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pitillogood morning01:03
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estersHmm, something isn't working, the only application where I cannot write non-latin characters is terminal emulators (urxvt, xterm)03:11
estersAlthough when I start xterm in default settings it works fine, I can write these letters, but when I change the font to Terminus it only shows me a grey square03:12
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strawuskusi2: just ask. And why you're here with 3 users?04:01
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jkramerDo the ports rsync servers work?04:18
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jkramerI'm getting only "rsync: failed to connect to Connection timed out (110)", but probably our admins guys screwed with the firewall again04:18
tadzikThey work fine for me04:18
jkramerOk, thanks :)04:19
tadziknp :)04:19
tadzikis there a way to set myself a different time(zone) than the system one? Per-user, or per-shell?04:19
tadzik(Or at least per-irssi)04:19
strawWell, irssi gets the time from your system, so.. a quick hack would be to mv /etc/localtime to /etc/localtime-old and symlink the timezone you want to /etc/localtime04:25
straw/usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Berlin for example04:25
tadzikwell, I'm not root, that's the thing04:27
tadziksetting TZ didn't help, I guess I'll keep nagging admin04:27
tadzikBut I guess she's outta home04:27
straw -> grep for "timezone"04:28
tadzikha, nice04:29
tadzikworks, thank you04:29
strawcool :)04:29
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tadzikI had to set Ukraine timezone to have my Polish one though :P04:30
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JonHolbaHi. Does anyone know if it's possible to find a Crux 1.3 iso somewhere?05:05
alanciowhy do you need something so old?05:07
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JonHolbamaintenance on a customers computer05:08
JonHolbaI'd like to take a look at it before travelling to the customer05:08
alanciooh ok05:08
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spaceninjaomg, python is massive :s05:13
* cjg
estersI'm still fighting with the issue I mentioned before (non-latin characters are not displaying in urxvt,xterm)05:15
estersCould somebody with working settings take a look and compare ?05:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: jdk: updated to 1.6.0_1805:17
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alanciohi juergen, I just sent you an email05:40
estersI think I'm trying to swallow a larger chunk than I can05:40
juealancio: yeah, got it05:41
alancioevery time I update sane I lose my configuration05:43
juealancio: well, you know that there's a pkgadd.conf ;)05:44
alanciohaha I know thats the easy way, but not the proper way05:44
alancioI think this is one of the weak points of CRUX05:45
alancioand also the fact that there is no make -j in the Pkgfiles, just normal make05:46
estersAfaik you can pass it in pkgmk.conf : >05:46
juehmm, you can set MAKEFLAGS in pkgmk.conf05:46
alanciooh really? I didn't know about MAKEFLAGS05:47
alancioI was going to suggest to patch make and add an environment variable for that :P05:47
estersexport CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS : >05:47
alancioyeah, of course I know about those05:48
jueJonHolba: look here ->
JonHolbajue: Thank you =)05:51
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: expat: fix for CVE-2009-3560 and 372006:04
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: nano: update to 2.2.206:04
tadzikwow, new nano!06:07
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tilmandoes anyone else have trouble with xf86-video-intel (kms) and freezing x?12:01
tilmandmesg says something about problems executing render buffers12:01
thrice`not enough testing here; I reverted to 2.9.x pretty quickly12:02
tilmanthe weird thing is:12:02
tilmani apparently upgraded to 2.10.x on january 8th12:02
tilmanbut the freezes are only occuring since 2..3 days ago12:03
sirmacikhi \o12:07
thrice`tilman, not sure :(  could try newer mesa12:09
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thrice`always a nice find in dmesg:18:44
thrice`EXT4-fs error (device sda2): ext4_lookup: deleted inode referenced: 2270918:45
thrice`everything is running still, not sure :)18:55
jaegerCan you trust it, though? :)19:06
thrice`well, /dev/sda2 is my / , so at least it's nothing in /home ;)19:08
rehabdollwhat kernel is that?19:40
thrice`mm, sorry, 31.919:41
rehabdoll31.12 was just released19:50
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