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tilmanSubject: [libarchive-announce] libarchive 2.8.0 available00:56
pitillogood morning00:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: filezilla: update04:07
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tadzikpitillo: have you updated your nikto today? :)06:51
fakerootHi there.06:51
pitillotadzik: hello, I did it some days ago06:53
pitillohave you seen any error or something related? I haven't tested it, not much time atm06:54
pitillonikto was updated on tuesday06:55
tadzikmy bad then06:56
pitillois there another update?06:57
pitilloI often run ck4up and seems it was updated the same day they updated it06:58
tadziksorry, yours' up to date, must have mislooked it06:58
pitilloah ok, thank you for the advice too, and if you see something bad or that can be done better tell me about06:59
pitilloor if there are more people using it, I can try to make a better research to include it on contrib07:00
tadzikanyway, why is your XML::Simple named p5-xmlsimple rather than p5-xml-simple?07:02
pitilloummmm only naming, I have no prob to change it (I think there musn't be much people using it)07:03
tadzikwell, I do :)07:04
tadzikI think substituting cpan's :: with dashes is quite a fine convention07:05
pitilloif you don't have any problem and seems better that name I will do, atm trying to see why it's there and where it's used.... dependent doesn't show anything...07:05
pitillodo you have any port depending on it?07:07
tadzikno, just my use07:12
pitillook, it's renamed know07:13
pitillothank you very much for your suggestion07:13
pitillonikto it's working fine too07:13
tadzikyou're welcome :)07:13
tadzikthank You07:13
pitilloI made 2 tests here and atm no problem07:13
pitilloyou are welcome too :)07:13
tadzikyeah, nikto is fine, I just wasn't sure if it's up-to-date07:13
pitilloah ok, it is then, btw, a reminder is always welcome too :)07:14
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tilmanskip over the first 10 seconds and enjoy some epic english fail :D13:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: [notify] chrony: update to 1.2413:16
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: tcp_wrappers: major rework13:50
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rehabdolllol tilman16:37
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