there is no response from the keyboard the only way to fix is this is by hard reboot. My xorg.conf -
tadzikhard reboot only?07:20
tadzikwhat about magic sysrq stuff07:20
estersWhat's that ? : >07:20
estersHmm, didn't try that07:20
tadzikshould kill all processes and put you into console07:21
tadziktry it now, just be ready for it07:21
* otwieracz loves sysrq07:21
tadzik:w in vim and sruff07:21
estersXorg.0.log -
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esters_alt+sysrq+e didn't work07:24
otwieracznumlock diode toggles?07:24
pazocheck if numlock works07:24
pazotoo late07:25
esters_Nope, numlock wasn't on07:25
tadzikwhat about alt+sysrq+s then u then b?07:25
tadzikalso, do you have magic sysrq enabled in the kernel?07:25
esters_Will check07:25
esters_It's enabled in the kernel07:26
pazoesters_: but does the numlock work? can you toggle the diode?07:26
esters_pazo: numlock works07:26
tadzikmy numlock works even if pc is turned off07:26
tadzikoh, it doesn't07:26
tadzikit used to, though07:26
pazolol :D07:27
esters_Hmm, xinit complained about xauth missing07:27
tadzikit always complains07:27
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tadzik...sysrq worked :)07:29
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estersHmm, after xinit executed07:30
estersNumlock diode switched off07:30
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estersBut I tried alt+sysrq+b and u07:30
estersAnd one of them worked07:30
strawesters: what does 'sysctl kernel.sysrq' say?07:32
esterskernel.sysrq = 107:32
strawall functions should be enabled then07:33
estersNow to fix that X problem...07:33
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esters_Actually alt+sysrq+e does work07:40
esters_But still I get black screen with no signal to the monitor07:40
esters_And Xorg.0.log output is something weird07:41
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spaceninjamaybe it's the AllowEmptyInput thing?07:56
estersI have AllowEmptyInput false07:57
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estersOr maybe I have libraries missing08:05
spaceninjaesters: oh I see your paste now,08:05
estersBTW, is there a way to recompile entire packages in crux ?08:12
joacim-f ?08:13
estersM ?08:14
joacim-f, --force08:14
estersYou mean pkgmk -f ?08:14
spaceninjaprt-get -fr08:15
estersI'd prefer pkgmk : )08:15
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spaceninjaare you going to recompile every package in prt-get depends xorg?08:23
spaceninja+xorg related08:23
tadzikhow about revdep?08:27
thrice`something like prt-get update -fr $( prt-get quickdep xorg )  ?08:28
estersI'm recompiling xorg-server08:30
estersOh and I have no intention to use prt-get : )08:31
spaceninjawhatever floats your boat ;)08:32
thrice`of course, you know prt-get simply calls pkgmk ?08:32
spaceninjapkg-utils looks cool, never seen it before08:32
spaceninjathrice`: is the dollar-sign in $( prt-get quickdep xorg ) bash or prt-get?08:33
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spaceninjaok, cool08:44
estersNice : )08:45
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estersX started08:46
estersSo I guess I had some libraries missing08:46
estersThanks for your suggestions/help folks08:46
thrice`cool :)08:47
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tadzikclue of the day:09:14
tadzik…what the heck is inside GNU true?09:14
tadzikI wrote my true as follows, and it's 4 times smaller than GNU true, from coreutils. What does GNU true really do? What is the code?09:16
Rotwangtrue is more complex than your programme09:16
tilmanwhat is the code? read the damn source code, wtf?09:17
tadzikah, right. /bin/true can display help and version09:17
thrice`an rms profit!09:19
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strawI don't like that GNU indentation style09:22
tadzikis it this if ( it's fun to make unnecessary spaces )?09:22
tadziklike in if ( foo )09:22
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strawit's rather this:09:23
tadzikah, indentation09:23
tadzikthey prefer spaces than tabs?09:23
straw  {09:23
straw    printf;09:23
straw    exit(0);09:23
straw  }09:23
Rotwangthats just a matter of prefference09:23
Rotwangsome men like men09:23
Rotwangand other men like women09:23
tadzikI see no pros of using spaces instead of tabs09:24
strawReally? ;]09:24
strawShouldn't matter for C, but it does for Python for example09:25
tadzikdoes it?09:25
tadzikI think it does matter for C09:25
tadziklike someone likes 4 spaces for a tab, another one likes 809:25
tadzikthen the 4-liking one takes 8-liker's code09:26
tilmanthe point is that the c compiler doesn't care09:26
tadzikall he can do is to cry09:26
strawtadzik: that's what I said :P09:26
tilmanbut the python interpreter/bytecode compiler cares a lot09:26
tadzikthat's true09:26
strawalso, all good editors have such "retab" functions09:26
strawspeaking of good editors.. I just started to write the 'Vim bible', if anyone is interested ;]09:27
tadziksounds scary09:27
strawtilman: BTW, I actually love 'jj' ;]09:27
strawwell, it's really only a toc atm09:27
strawstill fighting with the structure since my latex skills suck :>09:28
tilmanstraw: cool :)09:29
thrice`wow, awesome table of contents and everything ;)09:33
Rotwangstraw: for now it looks more like table of contents for lettor to corinthians09:37
strawNot sure what you're trying to tell, but if it's about the appearance.. as I said, started using LaTeX yesterday.09:39
Rotwangstraw: Ive meant its a bit too short for a bible for now09:40
Rotwangso it looks like small part of a smaller part of a bible09:40
strawWell, it's a rought draft version 0.001 alpha, you know? ;)09:40
strawjust didn't come up with a fancy name yet09:41
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strawAlso.. maybe I should just leave out all that history stuff and give some links to good introductions, but concentrate on more advanced things in the paper09:42
spaceninjastraw: are you writing that pdf book in openoffice?09:43
strawSo from that toc.. only 'advanced settings', 'programming IDEs' and 'Vim scripting'09:43
strawspaceninja: nope, I use vim and the latex-suite plugin of course :>09:43
spaceninjahehe, just checking :)09:45
spaceninjaI have learn latex in vim I guess09:45
Rotwangspaceninja: you can see its a latex from a mile away [;09:46
mrksläuft ja schon09:46
spaceninjaRotwang: oh the spaced out text09:54
spaceninjastraw: how long do you think it will take to finish the book=09:54
spaceninjaguess it depends on lots of things :p09:55
strawwell, long? Lowest priority. Exams are upcoming and I applied for a 80h/month job, which is pretty much for students09:56
tilmanspaceninja: i can recommend that vim 5 book by the guy who's name i forgot09:57
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strawI believe vim 5 doesn't even had folding ;p09:58
tilmanso what09:58
strawbut maybe you meant this one:
tilmanindeed, that's the one09:58
strawI'll have read than, too09:59
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spaceninjahehe thx, got alot of stuff to learn, I'm currently learning and python10:02
spaceninjaI got one book on python, but I can't read the book, it's HUGE, guess I have to overcome that10:03
spaceninja"Learning Python"10:03
strawI have this one too.. "Also included the new version 2.2!" ;]10:03
spaceninjaI got the third edition, python 2.510:04
strawwell, it's the most used version10:04
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Rotwangmy lxde ports are outdated :C10:25
Rotwangtime to update10:25
jaegerpazo: I'm here now10:29
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pazojaeger: good! while trying to do these gnome ports I noticed that udev-extra wasn't built in the udev port11:14
pazodid you have the same problem?11:15
jaegerI hadn't run into it yet, what needs it?11:16
pazoMaking a new port that compiles udev with extras seems like a bad idea11:16
pazoShould I make a bug report asking for that? or would that never happen?11:23
jaegerNever hurts to ask11:23
jaegerwhat about a port that just builds the extras instead of a remade udev port?11:24
pazojust make a diff og the footprint file and rm all files which they share? good idea11:25
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tilmanplease do like jaeger said11:44
tilmanwe cannot build udev-extras/gudev in core/udev since that would add a dependency on opt/glib :))11:44
estersAnyone here running X and writing non-latin chars ? It seems that something doesn't work right, because when I try to write one, it won't print in urxvt11:54
tadzikhave you set your xkbmap?11:57
estersBoth in xorg.conf and manually11:57
tadzikhuh, I don't remember when was the last time I was doing it in xorg.conf11:58
estersWell I like things to be in place : >11:58
estersSo I put it in xorg.conf11:59
estersAt first I thought it was because of locale12:00
estersBecause locale prints out "POSIX" on every entry12:00
estersAnd I have en_US.utf8 generated12:00
tilmanthat's probably it12:00
tilmantry export LC_CTYPE=en_US.utf812:00
estersDidn't work12:01
estersCHARSET is ISO-8859-112:05
estersI also tried UTF-812:05
estersWorks on GTK2 apps12:09
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sinistreRotwang: instead of futzing around with lxde, have you looked at dvtm? :p14:08
Rotwanguber nice14:10
sinistredvtm+framebuffer ftw14:10
thrice`hehe, have you tried it?14:18
thrice`looks interesting14:18
sinistreI'm running it on my laptop. :>14:19
thrice`mmm, interesting ;)  good?14:20
sinistreworks well for me, recommended if you don't really need graphics per se.14:20
tadzikhmm, I wonder if it can be run through a terminal emulator (:14:21
tadziksure it can. hmm14:21
tadzikgeez, it's like dwm in tty14:22
sirmacikugh, sry ;x14:22
sirmacikwrong channel14:22
Rotwangsinistre: it is nice14:37
Rotwangbut still id like to use my firefocks14:38
sinistreI guessed there was some catch like that, just figured it migth be of some use anyway. ;)14:39
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NomiusI found an issue in the glibc package provided by crux14:54
thrice`well, the suspense is killing us :>14:57
NomiusNo, I'm trying to open the bug... But I dunno to who I should assign it :-P14:58
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NomiusWho's in charge of the glibc port?15:01
NomiusSince "CRUX System Team, core-ports at crux dot nu" isn't an option in the "Assigned To" field :-)15:02
thrice`you're sure it's a bug?15:02
NomiusI made a modification in glibc and I've been testing it for a while now and it works great...15:03
NomiusIt looks like a bug15:03
RotwangNomius: just post that bug15:03
Rotwangsomeone will assign it15:03
RotwangNomius: where is that patch?15:06
NomiusI attached it15:07
NomiusNow it is :-)15:07
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uskusiany body here23:29
uskusii brought a question23:29
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uskusi2i have question about compiling kernel23:35

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