IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2010-01-19

Amako1can anyone help me set up my fstab configuration?  i'm new to linux in general00:03
tadzikwhat kind of help do you need?00:44
pitillogood morning01:08
tadzikgood morning01:13
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tadzikthere are some Vimers here, right?01:31
tadzikmorning :)01:32
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restadzik: yea03:25
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Rotwanghi guys04:53
Rotwangssh -p 443 rotwang@
Rotwangpass: dupa04:53
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Rotwangok, nvm [;04:55
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spaceninjawhy did he do that, what have I missed? :)05:18
spaceninjamaybe he's trying to lure people in? :D05:19
surrounderreally don't get it :P05:25
spaceninjaI can't ping it, but the ssh computer and the ssh port is on05:26
surrounderping requests are quite easy to block in a fireawll05:27
spaceninjanow that you mention it, yes05:27
spaceninjawhat could happen if I logged it, I mean, what evil stuff can Rotwang do, not that he would05:29
* spaceninja goes back doing gtk+ programming05:33
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tadzikspaceninja: whatcha coding?08:47
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