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prologicQ: Has anyone managed to get the Adobe AIR runtime installed on a CRUX desktop ?05:19
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kukmannenhi all! :-)06:27
kukmannenopps .. stupid nick!06:28
kukmannenja.. snart ska det gå igenom! ;-)06:29
kukmannenmen va fan .. långsamt det tar.. :-/06:29
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kukmannensorry for my swedish.. i appology!06:30
kukmannenfucking nick doestnt work :-|06:31
kukmannenwell .. who cares.. i dont :-P06:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: transmission: update to 1.8006:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: transmission-gtk: update to 1.8006:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: ratpoison: update to 1.4.506:33
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jsemernil again? ...07:51
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gunvaldto be honest.. age difference she is 19 .. and i'm soon 41 should that be a problem?10:21
gunvaldi dont think so.. and so should you not think either! :-)10:22
sinistrewrong channel, o?10:22
gunvaldno.. i have my gnu-beard on.. ;-)10:23
strawtadzik: vim or gvim?10:24
tadzikstraw: vim10:24
strawhmm, ok10:24
tadzikand what is your question about?:)10:24
strawI released a gvim colorscheme yesterday :>10:25
tadzikI use lucious10:25
strawnext one will be a terminal one10:25
tadzikwanna show?10:25
strawyea, I use a modified lucious one for terminal, too :)10:25
tadzikor rather: mind showing?10:25
sinistrestraw: "terminal vim scheme"... now that sounds pretty bad. :P10:26
gunvaldmy question is whether it's okay for a linux guy to get to gether with a 20 year younger girl?10:26
strawsinistre: haha10:26
tadzikstraw: looks cute10:27
gunvaldit seems somewhat phedohilia.. but whould i care? ;-P10:27
tadzikif she's 19?10:27
gunvaldtadzik: she is prolly 1910:27
strawtadzik: then leave a comment! :P10:28
tadzik:) sure10:28
gunvalddamn.. i sound stupid :-) .. i just love her! she is so cute :-)10:28
strawI'm not against feelings and stuff, but.. do you just came here to tell us about a 20 years younger girl?10:29
gunvaldyeah.. :-) *moahhhh*10:29
jseThen why are you wasting your time in the wrong channel going over a doubt which is not even a doubt according to you? :D10:29
gunvaldsorry for that.. i just wanted to say i have feelings!10:30
strawIRC is the wrong place for expressing feelings ;p10:30
tadzikwanna hear about my girl too? :P10:30
sinistreisn't there a "#angst" somewhere?10:31
gunvaldjse: and for you.. i play "song for the coomon man"!10:31
straw(People get weird if weekend draws nearer)10:31
tadzikstraw: I hate graphical emoticons. If I knew you have'em, I'd never smile on your blag :)10:31
strawtadzik: nope, they're set to be displayed as-is :)10:31
tadzikstraw: look at the first post then10:32
gunvaldtadzik: howcome :-/10:32
strawtadzik: don't see it yet10:32
tadzikawaiting moderation10:32
tadzikthat's what wordpress says10:32
gunvaldi somewhat like graphical emocitions .. ;-)10:32
tadzikI used to type them with a space, like : ) to not make them picturified anyhow10:33
gunvaldtrue.. no pictures is allowed!10:33
gunvaldotherwise i must kick sinistre in the head!10:34
gunvaldor beware you mathafuckars..10:35
gunvaldor see my .12 shoutgun right in you face!10:35
tadzikreal men don't use shotguns10:36
tadzikreal men shoot cheese from their feet10:36
gunvaldim a real man :-O10:36
tadzikand eat it, like Stallman does10:36
gunvaldstallman .. yeah .. we have had mail conversation.. :-P10:37
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gunvaldtadzik: but you seem to be a good ol' boy!10:38
gunvaldfucking annoying, but i can handle it! ;-)10:39
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strawtadzik: comments needs no approving now, sane smileys, and you can even post without logging in10:40
strawthanks for the comment :]10:40
tadzikno problemo10:40
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Rotwangany ideas how do i set up xmms2?11:52
Rotwangso i can stream music11:52
Rotwangover teh internets11:53
sinistreisn't that what you use icecast for..?12:03
Rotwangsinistre: id like to use xmms2 [;12:10
RyoS_Rotwang: on "teh internets" you can find google..12:10
RotwangRyoS_: o'rly?12:11
sinistreRotwang: there are lots of people who only like to use a hammer.. doesn't mean that all problems are nails though.12:13
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joacimRotwang: did you know about the ices output plugin?12:21
Rotwangjoacim: i just wanted to do something like12:24
Rotwangxmms2 config core.ipcsocket tcp://
Rotwangthen i kill xmms2d12:25
Rotwangwhen i try to start xmms2:12:25
Rotwang19:24:47 ERROR: ../src/xmms/ipc.c:783: Couldn't setup IPC listening on 'tcp://
tilmanonly root may bind ports < 102412:28
jkramer_Which is pretty unfair to the other users, btw :(12:30
Rotwangdidnt know [;12:32
tilmanseting core.ipcsocket to slmething tcp'ish doesn't make it stream music anyway12:35
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Rotwangtilman: so i need to use what joacim proposed?12:44
Rotwangicecast plugin?12:44
tilmanor pulse audio12:45
Rotwangok, thanks12:45
tadzikstill no pulseaudio port, hm?12:45
sinistretadzik: can't imagine why. :p12:46
jkramer_I asked this before, but does anyone have an idea how to change the name of an network interface?12:46
jkramer_I had the mainboard of my notebook replaced with an onboard nic, and since then my old eth0 is eth2 :(12:47
sinistreI did that once.. a long time ago.. I think I had to edit some udev crap or something like that12:47
sinistreiirc it's tied to the MAC, so grep'ing for that could help12:48
jkramer_sinistre: Yes, I did that already:
jkramer_The MAC for eth0 is the one of the new NIC12:48
jkramer_But still it shows up as eth212:48
jkramer_eth0 does not exist12:48
jkramer_I also grepped over my whole /etc for eth0, but the udev rule file is the only interesting match12:49
sinistreok. I'm sorry, it was a very long time ago. I don't really remember anymore. :(12:49
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jaeger /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules is a likely culprit13:22
rehabdolli have this line in the file jaeger pasted: SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="00:18:f3:8b:36:e4", ATTR{type}=="1", KERNEL=="eth*", NAME="sky2"13:31
rehabdollworks just fine here13:31
rehabdollalthough some dumb programs freak out when eth0 is nowhere to be found :>13:32
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gunvaldhonestly .. a wietamenese girl is here .. :-)13:32
gunvaldwhat can i say :-P13:32
gunvaldmore than that :-P13:33
gunvaldlennart: ur name sound swedish!13:33
rehabdollgunvald: youre probably in the wrong channel13:34
gunvaldrehabdoll: you keep sayiung that! :-P13:34
rehabdollor are you the same swedish troll that were banned from #crux a while back perhaps?13:34
gunvaldim not a troll you fucko!13:34
gunvaldgo fguck a duck you fucko!13:35
rehabdolltufft sagt13:35
gunvaldjaha.. en svensk kuk.. ;-P13:35
gunvaldrehabdoll: passare jävligt noga!13:36
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gunvaldinnan d åker på styk!13:36
gunvaldsmåkillar ska passa sig jävligt noga!13:36
gunvaldoch jag kollar på dig lillen!13:37
strawYou have serious issues, gunvald.13:37
gunvaldstraw: i dont have any issues.. :-P13:37
jsegunvald aka mernil. :-)13:37
rehabdollignore ftw13:38
gunvaldwhat :-D ... :D13:38
rehabdollooh, new gcc13:38
sinistreif only other people would implement it faster, the channel would almost make sense. :p13:38
gunvaldi dont like your saying me being that guy "mernil" ;-P13:39
strawAnd yeehaw, Fyodor's "Nmap Network Scanning" arrived :)13:40
gunvaldmernil is a nice guy.. for what's it worth! :-)13:40
strawgood book for everyone interested in network programming13:40
gunvaldprolly the biggest swedish dick also.. ;-)13:40
spaceninjastraw: did you buy it or can you read it online?13:41
gunvaldbut i must resurect my saying. Biggest dick was uncalled for.13:42
gunvaldIt's huge, not big.13:42
strawbought it, but it's also online (or parts of it ->
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gunvaldstraw: did you get that.. huge.. not big!13:43
gunvaldbtw .. a vietanamese woman here in my corridor! :-)13:43
gunvaldnto that i care .. but it's somewhat thilling!13:44
tadzikas you say, ignorance is bliss13:44
gunvaldignorance .. that the hell!! :-O13:44
gunvaldwhat ^^13:45
gunvaldpay attention you mothafocka!13:45
gunvaldThat's what a say to you.. pay attention you freak!13:46
gunvaldpay sme sesppct!13:46
strawis he still talking? :]13:47
gunvaldim still talkkng you freak.. ;-)13:47
gunvaldwell.. i like straw! :-)13:48
gunvaldRotwang: who the hell is this mernil?13:48
gunvaldnever herd of him?13:49
gunvaldIm gunvald!13:49
gunvaldbut mernil seems like a good man!13:49
sinistreoy, tilman are you on vacation? I had expected you to burn this guy at the stake a while ago. :p13:50
gunvaldsinistre: go fuck a duck :-P13:50
spaceninjadoes he even use crux?13:50
gunvaldi'm useing crux yes!13:51
gunvaldonce in a while..13:51
gunvaldspaceninja: but i'm looking at you mofa! :-|13:52
gunvaldpay attention to me now!13:52
gunvaldur very close to get banned from this channel!13:53
gunvaldthat's for sure!13:53
rehabdollwho cares? just ignore him13:54
gunvaldand im not this "mernil" you talking about!13:54
jaegerbest not to feed the trolls13:54
gunvaldim no troll.. :-)13:55
gunvaldYou should pay some respect for me i think! Especially jaeger and spaceninja!13:55
jaegeryou want respect? act like you deserve it13:56
gunvaldhaha .. yeah..13:56
gunvaldwith my long sleaved t-skirt .. i should have respect from you!13:57
gunvaldtight around my fat boddy :-D13:58
gunvaldno.. sorry jaeger :-) <-- im joking :-)13:58
gunvalddarn.. it's a vietnamese girl here .. fooling around.. :-/13:59
gunvaldjaeger: sorry my friend!13:59
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tilmanmernil, right?14:00
spaceninjahe is mernil14:00
spaceninjasame adress14:01
gunvaldwho is mernil? I dont know him?14:01
gunvaldtilman: he is saying i'm mernil.. im not merlin!14:02
gunvaldor am i? .. ;-)14:02
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o tilman14:02
*** tilman sets mode: +b *!*i=1000@*.A258.priv.bahnhof.se14:03
*** gunvald was kicked by tilman (you're not welcome here)14:03
sinistre"and there was much rejoicing"14:05
*** tilman sets mode: +o rehabdoll14:05
sinistrerehabdoll is paying. :p14:08
tadzikwe now have to flood instead of him ;)14:08
tilmansinistre: i was busy sneezing and stuff14:10
sinistrehaha, ok, I though he got a promo. O14:10
tilmangunvald got a promotion?14:11
sinistreno, rehabdoll.14:11
* sinistre stops joking around14:11
tilmani was answering your question from 20:5014:11
sinistreyeah, I got that eventually.14:11
sinistreI know what it's like, been running afk every now and then because my nose starts bleeding. :/14:12
tilmanhaha, i'm expecting that shit every day now14:13
tilmana few days of a runny nose -> my poor blood vessels cannot take it anymore14:13
sinistrea good sneeze, and you're sitting in a slaughter house. :/14:14
tilmanomg, we're brothers in disease(ish)14:14
spaceninjaI was like that aswell, the body is missing something it needs :)14:16
tilmanthat or your veins aren't that strong ;)14:17
spaceninjahehe yep14:18
sinistredry air + running nose = stuff breaks from drying out.14:19
sinistre(and damn, blood *really* splatters. 1 cl, and you'd think some got killed)14:21
strawwow, that never happened to me before :x14:21
strawsounds awful14:21
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rehabdolli have never had a nosebleed in my entire life14:24
rehabdollwell, maybe when ive gotten punched in the face.. but not otherwise :)14:24
spaceninjahehe are you into fights? :)14:25
strawnope, we go to metal concerts :P14:25
straw"violent dancing"14:25
spaceninjaeven worse, kidding, I went to a nofx punk consert, they were also crazy there.14:26
rehabdollno, atleast not on purpose :D14:26
strawyou know those guys who punch their way to the front rip off their shirt and start to push the crowd away? those agressive bullies which nobody likes? :P14:26
strawspaceninja: ++ for nofx14:27
strawthat reminds me of a song from Good Riddance by the way..
spaceninjahehe yes, I've seen them, but on the consert, it was more like a fighting ring right infront of the stage were everyone was hitting everyone14:28
tilmanstraw: violent dancing is not a metal thing14:28
strawyup, I just 'experienced' it here :)14:29
spaceninjabut I'm more into chiptunes and ambient and classical music :)14:30
strawApocalyptica? :D14:31
strawDo you remember this song? -
spaceninjahehe nope, haven't listen to rock that much, got into punkrock when I listened to ska/reggae14:34
spaceninjabut now it's mostly hippie stuff :p14:35
strawtztz, you god old ;]14:35
* straw still rides his skateboard from time to time14:35
spaceninjame too14:35
strawBTW, here.. Metallica's Battery covered as acapella :] (you need to turn up the volume)14:36
strawlol, that's totally awesome14:37
straw(Wow, I needed quite to realize that I didn't provide a link..)14:38
sinistreI raise you
Rotwangive hit another car today :C14:39
spaceninjaRotwang: which car model did you hit?14:40
Rotwangopel signum14:40
Rotwangwith renault megane [;14:40
Rotwangi made barely a scratch14:41
strawAh, the good old megane :]14:41
strawI still like his 'high rear' somehow :P14:41
Rotwangrenault megane '9914:41
sinistre"Suicidemobile MkII"?14:42
Rotwanglol [;14:42
strawwho was guilty btw? ;]14:42
Rotwangi hit her from the rear14:43
strawI mean.. you always guilty when you 'come from behind' :P14:43
strawah, okay14:43
Rotwangi can never hit a woman14:43
Rotwangexcept in a car ;f14:43
strawhaha ;x14:43
tilmanso you retired the suicide mobile?14:43
Rotwangtilman: no, renault is my employer's car14:45
Rotwangi was transporting hp laserjet 4200 to a repair shop ;f14:45
spaceninjamaybe you need that extra action14:46
spaceninjaso Rotwang, still making those free ssh accounts? :)14:47
sinistreRotwang: at I guess :>14:49
spaceninjaI was just thinking about what happend the other day, the ssh account, don't you remember? I didn't log in tho :P14:49
Rotwangi was just doing some tests14:50
Rotwanglooking for testers ;f14:50
spaceninjahehe ok :)14:50
spaceninjatesting what? monitoring?14:50
Rotwangi made my sshd to listen on three ports14:50
Rotwangso i can login from my workplace14:51
sinistre"Let's see, if I publicly announce a user and a password, how many will login within 5 minutes?"14:51
tadzikIt'd be easier to count for  seconds ;]14:52
tadzik*5 secs14:52
Rotwangssh bartek@kicks-ass.org14:53
Rotwanguser: rotwang14:53
Rotwangpass: 123414:53
Rotwangssh rotwang@bartek.kicks-ass.org14:53
Rotwangpass: 123414:53
sinistre"Hah, only an idiot would put that on his luggage"14:54
Rotwangive heard about some app today14:56
Rotwangused for a security, knocker or sth similar14:56
Rotwangyou need to access few ports in certain order and then it opens you port for ssh, so you can log onto it in a minute14:57
tilmanthat technique is called port knocking14:58
* straw nods14:59
strawI read that it was further developed just recently. The client needs to send only one packet now. Pretty cool.15:00
tilmanreading, too? ;)15:00
strawyes ;]15:00
straw"Single Packet Authorization with fwknop. This paper was published in the February, 2006 issue of USENIX"15:02
strawnot too recently..15:03
* sinistre is reminded of his old teacher who couldn't say anything without preceeding it with "already the old greeks.."15:04
tilmansinistre: i'm just reading an wp article that begins with 'already in old greece...' o_O15:05
jseCoincidence? :p15:05
strawomg, sinistre is the ghost in the shell!15:05
Rotwangtilman: you might be aware why my intel card in my laptop "lags"15:05
Rotwangive disabled kms in kernel15:05
Rotwangand downgraded intel driver to 2.9.*15:05
Rotwangwhen i used 2.10 and kms it crashed xserver often15:06
Rotwangso im wondering, if there is something obvious im missing15:06
tilmancrashed or froze?15:07
tilmani had x freezes with 2.1015:07
tilmanthough i could still chvt :)15:07
Rotwanguhh, froze yes15:07
strawchange virtual terminal?15:07
Rotwangby chvt i understand "changed to tty"15:08
prologicanyone tried to get adobe air running on crux ?15:08
Rotwangyes i could do that15:08
strawaaah, wow, I was right15:08
tilmanRotwang: then it's probably the same issue :)15:09
tilmanwhat intel chip do you use?15:09
tilmani945 here15:09
Rotwang945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express15:11
Rotwangthats what lspci shows15:11
* spaceninja gives up and turns back to django :p15:12
Rotwang945GM according to xorg.log15:12
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sinistre"Do not click any links, see <link>". :>15:31
rehabdollhehe yeah15:34
rehabdollthe only flood im experiencing are wall-msgs from ircops15:35
sinistreand this is the only channel where you get them.15:35
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tilmanthatdidn't make sense ;)15:40
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: xterm: updated to 25518:24
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