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pitillogood morning01:04
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alanciohi there07:18
alancioI'm having trouble sending emails to @crux.nu07:18
alanciothe connection times out07:18
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teK_worked fine for me07:23
teK_what's your mailadress?07:24
alanciowhat does that have to do with the connection problem?07:25
teK_I'd have a look into the logs..07:25
alanciook, I can connect from a different machine, it has to be a problem with my ISP07:26
teK_at least for ssh my connection to seems to be flaky, too..07:27
alanciowho is the official admin of this server?07:28
teK_there are more people in charge of it. I am said to be one of those *g*07:29
alanciook, I'll just send it again through my ISP, I can't connect directly to it on port 25, my ISP must be blocking it07:31
alanciodone, do you see anything in the logs coming from japan?07:32 ?07:36
alanciommm my provider is ocn, it should look like *
teK_there are no entries for today regarding ocn07:39
alanciommm ok, thanks07:40
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* jaeger fires up a sysup with -j1610:26
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Rotwangwhat macjine is this?10:49
Rotwangjaeger: ^10:53
jaegerMy workstation here at work10:54
Rotwangyou work on blade server? [;10:55
jaegerjust a beefy workstation10:55
jaegerHP z60010:56
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tilmanjaeger: do want :D12:09
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Rotwangchangelog for pidgin 2.6.5 is all boring again :C15:06
jaegerheh... it took less than an hour to bootstrap the packages I built for the WRAP on this machine15:19
jaegernot the full ISO list but still, pretty amusing15:19
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: pidgin: version bump15:40
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