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teK_so version 3.5.0 finally has integrated colinux into crux to run on windows \o/07:37
marono, it uses native high quality windows api07:38
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alanciotilman, are you there?07:48
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Rotwangmaro: yay \:D/08:12
* Rotwang wants that penguin08:12
maroyeah, we should do a group buy08:13
maroor just sponsor a bunch for the next crux conf08:13
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teK_anyone using spamassassin?13:27
teK_have you tried the update?13:27
teK_so it works?13:27
teK_(3x yep = cgood)13:27
tadzikoh, there could be some sa-update in post_upgrade, or how is it going13:29
teK_I put this in the README13:29
tadzikah, ok then13:30
teK_and I speculated that there are 2 cases: a) you're upgrading so you already have rules present13:30
teK_b) fresh installation -> you have to setup / update the rules either way13:30
tadzikwell, my sa was failing on every email after the update and before updating the rules13:30
teK_it's no big deal incorporating a post-install script13:31
teK_*to incorporate13:31
tadzikweird gtk13:34
teK_who needs a GUI ;))13:35
tadzikwell, I do :) I promised myself to write a good Gtk+ xmpp client so I can watch avatars of the girls in my roster13:36
tadzikmcabber couldn't show avatars13:36
teK_that's a noble ambition13:37
tadzikno pidgin13:37
Rotwangwhy not?13:37
tadzikI like having a single window, like tkabber does13:37
tadzikand gajim was (for me) unstable as hell in its single-window mode13:38
tadzikand still I have a funny experience13:38
Rotwangbtw the gcc download doesnt work for me13:58
Rotwangwget just hungs13:58
Rotwangand when i try to dl gcc via firefox it give me 530, too many connections13:59
Rotwangyes hangs13:59
tadzikthis download sucks13:59
tadzikwhen I terminated it and tried continuing it did so weird thing it wasn't even funny13:59
tadzikI had to remove this from distfiles and try once again14:00
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