IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2010-02-08

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fakerootHi there.01:03
pitillogood morning01:16
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: babl: finally remove unscrew-destdir.diff04:17
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: babl: remove unscrew-destdir from footprint04:18
tadzikand from .md5sums!04:19
tadzikah, ok04:19
* teK_ has to get used to comitting again :o04:20
* fakeroot sighs.05:09
fakerootDoes Romster is alive?05:09
tadzikWhat a fancy grammar. He is, though05:10
tadzikat least I think so, he updated something in contrib on my request some time ago05:11
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fakerootHeh, seems like my bugs got outdated :P05:15
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teK_I already said that I will fix this after Feb 6th05:41
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thrice`I think proper is "commit early, commit often" no?07:08
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Rotwangmy firefox doesnt find java plugin08:03
Rotwangjava is linked correctly though08:03
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tadziknipuL: could you update p5-timedate? The current version is 1.2008:44
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sea-gullanybody here uses ion3?09:19
jaegernot I09:20
sea-gullit gives a lot of errors while building09:20
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Rotwangmy java doesnt work!09:37
Rotwanghelp plx09:37
thrice`no clue :(  64-bit specific?09:41
Rotwangi use 32 bit on my laptop09:42
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tadzikdamnit, I officialy give up10:09
tadzik# Depends on: git p5-getopt-mixed p5-file-touch p5-file-slurp p5-email-find p5-email-simple p5-datetime p5-email-date p5-class-accessor p5-email-date-format10:09
tadzikI ported all those modules, and still some crap around perl installing system10:09
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* Rotwang fixed it10:11
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thrice`hi :)11:57
thrice`how's it going sepen ?12:08
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sepenyeah, I finished to port qt4-4-6.112:28
sepenat least arora builds fine12:29
sepen*err qt4#4.6.1-1 ;D12:30
dru1dhey, someone have this message: Failed to open /proc/filesystems: No souch file or directory ?12:57
dru1dat boot time12:57
Zabaprocfs is not mounted yet, I guess13:00
Zabadru1d, when exactly at boot time?13:00
dru1dafter keyboard sets13:01
dru1dI got this after add a ntfs partition in fstab13:01
dru1dwith ntfs-3g13:01
Zabaperhaps you've got the syntax wrong, and mount -a is failing and not mounting procfs?13:02
Zabajust a wild guess13:02
dru1di check this out thank you13:02
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sea-gulluhh...md5 mismatch for firefox-flash-plugin13:52
tadzikits always here13:53
tadzikas the port installs the 'current' version13:54
sea-gulltadzik: do you mean, there's a new version of plugin?13:55
tadzikah, no, the version is specified13:55
tadzikanyway, I never had not had md5sum mismatch when installing it13:56
sea-gullyah. it's strange13:56
sinistreadobe has been hacked!  :o13:56
sea-gulli'm new to crux:)13:56
sea-gullsinistre: by you? :)13:56
sinistreno, I think it's more reasonable to think they made a stealth-upgrade13:56
sinistreor something like that.13:57
sinistreor maybe you got a corrupt download13:57
sea-gullgetting new one13:57
thrice`the version isn't specified exactly13:58
sea-gulland... the same error! ehh13:58
sinistresea-gull: see what thrice` said.13:58
sinistreyou're probably not getting the same version as the one the md5 sum is for.13:59
thrice`VERSION=; echo ${VERSION%%.*}13:59
thrice`it uses variable expansion in bash to chop the 10 :)13:59
thrice`if you send sepen cookies, he might update it :)14:01
sepensure ;D14:02
sepenit sucks how adobe numbered his releases14:02
thrice`especially since often they fix security issues14:03
sea-gullis there a binary packages or only ports that should be compiled?14:04
sinistreoo.o is binary :p14:04
sea-gulland how it should be installed?14:05
tadzikjust as everything else14:05
thrice`nope, crux is a source-based distro primarily :)14:05
sinistreonly true madmen build stuff like oo from scratch though. :>14:06
sea-gullhmm.. i thought it's some binary packages14:06
sinistresea-gull: there *are* some binary ports, but most are from source14:07
sinistrebinary is stuff like oo.o, java and other proprietary stuff like opera.14:07
sea-gullsorry for the rude question. But what's the diff between crux and gentoo?14:09
tadzikCRUX is simple14:09
tadzikhave you ever tried to write an ebuild for gentoo?14:09
sinistresea-gull: look at a Pkgfile, and look at an ebuild14:10
tadzikor understand this init.d scripts rules?14:10
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sepenmaybe you want to say SystemV14:11
sea-gullok. but it's said that crux is optimized for 686-machines.14:11
sepennot only for 68614:11
tadzik…by default14:11
sea-gullI couldn't find anything 686-specific.14:11
tadzikset your own CFLAGS if you want to optimize for sth else14:11
sea-gullin Pkgfile.14:11
sea-gulltadzik: so, I should optimize it myself?14:11
sea-gullis it right?14:11
tadzikif you want to14:11
tadzikI do14:11
sinistresea-gull: try booting the cd on a i586. :>14:11
sepensea-gull, set your CFLAGS in /etc/pkgmk.conf14:12
thrice`sea-gull, sure, if you want - see /etc/pkgmk.conf , which all of the ports use when calling gcc14:12
sepenor read pkgmk to get a better idea ;D14:12
sepensea-gull, /usr/bin/pkgmk uses exported CFLAGS to build packages14:13
sepen*also CXXFLAGS14:14
sea-gullsepen: I got it, I see cflags in .conf.14:14
tadzikit's like setting CFLAGS in make.conf on gentoo14:14
sea-gullwhy isn't there repository for packages?14:15
sea-gullit would be a lot easier, I think14:15
sea-gullto install software14:15
sea-gullnow it's done by creating a package, then installing that package14:16
tadzikthere is something like this, pkg-get?14:16
tadzikprt-get is for ports, compiling then installing14:16
sinistresea-gull: no. it would be a mess, and also, if you really want binary packages, there already are umpteen distros that does it.14:16
tadzikpkg-get is exactly what you want. I'm not sure whether anyone keeps any repos though14:17
sinistreI don't think so.14:17
sea-gullsinistre: why do you think it would be a mess?14:17
tadzikand as sinistre says, I don't anyone is interested in it anyway. If you want a binary distro, go slackware or somewhere14:17
sinistresea-gull: because packages and their deps are like a weave, or knitting.14:17
sea-gullpkg-get: there's no command14:17
tadzikHere stand We, the true lords of simplicity, compiling from source like the real man do14:18
sinistretadzik: I think in some way there's a contradiction in there, somewhere. :P14:19
sea-gullguys, I'm not a troll. I want to understand your viewpoint14:19
tadziksea-gull: no one implies you're a troll14:19
sinistresea-gull: it's "simple", but "simple" isn't always "easy".14:19
tadzikI think CRUX is for guys who like to look inside their packages, still don't want anything like getoo14:19
sepensea-gull, just read the documentation and the rest of the wiki14:19
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thrice`sea-gull, alot of users don't have complex setups, so compiling from source isn't bad.  at least, how i've always thought of and used crux :)15:07
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rehabdollprobably clever15:31
rehabdolleasier to prove than a real crime15:32
thrice`awesome <315:32
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sepenthrice`, arora with new qt4 rocks man!15:52
thrice`I've noticed it crashes less :>15:53
sinistresepen: silly question, but could you try that with some monotype font, like terminus?15:54
sinistreI'm having some problems with monospace fonts, and I'm not sure why, but I'm suspecting qt 4.615:54
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sependo you have 4.6?15:54
sinistreyeah, but it's unrelated, I'm just trying to figure out what breaks.15:55
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sepenat least the contrib port is 4.5.315:55
sepenwell I'll try15:55
sinistresepen: it's not crux. ;P15:55
thrice`home time :>15:56
sepensinistre, I don't have 'terminus' here15:56
sinistresepen: no problem, basically any monospace font will do.15:56
sinistremisc doesn't work here, for instance, iirc. (I don't dare trying, because if I'm correct, my X session will die...)15:58
sepenI'm using now monospace10 and monospace10 without problems15:58
sinistreyes, that one works15:58
sepenand crux works15:58
sinistremh, it might be something with qt4.6 and the graphics drivers (open ati)15:59
sinistresepen: anyway, thanks for trying.15:59
thrice`or the crappy distro :>16:00
sepensinistre, imho a graphic problem makes more sense16:00
sinistresepen: quite possible, but qt is quite a bit of an excercise program.. :>16:02
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dru1dAnybody have problem with fifrefox and pango?16:25
dru1d(<unknown>:852): Pango-WARNING **: failed to choose a font, expect ugly output. engine-type='PangoRenderFc', script='common'16:25
dru1dSegmentation fault16:25
rehabplugare other apps ok?16:44
rehabplugSat Jan 17 01:39:24 CET 197016:45
rehabplugsecond time the clock on my sheevaplug craps out16:45
thrice`how is the sheevaplug, overall?16:46
rehabplugnice, though i wish it had more storage builtin16:47
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rehabplugand 2 nic-ports :)16:47
sinistre2 nic ports would have been a godsend. Wonder why they skipped out on that. :/16:50
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thrice`bloat, etc16:52
rehabdollhehe, yeah. packaging reasons probably16:52
rehabdollstill, the nic thats there is nice. 1gbit16:53
sinistreconsidering the design over all, lacking a second nick is a real oversight IMO. It would have been a perfect little gateway otherwise.16:53
rehabplugbut one could get a simple usb-nic16:55
jaegermaybe you can alias/vlan the single NIC17:04
sinistreyou could presumeably use it as a "router on a stick", but I've never had much luck getting that to work.17:05
sinistre(presumeably thanks to using cheap ass consumer grade hw.)17:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: lighttpd: 1.4.25 -> 1.4.2617:23
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dru1drehabplug: nope, surf and ff only17:27
dru1dI was after beer ;]17:28
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rehabdolldru1d: no problem, a noble endeavour19:08
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