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pitillogood morning01:09
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strawCan you reproduce both errors?04:45
tadzikstraw: made some temporary errors at the first moemnt04:46
tadzikand the second one works fine for me04:47
strawah, do the first without the "04:47
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tadzikyeah, bash stubbed. Zsh worked fine though04:48
tadzikoh, and ^C terminated the first one successfully04:48
strawyup, I know04:48
strawI wonder if this is a bug or I'm just stupid, but I can't explain it.04:48
tadzikwho cares about bash anyway ;)04:49
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strawtadzik: people using a lot of different boxes do :P05:22
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tadzikstraw: well, I have zsh on every box (or shell) I use :)05:28
tadzikoh, and I also use zsh on my *BRAND* *NEW* *IPAD*05:29
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strawtadzik: well, as an admin I wouldn't install zsh on every box :P05:30
strawand.. do you really have a real iPad? O.o05:30
tadziksure! Haven't I show you?05:31
strawI have such one :P05:31
tadzikey, that's mine!05:32
strawbut not that particular model, eh?05:32
tadzikI made^Wbought it yesterday!05:32
tadzikstraw: it's my picture05:32
tadzikI made it yesterday05:32
strawit's an x100e?05:33
strawI like the x100e since it's a 11" netbook which has a trackpoint!05:34
strawnot like these dumb ideapads05:34
strawbut it has 2 things I can't agree with: 1) the display is reflective (don't know the right word here) 2) it comes only with a single-core CPU05:35
strawthey wanna ship one with dual-core later this year05:35
tadzikwell, methinks you need either a netbook or a dual-core cpu05:36
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* pedja tries to remember why he enabled LVM09:27
pedja'file based locking init failed'..wth?09:27
pedjaoh, yes, lilo whined about it every fscking time, that is why I enabled it...09:29
pedjasilly me09:29
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: [notify] squid: update to 3.0.STABLE2210:12
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urso_catatauhai folks... I am pursuing an crux installation from an usb flash drive. but the initializing script says it needs the crux cd and gives me a shell, which I unsucessefully used to mount /dev/my_usb_drive /.tmpfs/.cdrom .... LOL. suggestions?15:35
urso_catatauit gives "invalid argument".15:35
urso_catatauall I have to burn are dvds. =/15:36
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Rotwangurso_catatau: you can burn crux on a dvd15:38
jaegerThe official ISO doesn't have the proper media-generic setup to work from USB without some extra effort15:43
urso_catatauof course... but 4gb for 250mb. it would be a was of mbs. (no insults, I'm using crux on VBox and its great!)15:43
jaegerurso_catatau: have a look here:
jaegeryou could either use that testmedia ISO with unetbootin or follow the notes in the .txt file15:44
urso_catataummm interesting I m taking a look. thanks.15:49
urso_catatauanother question (i read the docs, but may have escaped me, sorry ). does crux fallows a rolling release model? its awesome, the maintaners manage to keep it really up to date.15:51
jaegerIt's rolling release with ISO releases, something of a hybrid15:53
jaegerIt is possible to upgrade without reinstalling from CD15:54
urso_catatauthen it was what I thought =)15:54
urso_catatauand its great to boot and use just 5~6mbs! haha15:55
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djzortwe've added a crux mirror here in australia19:03
djzortrsyncing once a day19:03
djzort2gig total throughput available19:04
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