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pazoAny cool script to find cyclic dependencies?07:59
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funkyis there something for configuring the kernel for an g4 ibook?09:37
funkyI'm not in the necessary mood to configure it by myself09:37
funkyi left that kind of good habits some time ago09:38
funkyor do any of you can pass me the .config file for tweaked for an ibook ?09:39
funkyI think i'll switch again to ubuntu then :/09:39
strawUbuntu and Crux are two totally different distros with totally different goals09:41
funkyno one said the opposite09:44
funkyi'm saying that i don't want to deal with the kernel configuration for ppc09:44
funkyi'm not a newbie, but I think this is completely unnecessary09:45
funkyi've been using gentoo for 5 years etc09:45
funkycompiling my own kernel every single subrelease was released09:45
funkyi'm tired09:45
strawusually you compile a kernel once and afterwards you either patch it with each new release or you do 'make oldconfig'09:47
strawah, misread. Well, if you don't want to compile stuff, Crux is the wrong distro anyway.09:48
mike_kfunky: I guess you can't find any info on that topic at
Rotwangfunky: you dont have to compile kernel every release10:19
Rotwangat least in crux10:19
Rotwangin crux you decide when where and how to compile kernel [;10:19
RotwangI need native english speaker to reviev quickly my curriculum vitae10:25
* Rotwang applies to IBM ;D10:26
strawgood luck :)10:32
Rotwangstraw: i have good job atm, but it wont hurt to try and see how it is to apply for a job in a big corporation10:33
strawcome over to IBM Stuttgart then ;p10:38
RotwangIBM Wrocław ftw.10:39
strawaah, Breslau :]10:40
strawyou live there/near it?10:40
Rotwangi live in Breslau ;D10:42
strawOk, then go for it! :>10:42
Rotwangi need to compile my cv first (downloading texlive atm)10:43
strawI also applied for a admin job, but it's only part-time.10:45
funkyis there any other distro besides ubuntu for ppc, more user-friendly ?10:57
funkyi don't want to deal with all this stuff, at least on my ibook10:58
funkyy barely use it10:58
funkywhat about yellow dog ?10:58
strawWell, I'd try YDL if I had a PPC10:59
straw(even though it's RPM-based :)10:59
funkyi also hate rpms10:59
funkybut i'll give it a try10:59
funkyany other choice?10:59
strawwell, I mostly work with Debian, so I'd suggest Debian11:01
funkyare there for ppc ?11:01
straw(the current version from YDL is based on Fedora Core BTW)11:01
funkydebian and fedora?11:01
joacimdistrowatch says so11:01
funkystraw: i'd say it's based on centos11:01
strawfunky: you're right, the German WP page lied :\11:03
Rotwangfedora sux11:04
Rotwangit erased my forum yesterday :x11:04
tadzikfetora. Never liked it11:04
strawwell, it's a testing bed for new features and often unstable due to that11:05
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gorushello all11:10
Rotwanggorus: hi11:11
goruswas wondering .. is there usb img for the newest release of crux11:12
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tadzikanyone using fgetty in /etc/inittab?12:00
pazojaeger, do you remember why you wanted to compile the gnome ports without PAM support?12:10
Rotwangis there any good wii emulator for teh linuks?12:13
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pazoDoesn't that remove the whole purpose of Wii by using a PC?12:17
tilmanpazo: just guessing, but maybe because usually crux is a pam-less system12:17
pazoSounds like a good reason :D12:18
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joacimemulators are interesting =)12:24
joacimand somewhat handy12:25
Rotwangi dont need wii emulator but nds emulator12:27
Rotwang(want to play dragon quest 9 not the wii one)12:27
jaegerpazo: tilman's right12:43
pazoGood lord. I thought I was done12:52
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: freeciv: 2.1.10 -> 2.1.1113:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: subversion: updated to 1.6.913:43
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newmwhat about pcmcia (pccard) activation at boot? I didn't find anyhing.15:23
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: subversion-perl: updated to 1.6.915:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: subversion-python: updated to 1.6.915:24
* sinistre curses the bad ram that prevents firing up vbox. :/15:25
sinistrekind of explains why btrfs won't play ball though. :/15:26
newmcan you advise something about pcmcia?15:27
sinistrenot really since I for reasons stated above, currently don't have access to my crux installation.15:27
sinistreisn't there a "pcmcia" script in /etc/rc.d which you can stick in the array in rc.conf?15:28
newmI need to cativate pcmcia during the installation.15:30
sinistreif you have all modules on the iso, you could load them manually, and set it up before you chroot.15:31
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