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moose9999i could really use some help getting crux set up if anyone can help me out00:10
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pitillogood morning01:01
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tadzikoh, I was curious about something in your ports tree… audacity?05:14
sepentadzik, me?05:20
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tadziksepen: don't you have audacity in your ports?05:28
sepenbut I think that its a nice port to have for the contrib collection05:31
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tadzikhmm, that was something else then05:41
tadziktuxguitar possibly?05:41
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sepentadzik, yep, tuxguitar06:03
tadzikcould you update it to 1.2?06:03
sepenah! sure06:05
sepenhmm sources are available, so I'll try sources instead of using the x86 binary06:09
sepentadzik, thanks for the report but I don't have enough time now, I'm at office06:09
sepenI'll try when arrived to home06:09
sepenanyways I updated the port (x86) in my repo06:10
tadzikno problem06:11
sirmacikhi \o06:28
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limpioHi, what is the kernel to compile, in the Handbook it states 2.6.30.x, what is the last digit?11:38
tadzikdoesn't mater11:40
tadzik*matter; get and be happy11:40
limpiothank you11:42
tadzikyou're welcome. New to CRUX?11:42
limpioyes, i'm reading the book in order to install later11:43
tadzikI see11:43
limpioare there any security patches, ever? or how does it work?11:45
joacimuse whatever patches you want11:45
joacimmy guess is most people use the kernel from upstream with no pathes applied11:46
limpiosorry, i meant security for packages :)11:46
tadzikwell, they are updated from time to time, and the security updates are announced on the ML11:48
limpiook, thx11:48
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limpiohi, during the installation, i used cfdisk and partitioned but there was no file system options, when i tried to mount the partitions, it gave me the 'no file system' what am i doing wrong??12:22
limpiodid i miss the part of choosing the FS?12:23
tadzikwhat was your previous distro? :)12:23
Rotwanglimpio: i assume your primary distro is ubuntu ;12:23
limpiodebian lenny12:24
tadziklimpio: after creating the partition you also need to make fs's on them12:24
Rotwanglimpio: for now youve just created empty partitions you need to put filesystem on each  of them12:24
tadziklike mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdax12:24
tadzikbut check the device identifiers like 7 or 8 times12:24
* tadzik has recently mkswap'd his /home12:25
limpiook, i gotcha12:25
limpiothank you12:25
tadzikhmm, anyone using dvorak?12:26
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strawtadzik: nope, too nerdy ;]13:15
sinistreit's a pita to switch, and then it'll suck if you have to use any other computers than your own.13:21
sinistre-> not worth it IMO13:21
tadziksounds like fun to me13:23
tadzikI just need this stickers so I can have 2 layouts on my keyboard, so I'll keep existing ones for qwerty and stick this additional for dvorak13:24
* sinistre concludes that tadzik must be into not only S/M, but the M part of it in particular.13:24
sinistrewhy not google it?  ;D13:25
tadzikS&M may stand for: Sadomasochism, a form of sexual role-playing;13:25
tadziksexual rpg? sounds like fun13:26
sinistresame thing.13:26
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joacimhope theyre not mmorpgs13:52
sinistreI think I read somewhere about that someone in England invented a "whipping machine" that could hit 40 persons at the same time during the Victorian era. Maybe a forerunner? :p14:06
jseThe inventer was probably not too pleased to hear some of those getting whipped enjoyed it more than you should, considering it was a form of punishment.14:08
jse"That's fifty lashes, you're done." Five more minutes! plz plz plz! :>14:09
jseI'd imagine that to be a face palm moment.14:10
joacimI guess those masks were to shield against jizz14:18
jseUnless it was playing dressing-up, you'd think most things have a function. :p14:20
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dbboltonhow can i find out which packages and versions are available for pkgadd to install?15:45
dbboltoni am primarily a debian user, so i'm looking for something analogous to "aptitude search" and "apt-cache policy"15:47
RyoS_i guess there is none in crux.15:47
surrounderdbbolton: look at prt-get for the basic functions you're looking for, I suspect15:48
RyoS_crux is source based, means, you dont download packages you donwload the source and compile it yourself (prt-get and the ports tree do it for you.. you just "compile")15:48
dbboltonman -k prt ==> nothing appropriate15:49
RyoS_man prt-get15:49
RyoS_you want to choose manually between different versions in one package?15:49
dbboltonno, i just want to find out what is available15:50
dbboltoni'm already on that page15:51
pitillodbbolton: check the 4.3 point15:51
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pitillolook for prt-utils in you ports tree15:53
dbboltonit looks like there is only core, opt, and xorg right now15:55
Rotwangyou need to add some new ones if you want more [;15:56
dbboltoni uncommented the contrib line15:56
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Rotwangdbbo;ton: usualy there are no duplicates in core/opt/xorg/contrib15:56
surrounderdbbolton: did a ports -u after that ?15:56
Rotwangyou need to rename contrib.rsync file too15:57
Rotwangprt-get.conf is just responsible for prt-get not ports tree15:57
dbboltonwhen i ran 'ports -u' there wasn't any output16:00
dbboltoneven after i moved contrib.rsync.inactive16:02
pitillono konsigo hacer el stalonetray sticky en todos los escritorios virtuales16:04
pitillosorry, wrong window16:04
dbboltonalso, i tried running "prt-get search -v bash" and i got four errors16:05
dbboltonConfig error: can't acces /usr/ports/blah16:05
Rotwangdbbolton: thats because you didnt update ports tree16:06
dbboltoni thought that was "ports -u"16:06
Rotwangdbbolton: are there any files in /etc/ports?16:06
Rotwanghow are they named?16:06
Rotwangis /etc/ports/drivers present?16:07
Rotwangif it is, does it contain any drivers?16:07
dbboltoncontrib.rsync core.rsync drivers opt.rsync xorg.rsync16:07
Rotwangdbbolton: ok thats weird if ports -u gives *no* output16:08
dbboltondrivers directory contains httpup16:08
Rotwangwell there should be rsync driver16:08
dbboltoni wonder where it went16:09
Rotwangin fact core/opt/xorg/contrib are rsync ones16:09
Rotwangso we've got mystery solved [;16:09
dbboltoncan i just wget it from somewhere?16:09
Rotwangits part of ports package16:10
Rotwangso you can add it from the iso16:10
pitillodbbolton: which crux version are you running?16:10
dbbolton2.6 i58616:11
Rotwanghere is the source
pitillono experience with i585 isos16:11
dbboltonyes, i58616:11
dbboltonCRUX 2.6 ISO image for the i586 architecture contributed by Jürgen Daubert.16:12
Rotwangwell, it should be shipped with rsync driver i guess16:13
Rotwangdbbolton: if rsync doesnt work for you you can get some httpup repo files16:14
pitillodbbolton: do you have rsync installed on that host?16:14
dbboltondo i just extract the ports source and run make in its directory?16:14
dbboltoni don't think so16:14
dbboltonrsync command not found16:14
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pitilloyou'll need rsync after install the ports port16:15
Rotwangdbbolton: i suggest installing it [;16:15
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* Rotwang is off to sleep16:16
dbboltonwhich way should i install it?16:16
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Rotwangdbbolton: from the iso preferably16:16
Rotwanghopefuly there is rsync package on that iso16:17
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dbboltonwhere would it be on the cd16:17
dbboltonah, found it16:20
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nipuLlooks like i'm getting paid to listen to music today while i wait for the paperwork for my new contract16:34
dbboltonis there a file from which prt-get will pick up custom cflags, or do i just need to specify them as env variables?16:50
rehabdollpkgmk.conf in /etc16:52
dbboltoni'm trying to change a normal user's shell to zsh, but chsh tells me that /usr/bin/zsh is an invalid shell. also, /usr/bin/zsh is the output of "which zsh"17:43
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limpiohi, i've been looking for the list of packages that come by default (core, opt, xorg) but i can't find them, is there such a list?17:55
nipuLdbbolton: add zsh to /etc/shells17:58
dbboltonahh, thanks18:01
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dbboltonit took my computer 35 minutes to build zsh19:03
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dbboltoni added some custom font paths in my xorg.conf but they don't show up in the output of "xset -q". what is the problem?20:43
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dbboltonhow can i change my console font21:36
dbbolton"setfont pathtofont" says invalid arg21:39
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nipuLthat depend on what terminal you are using21:50
nipuLso you want to change the console font21:50
nipuLnot in X?21:50
dbboltonthats what i said21:50
nipuLi know21:50
nipuLjust clarifying21:50
nipuLyou can set it rc.conf21:51
dbboltonyeah but that just passes to setfont, which is giving me an error21:51
dbboltonit may have been because i copied built fonts from another machine21:52
dbboltoni'm rebuilding terminus from source on the machine now21:52
dbboltonto make sure21:52
nipuLtry, setfont cybercafe21:52
dbboltonyep, that works21:53
nipuLthat would indicate that setfont  doesn't take a full path as the font name21:54
nipuLas you are trying to do21:54
dbboltoni also have a problem with fonts in x21:54
nipuLof course you do :)21:54
dbboltoni added some extra paths in xorg.conf but they aren't being loaded21:55
dbboltoni checked the output of "xset -q"21:55
dbboltonand they arent' there21:55
nipuLready up on how to use fontconfig21:55
nipuLtl;dr: just put your fonts in ~/.fonts21:56
dbboltonor maybe i need to install it first21:56
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limpiohi, is the xorg configuration automatic during installation or is there a command like ' xorgconfig'?22:14
dbboltoni didn't need a config file22:15
dbboltonbut you can generate one with: X -configure22:16
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limpiodbbolton, thank you, i have a sis video driver that is buggy, so i always use 'vesa'...22:17
dbboltoni'm actually using a sis card too22:17
moose9999hi all22:17
moose9999I am new to crux, and having some issues if anyone could help me out22:18
limpiomy hd is going kaput, so this weekend i'll buy one22:18
moose9999basically, my new install boots to a blank screen and I can't seem to find any log messages in /var/log22:19
moose9999i have googled it like crazy but cant find a thing22:19
limpiomoose9999, a stab in the dark: have you installed the xorg packages?22:25
moose9999no, just the core install22:25
moose9999i may have a .conf issue22:25
moose9999the kernel seems to load just fine, but the system never iniatlizes22:26
moose9999I configured the new kernel by copying /proc/config from my working arch installation and using lsmod to compile in the needed drivers (not as modules)22:28
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dbboltondid you remember to run make oldconfig22:42
moose9999no, when in the process does that occur22:42
dbboltonwhen you copy an old config into a new kernel source directory22:42
moose9999i cant just copy over the .config already there22:43
dbboltonyou can. but you might run into a bunch of problems.22:44
dbboltonmake oldconfig looks for discrepancies between the two kernels22:44
dbboltonfor example if some feature has been added or deprecated22:45
moose9999do I need to copy a config file over, or just run make oldconfig on a clean install22:46
moose9999i think i figured it out, thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it!!22:48
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dbboltoni keep getting a 404 error tring to install libid3tag23:10
dbboltoni think there may be a problem with the port because i can download from sourceforge fine from a web browser23:19
dbboltonthe same thing happened with imlib2, also on sourceforge23:27
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