IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2010-01-25

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pitillogood morning01:17
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: dosfstools: updated to 3.0.801:58
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: libburn: updated to 0.7.602:05
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spaceninjawhere do I configure the clock to UTC?02:38
pitillospaceninja: in rc.conf you can setup your timezone02:39
spaceninjaok, I got two computer, one is 1 hour to slow, the other 1h to fast, maybe I need to set the hardware clock correctly first02:47
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spaceninjayes, found openrdate, it's in the core :p03:02
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spaceninjaZaba: Hi, if your old nick is still on left on freenode, you can use /msg nickserv ghost yournick password; then change your name, and login03:07
tadzikflashplugin md5sums are painful03:20
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Trashlordis there a 64bit version of crux?03:29
Trashlordwhere can I find it?03:30
TrashlordI mean, is it an official version, or just some third-party port project?03:30
tadzikit uses crux repos, and those 64bit overlays which are also visible in
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TrashlordI'm very new to CRUX, just now performing an installation in a virtual machine03:34
TrashlordI come from Arch03:34
tadzikwelcome then :)03:34
carpoAnyone successfully running NFS with latest CRUX?03:37
carpoI used latest CRUX as a server and a client on two virtual machines, but could not connect the client to the server03:37
tadzikcarpo: clienting works fine here03:37
tadzikor at least was working the last time I was using nfs03:38
carporead the info at, and a bunch of other how-tos03:38
tadzikhmm. Any idea how to record the audio currently played, like steal the things coming to /dev/audio? :)03:38
carpobut mount.nfs dies with "mount(2): Unknown error code 526" error message03:38
carpoif anyone has any idea - please, do share...03:40
surrounder"The problem is that when a filename contains certain characters, the Linux clients return the error 'unknown error 526' if you try and list the directory contents."03:40
carpoyeah, i found that too03:40
carpothe NFS share I was trying to connect to was in fact freshly format btrfs partition03:41
carpothe NFS share I was trying to connect to was in fact freshly formatTED btrfs partition03:41
surrounderhmm no experiences with btrfs here03:41
carposo the above rules the "unknown characters" problem out...03:42
tadzikbutterFS, or betterFS? :)03:42
carpoBTRFS as in
carposo, should I bring the topic on the mailing list? how do you think? or should I contact the nfs-utils authors with the relevant info?03:45
tadzikBtrfs is under heavy development, and is not suitable for any uses other than benchmarking and review.03:46
tadzikLooks like you are asking for it :) Tried connecting to other partitions?03:47
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carpowell, other users say it can hold a two or three files for testing03:52
carpoanyway, the underlying fs was fisrt XFS, as a matter of fact03:52
carpoI wonder, could it be that the virtual machines are affecting NFS? All other networking seems fine - I successfully used "prt-get sysup" to update the distro...03:53
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carpotadzik: no, but maybe I should try just for kicks what happens if I export /tmp or /opt from my root partition...03:57
carpotoo bad I'm not at the PC in question right now...04:01
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spaceninjaI'm trying to turn off the terminal screen saver. I've tried setterm -powersave off; setterm -powerdown 0; but it doesn't work05:01
tadzikblank 0?05:03
tadzikyou have -blank 15 in /etc/rc05:03
spaceninjaoh, thanks, never looked there. Do I need to set it everytime I boot?05:07
spaceninjashould I replace it with setterm -powersave off?05:07
tadziknot sure05:08
tadzikmaybe don't mess with /etc/rc, just put an appropriate command in /etc/rc.local05:08
spaceninjaok good idea05:10
Zabaspaceninja, I can't use /ns ghost while asleep05:12
Zabaspaceninja, and junk05:12
spaceninjawierd, mterm crashes when I tab05:20
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spaceninjaof course, I need to set it to setterm -blank 0 and override the config in /etc/rc, sometimes I'm slow :p05:27
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spaceninjahmm, should I be concerned if some random dude is trying to access /thisdoesnotexistahaha.php on my webserver?08:56
spaceninjaI mean, is it a script?08:57
Rotwangif it doesnt exist on your server,08:58
spaceninjait doesn't exist, and no one knows about it08:59
spaceninjaI really need to monitor everything on my network08:59
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: dovecot: update to 1.2.1009:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gphoto2: update to 2.4.809:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libgphoto2: update to 2.4.809:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: lvm2: update to 2.02.6009:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mod_svn: update to 1.6.909:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: scite: update to 2.0209:53
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.4309:53
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: pciutils: update to 3.1.609:53
* straw saw spaceninja in #vim ;]09:54
joacima sighting :-O09:56
spaceninjaI'm everywhere :)09:58
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strawback to the web server question: that's just one of the several daily scanning attempts :) Internet white noise10:00
spaceninjano wonder my server is visited by suspicious people :p10:00
spaceninjaah, ok cool10:00
spaceninjaas long as it's not a personal attack10:01
strawI'm sure there are things like mod_security or IP banning plugins which could suppress that, but I didn't bother so far10:01
strawwell, most scanners search for known exploitable PHP stuff. /admin.php, /shop.php,.. stuff like that10:02
spaceninjaok, good to know, I've never watched my webserver log10:03
spaceninjaI've decided to build a surveillance fortess in my room, I need to some networkcards and monitors10:04
spaceninjafor my monitoring firewall10:04
spaceninjamake some warningscrips that turns a red light, or make a sound10:05
spaceninjahaha this is going to be fun10:06
strawdocument it for others on your way :]10:07
Rotwanghow do i make benq projector work on my laptop?10:07
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strawno idea, for presentations I just rebooted when the cable was plugged in and it worked :x10:09
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spaceninjastraw: good idea! I could make a log and a tutorial!10:11
* spaceninja starts planning10:11
tadzikalias dualscreen='xrandr --output LVDS1 --auto --output VGA1 --auto --right-of LVDS1'10:13
tadzikthis is how _I_ roll :>10:13
tadzikbut I guess everything can be done with xrandr10:14
strawI'm really bad at all this graphical stuff :]10:14
tadziktry xrandr -x10:15
* tadzik hides10:15
strawX Error of failed request:  BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)10:16
Rotwangdoesnt work :c10:23
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spaceninjahehe nice11:02
strawspaceninja: BTW, have a look at ossec/snort due to your monitoring project11:02
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spaceninjastraw: great thanks11:02
* spaceninja makes notes on his project papers11:03
spaceninjathis is going to be so awesome11:03
spaceninjathis is my site, gots some pixel art, but it's not done, click on the plus and minus squares,
spaceninjajquery is amazing11:05
strawI don't like anything with ^java.* :]11:06
spaceninjaI'll make a pure html/css version aswell11:07
spaceninjamaybe a lynx webpage with ascii art11:07
spaceninjathat would be cool!11:07
spaceninjawow, is it a protocol? I just read a few lines on wikipedia11:08
strawyup, and old one :P11:09
spaceninjanice and clean
spaceninjabut wait11:09
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spaceninjaI need to add it on my "investigate" list11:10
spaceninjaI got some serious problems with my focus11:10
strawah, same here11:11
spaceninjaI keep starting new project, but I've become much better, I've figured out that it's much easier to organize things if you structure you ideas on paper11:11
strawor vimwiki :P11:11
spaceninjalooks cool11:12
straw(it's a plugin, not the actual internet wiki, just to go sure)11:13
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Rotwangtadzik: thanks, your xrandr line helped as lot12:01
strawwhat was wrong with it first?12:02
Rotwangthe lcommand was syntatically corect12:08
Rotwangi had to change vga resolution and refresh rates12:09
strawah, okidoki12:10
tadzikRotwang: you're welcome12:15
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sinistreanother day, another kernel, another bunch of fixes for i915 :>15:24
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* Rotwang compiles15:26
* sirmacik too [;15:26
Rotwangmaybe performance will increase ;f15:27
Rotwangon my intell15:27
tadzikbullshit :)15:27
tadzikmaybe in .339~,15:27
tadziksome new funny things come up15:27
tadzikneeded for wayland or something, kms related15:27
sinistrehahah, .339 that's great. :p15:28
Rotwangsinistre: any interesting fixes?15:28
sinistrenot really afaic, some usb stuff that could be interesting.15:28
tadziksome iwlagn stuff afair15:29
Rotwangsinistre: i was asking about intel graphics15:29
sinistre(no, I'm not hit by the i915 problems, but it seems to have entered etx4 mode lately, that's why I noticed)15:29
sinistreI don't think I've seen any updates lately that haven't held several fixes for it.15:30
tadzikwhich proves it's still unstable :)15:30
tadzikah, fuck this mono!15:31
sinistretadzik: do you think it's named after a disease without reason? :p15:31
tadzik└─[#]─> pkginfo -l mono | grep 'share/man.*gz'15:31
tadzik+ mv /dev/shm/pkgmk-work-mono/pkg/usr/share/man/man1/jay.1.gz /dev/shm/pkgmk-work-mono/pkg/usr/man/man1/jay.1.gz15:32
tadzikmv: cannot stat `/dev/shm/pkgmk-work-mono/pkg/usr/share/man/man1/jay.1.gz': No such file or directory15:32
* Rotwang searches changelog for word "intel"15:32
tadziklookup i915 maybe15:36
tadzikor kms15:36
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Rotwangi915 two matches [;15:38
Rotwangkms no matches ;D15:38
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tadzikwhat is wrong with this iptables rule? iptables -A INPUT -p tcp ! --syn -m state --state NEW -j DROP16:06
tadzikBad argument `! --syn'16:06
tadzikhow is it supposed to go?16:06
surrounderhmm could you try to put the '!' before the -p flag ?16:09
surroundersearch for 'An Explanation of TCP Flags'16:09
tadzik+ iptables -A INPUT '!' -p tcp --syn -m state --state NEW -j DROP16:09
tadzikiptables: Invalid argument. Run `dmesg' for more information.16:09
tadzikalright, will take a look16:10
tadzik--syn, Optionally preceded by a `!'16:10
surrounderhmm yeah think I read it wrong16:10
surrounderstrange indeed16:10
tadzikweird, it works now16:11
tadzikand it is iptables -A INPUT -p tcp ! --syn -m state --state NEW -j DROP16:11
tadzikI see no difference16:11
tadzikanyway,time to „sleep”16:13
tadzikthanks surrounder16:13
surroundernn tadzik :)16:13
surroundercopied the 2 commands, don't see any differences either16:14
sinistre'!' / ! ?16:14
strawah, the '!' only refers to the state?16:15
surroundersinistre: no look at his first command16:15
strawor do you drop all TCP packets but TCP SYN?16:15
sinistremh. Dang, it was the only difference I could see.. :/16:16
surrounderstraw: not sure, don't have that much experience with iptables :P16:17
strawyea, I only know the basics too16:17
sinistreI've never seen '!' used anywhere before, that's why I thought it was strange16:17
sinistrethat is, with the single quotes16:18
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tadzikinsomnia is a nightmare17:37
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* straw learns emacs at the moment17:38
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strawtilman:  This one is dedicated to you:
tadzikYou must be logged in to post a comment. You hate your readers, don't you?18:28
strawNarf, I thought I disabled that.. mom18:30
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strawtadzik: now :>18:31
strawYou're right about getting rid of old habits :D18:35
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tadziksee, I _know_ C-c would be better. But I still keep pressing esc, just a reflex18:36
strawWhen I finally mapped Ctrl to Caps-Lock, I was mostly using Ctrl-[, but tilman changed my vim life ;p18:37
tadzik[ seems… far18:38
strawit's quite easy to reach on my keyboard18:38
strawit's the 'ue' button, right of the 'p' (qwerty)18:39
tadzikyeah, I know where it is :)18:39
tadzikah, I'll try to fall asleep one again :|18:41
strawgn, tadzik!18:43
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